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Chapter 1

Emmett Cullen was bored. He had the perfect wife, lovely and caring adoptive parents, a charming niece, brothers to wrestle with and sisters to annoy. Still he decided that he would organise some excitement for the family. While watching TV the other night he had come across a program called Wife Swap.

He had enjoyed it quite a bit as the sole reason of the program seemed to be to torture the visiting mum. Wouldn't it be so much fun for them to torture a human? They could spend two weeks doing whatever they wanted and Esme was sure to be a gift to the other children.

He was sure that everybody would be able to handle themselves; Jasper's control had improved a lot after seeing Bella's unusual control as a newborn. Somehow seeing that she could do it he convinced himself that he too would be able to resist. He had tested himself and succeeded in staying out of temptations way. Once he had even helped in the hospital however that was still hard for him. Emmett wasn't worried about himself or Rosalie either although Rosalie would hate being told what to do by a mere human.

So without thinking much about the consequences Emmett began filling out the form. He had already filmed the video but had purposefully not let himself think about why he was filming the video. Alice should be completely clueless.

Wife Swap Application Form

Please fill out the following form with as much detail as possible and include a video of your family members.

Name: Carlisle Cullen

Age: 30

Name of Husband/Wife and Age: Esme Cullen, 29

Name and Ages of Children:

Rosalie Cullen, 18

Emmett Cullen, 18

Renesmee Cullen, 8

Jacob Cullen, 20

Edward Cullen, 18

Bella Cullen, 18

Jasper Cullen, 18

Alice Cullen, 18

Rules in your household:

No destroying any furniture; if you have to wrestle/fight take it outside

Who takes care of the following in your household:

Money: Carlisle

Shopping: Alice

Homework: The children

Do you have any pets?

1 Wolf/Dog

Do any of your family members take drugs and/or excessively drink alcohol?


Do any of your family have health problems?


Any interesting things about your family?

All of our children are adopted and married. They are all 18 and as they are adopted it is legally allowed. We believe in letting the children make their own mistakes and expect them to learn from them.

The Video

Hello my name is Dr. Carlisle Cullen. Our family would like to be part of the show wife swap. This is our house.

A picture of the Cullen house appears on the screen.

The camera cuts to Edward playing the piano with Bella watching him.

This is Edward. He is the youngest and the first we adopted. He likes playing his music and enjoys reading. He is also a total know it all. Next to him is his wife Bella. She also likes reading and hates shopping.

Alice and Jasper are seen making out in their room.

These are Alice and Jasper. They seem um busy. Alice is a shopaholic who sometimes spends millions a week if there is a sale on. She buys clothes for our whole family. Her husband Jasper is quiet and can be rather emotional.

A picture of Emmett's and Rosalie's wedding comes up.

Em and Rose are also married. Emmett is my favourite child and is very talented. Rose is absolutely beautiful and enjoys shopping with Alice.

Esme is seen on the screen.

My wife Esme is really nice and likes gardening and stuff like that.

Jacob is seen in the garage working on a car while Renesmee is sitting on the hood of the car watching him.

And then there is Renesmee and Jacob. Renesmee is 8 and home schooled, Jacob is 20 and goes to college but comes home a lot. Please accept us the awesome Cullen family for your awesome show.

Emmett clicked send.

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