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"I wouldn't choose a large company like Abashevskaya Mining, they can't be trusted when it comes to smaller investments; they really only have concerns for their larger contributors." A small beep sounded during the middle of my conversation, "Mi dispiace[1], Mr. Belicoff but I have another call coming through would you mind holding?"

"Of course not," his smooth Russian accent was calm and collected.

"Thank you." I pulled my Blackberry out of my dark slacks and pushed pound switching to the other call. "Hello?" I said into the Bluetooth piece.

"Caprice?" A musical voice sounded through the receiver.

"Edward! Mio Amore![2]" He chuckled through the phone and my heart leapt at the sound. "Oh la mia dolce![3] Come va![4] How are you?"

"Very well thank you." He said, "I was afraid for a moment that you were to busy to answer." He joked, but with a questioning undertone.

"I am never to busy to answer for you Edward. And I'm glad I did answer, you have truly brightened my day Il mio sole! [5]" I couldn't wipe the smile off my face, it had been too long since I last spoke with sweet Edward Cullen. "Please tell me why I have received the pleasure of your call!" I asked excited as to what news I would hear.

"I have some amazing news. I'm getting married."

"Oh mia parola! [6] When?" I could hear the smile on his lips.

"In a month."

"Oh Edward how wonderful! Please you must tell me everything!" Another beep sounded reminding me that my Russian client was waiting patiently. "Wait I forgot I have Belicoff on hold."

"Mikhail Belicoff?" He sounded stunned. "The multi-billion dollar investor?" it was my turn to chuckle.

"Yes that's the one, please let me tell him I shall continue our conversation another time." I said and pushed the pound button before Edward could protest. "Scusi un attimo [7] Mr. Belicoff but I have an urgent conversation waiting on the other line. May I call you at a better time?"

"Yes of course. After all you finding time to give me advice is more than I deserve." He was incredibly polite for someone so wealthy, I was surprised.

"Piacere, [8] it's not a burden. I shall call you again soon then?"

"Yes thank you."

"Ciao." I said replacing his Russian voice with the musical tones of Edward's. "Please continue! I want to hear everything!" I was so excited I thought I would burst.

"Well, her name is Isabella Swan."

"Bellissimo [9]." I whispered. "She moved to Forks from Arizona and I was instantly attracted to her. She was my Dua el cantante so at first I tried everything to avoid her but I couldn't help myself."

"So the lion fell in love with the lamb?" I asked with a laugh.

"Oh Caprice if you could only see how beautiful she is." My lips curved slightly.

"Edward, I'm sure she is stupendo. [10]"

"She promised to marry me after she was done with school so the wedding is a month from today." I could hear the excitement in his voice; he must truly be in love. "I would be honored if you came."

"It would be an honor to come." I replied sincerely.

"Good, I was hoping you'd say yes." I smiled.

"Is everyone else in good health?" I asked eager for more information.

"Yes everyone is well, Carlisle misses you, and he wishes you'd call more." I began pacing my office slowly.

"Yes well there doesn't seem to be enough time in the day right now." I sighed leaning against the large window, enjoying the warm feeling of the sun. "I don't suppose you could make the stockmarket stop rising could you?" He chuckled.

"If I do will you come a week early so that we can visit?" I smirked.

"Yes Edward, if you somehow help me clear the entire month of irritazione [11] I've collected I would love to come and visit everyone." I couldn't stop smiling; it had really been to long since I'd last spoken to him. My phone beeped signaling a call from another client. "Ah! Will my work ever end?"

"Do you have another call?"

"Unfortunately." I sighed. "Well that's what you get for being so successful." I placed my hand on my forehead. "I wish I wasn't so rich; then maybe people would leave me alone." He chuckled into the receiver.

"You could always become a poor doctor again." I laughed.

"Carlisle would love that wouldn't he?" I could imagine having to revisit the white halls of my residency years; truly the most boring years of my life. "I honestly don't know how Carlisle is content with just being a doctor, its too repetitive, colds, flu, and the occasional pneumonia. It just isn't appealing anymore."

"Yes well he loves it."

"I know. He is the most compassionate man I've ever met. It's amazing to me." The phone beeped again. "Edward..."

"I should let you go."

"I'll call you soon." I sighed frustrated that our conversation had to end so soon. "I'll be expecting it."

"Ciao Mio Amore."

"Ciao Caprice."

(Caprice- whimsical or unpredictable)

1) Mi dispiace- I'm sorry

Mio amore-My love

3) La mia dolce- my sweet

4) Come va- how are you

Il mio sole- my sunshine

Mia parola- my word

Scusi un attimo- Excuse me

Piacere- Please

Bellissimo- Lovely

Stupendo- marvelous

Irritazone- irritation