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Amy Flemming looked down at her newborn son and smiled. He was so perfect. He had green eyes like Ty but Amy's dimples when he smiled. Their family would be in soon and they still hadn't confirmed a name yet. "I like Bradley." Amy said. "Me too" Ty replied. "But I kind of like Daniel." Amy said looking down at their son. Ty just laughed and rolled his eyes. Every time they both agreed on a name Amy would find another name. Just then Ty had an idea.

"What about Daniel Bradley Borden?"

Amy looked at their son. "I like it. No wait!" Amy exclaimed. Ty laughed there was no winning with her.

"I love it." Or was there? "So we've decided on a name?" Ty wanted to make sure this time. "Yes we have" Amy replied confidently.

"Hey, guess who just woke up?" Amy said smiling. "Here, you can take him." Amy said handing him over to Ty. Ty took Daniel and sat down beside Amy's bed. "Hey little man." Ty cooed to him. Amy smiled. Just then Daniel reached out and touched Ty's face. Ty looked like he was about to cry."Awe!" Mallory said as she ran in the room.

Followed by Lou, Jack, Soraya, Ashley, Caleb, Lisa and Tim. Ty regained composure and stood up showing off their son. As he was passed around and adored. Soraya and Ashley came over and gave her a hug. "How did you guys get in here?" Amy asked confused because only family was allowed in. "Well we couldn't miss the chance to see you and the baby so we snuck in with Jack and Lou and told them we were Lisa's kids." Ashley said proudly.

"And they believed you?" Amy asked. "Sure, why wouldn't they Step-sis." Amy gave them both a hug before they ran off to see baby Daniel. "So have you two picked a name yet?" Mallory asked. "Well." Ty started.

"We have, I think." Amy finished. Ty nodded. "Meet Daniel Bradley Borden." Amy said proudly. "I love the name." Lisa said taking Daniel from Jack's arms. "Congratulations you two." Tim said. "Thanks dad." Amy said smiling. "Now let me see my grandson" Tim said taking him from Lisa. Two more hours of pass the newborn and the family had to sighed she couldn't believe her and Ty had a son. "What are you thinking about?" Ty asked her. "Everything." Amy replied. Ty looked confused.

"Us, Daniel, what are we going to do after I leave here, how long before I can work with horses again, ride Spartan, will we have to deal with your family coming up to see him, will Kit and Blair come back to haunt us..." Amy kept getting more and more worried about them.

"Amy, Amy. Babe, just relax." Ty comforted her. Amy took a deep breath.

"I don't know all the answers but we'll figure it out. Together, okay?"

"Alright." Amy replied snuggling up to Ty."But I can tell you one thing." Ty said. "What's that?" Amy asked curiously. "Kit and Blair will never interfere with us or our family again. Or any other Angry Ex's for that matter." Ty said confidently. "No more Angry Ex's? No more looking over my shoulder? No more being poisoned? Yeah I could live with that." Amy said looking up at Ty. "Me too." Ty said leaning down and kissing her on the for the most part that's how they lived their lives, sure they had the odd argument here and there but it never came between them. Amy Fleming soon became Amy Borden and shortly after she found out she was pregnant again. This time they had twins; Lily Marion Borden and Jackson Tim Borden were both happy and healthy newborns. Ty went on and became a vet and Amy still worked with horses at Heartland. No more Angry Ex's came and bothered them because they realized that no matter how hard they tried, their love was too strong for them. They were Angry Ex's no more.

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