The cobbled flagstones glistened with enveloping damp. The street lamp flickered through no fault of the weather and glinted off the slick ground lighting up the dark, endless depths of the pools of water on the street. Out of the realm of the light the remainder of the street was enshrouded in the night. A velvet blackness hung heavy on this darkest of nights. The sky was hidden with a heavy mist, clouding anything further than ten foot away and muffling any noise to a dampened quiet.

The oppressive fog danced and darted in the middle of the road. A sound increased, a set of gentlemen's boots clipped with a determined regularity on the cobbles and the murky cloud parted to allow a tall figure enshrouded in a long black coat enter the small pool of light afforded by the lamp.

He paused in the light casting a long shadow which reached out from his self to the inky black waiting to reclaim him from the grasp of the light. He waited, his face shadowed facing the way he had come and his collar up to afford him some protection from the miserable damp. His head tilted and he listened carefully for something. Muffled footsteps were becoming more perceptible as they approached the light. The man stepped out of the circle of light and paused again in the darkness.

The fog parted a second time as the owner of the second set of footsteps hurried into the light and halted. Blonde hair was flicked around and eyes narrowed as the owner sensed another's presence.

A flash of silver intermingled with the golden hair as both gleamed in the overlooking light. The man stepped back under the lamp. He grabbed the girl around her shoulders and wrapped a strong arm around her neck the blade of his knife cutting through the swirling fog and rested against the pale skin of her throat exposed through the open neck of her leather jacket. There was a struggle and then a voice squeaked.


Written for the Diehard challenge.

I was going for something different with this drabble even though I'm not sure what. It even started with a little inspiration from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. It just sort of ended up like this by itself. And I think I am obsessed with Druitt. Who knew? ;)