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Chapter 24

The sunlight made the clear water sparkle as Caprice and I ran down the beach. She giggled as I caught up to her wrapping my arms around her and lifting her off the ground effortlessly. "Jacob!" she protested in her laughter. I just smiled and pulled her close to me. The setting seemed familiar but I ignored the feeling of déjàvu as I pulled her in to kiss those irresistible lips. Then a loud noise rang out interrupting my thoughts. Ding-Dong. I groaned rolling over in my bed. Ding-Dong.

"Oh crap!" I sat up straight in my bed looking over at the clock. It was about eight o' clock a.m. I threw off the comforter and ran to the front door answering it in nothing but my boxers.

She instantly covered her eyes in horror. "Jacob Black! What are you doing?" she asked outraged that I had come to door dressed in so little.

"I'm sorry!" I said ripping the throw off the couch wrapping it over my body. "I heard you ringing the doorbell and I woke up not realizing how late it was".

She finally looked back at me, "Its fine. But please make sure you get dressed before coming to the door!"

I blushed scratching the back of my head, "Sorry Caprice." I said opening the screen door so she could come inside.

I sat in the dark living room waiting for Jacob to finish getting ready. I had assumed something like this would happen. Jacob did not seem like a morning person to me. And since I never slept, unless I was with Jacob, I didn't care whether it was morning or night, anytime was good so long as I was forewarned. "Ok I'm done." Jacob entered the room wearing a t-shirt and shorts, his outfit reminding me that it was indeed spring break.

"Did you want to stop and get something to eat on the way?" I asked knowing that his stomach was already growling, I could hear its angry calls myself.

"Nah, I can wait until we get to Seattle."

"Alright." I said standing up and heading towards the door. Jacob was there in a flash opening the door for me, like a gentleman, and together we walked out into the warm sunlight.

"That was awesome." I squeezed her hand gently before shifting gears.

"Yes it was fun." She agreed with a smile. "I do wish though that those people would have stopped following us." She said looking out the window watching the scenery speed by.

"They only followed us because they were convinced you were a supermodel." I chuckled at the fact that I had thought the same thing when I first met her.

"Yes I know but it was still rather embarrassing." She leaned her hand on her head with a sigh. I slowed as we pulled into the driveway of my house. I got out of the car and walked around opening Caprice's door.

"Well maybe you should start dressing in ugly clothes then?" I suggested as I grabbed the bag of tonight's groceries from the back.

"And what do you suggest I wear? Sweatsuits?" I smiled.

"Hey I thought you looked pretty cute the last time you wore them." I argued and she laughed as we walked inside. Billy sat waiting as the kitchen table. He was reading an old book, which he shut quickly as we entered the kitchen.

"Hello Billy." Caprice greeted him cheerfully.

"I'm glad you're here I was just beginning to get hungry." He said placing the book in his lap he wheeled around us.

"I picked a rather simple dish to make so it should only be about thirty minutes or so." She said as she pulled the groceries from their plastic bags.

"Do you need any help?" I asked eager to make myself useful.

"If you want you could slice some tomatoes for me." she said handing me a bag full of them.

"Alright." I said picking a huge knife from the drawer I broke open the bag and began slicing away.

I covered the rest of the dish with cheese and placed it on the kitchen table. Billy had found an old bottle of wine buried in the back of the cupboard, which he cracked open in order to celebrate my arrival in Washington. As I began making his plate Billy watched me with a smile. "Thank you Caprice for making dinner, it smells wonderful."

"What did you make anyway?" Jacob asked as he loaded his plate up.

"This is my favorite dish, frutti di mare vivanda." Billy looked at my stunned by my Italian.

"Which means…"Jacob looked thoughtful for a moment as he tried to recall the meaning of those words, "fruit of the sea dish?" He said sounding unsure.

"Yes that's right!" I said shocked that he knew so much Italian.

"When did you learn to speak Italian Jake?" Billy said just as shocked that his son was so cultured.

"After I realized that a lot of what Caprice says is it Italian I decided that it would be nice to finally understand what she says." He smiled at me.

"Well I don't know about you two but I am starving." Billy complained, "Let's dig in." he said and began shoveling his food in his mouth, like father like son I suppose.

"I can't believe he drank the whole bottle." I said picking up the empty wine bottle and turning it upside down.

"You're father can hold his own very well." Caprice said noticing that he hadn't started swaying in his chair yet.

"Hey Caprice there's something I want to show you." Billy said waving her over. We exchanged glances before she walked over to him getting on her knees so that they were on the same level.

"Yes Billy?" she asked. He pulled out the book that he had been trying to hide earlier and opened to a page. I didn't join them but listened to what was shared as I dried the rest of the dishes.

"I found this book today while I was going through some of my old things."

"Oh yes?" she said glancing down at the yellowing pages.

"And I found something interesting while I was reading it." He placed his finger on a paragraph. "Apparently you are the first vampire to have been imprinted on by a werewolf." I had to say I wasn't shocked, only someone as weird as me could fall in love with our blood enemy. "But I also found out that there's no law against you two getting married." I nearly dropped the plate on my hand…Ok now I knew he was drunk.

My heart thudded loudly when the word married past through Billy's lips. Did he mean that it would be fine with him if Jacob ever decided that he wanted to marry me? I glanced over at Jacob who was busy drying the dishes and tried to imagine becoming his wife. He was a child compared to me. He had only lived for seventeen years while I had over nine-hundred years under my belt. But when we were together all of that changed and it was as though we had been together since the beginning of time.

We had everything and nothing in common but we always got along, and when we were together I never wanted him to leave. I knew that this was love, but would Jacob really want to marry me? I mean yes we could live together forever but I could never give him the things he wanted. I could never give up my business and settle down and become I housewife. I could never give him children and a family for the generations to come. I could never be the wife he expected. I had simply lived my life this way for far too long. Could I really give up everything in order to be his? As these questions passed through my mind I had completely shut out Billy's rambling and just nodded in agreement with whatever he had just said.

He was too intoxicated to realize that I wasn't listening but instead I was staring at Jacob wondering if I could ever really become Mrs. Jacob Black?

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