FIRST DAY: A Star and an Evergreen Tree

Harry hummed happily as he sipped his hot chocolate. He'd made an epiphany last night...or so he was going to tell his oldest husband. It was best he announced his plans to Severus before telling his other spouse, because the Potions Master was far more patient and doting of the two. The older Slytherin would guide their other mate through this.

The truth was, he, Severus, and Draco had been Bonded for three years now and this was their first official Christmas together. Usually they were spread out between work and family and other obligations. Given that none of them really had wonderful Christmas memories...well, Sev and Draco didn't, Harry wanted to go all out and create some traditions...and throw in some holiday foreplay...He wanted Christmas in all of its peppermint scented glory! And he had twelve days to do it.

Severus looked up from his paper with a curious smirk on his lips. Harry had closed his wand shop for two months so that he could be home to take care of his men through the holidays. Therefore he was home to cook Severus dinner and give him a much needed massage when he came home from school. Draco was putting in extra time at St. Mungo's so that he could have the rest of December off.

"What are you so happy about? I know last night was...magical, but I'm not that good," Severus teased.

Harry grinned sliding into the bigger man's lap. "We're all so spread out, I guess I just like waking up next to one of you. Ask Draco I think I skip about when he's home too. I wish we could all be home every night and every morning...we have an awfully big bed and it is terribly cold and lonely when you two are away," he said calmly.

Severus stared at the wandmaker in thought. "What do you want for Christmas?"

"It's funny you should ask, Sev. I had a miraculous, clarifying moment during our lovemaking last night. You do that to me from time to time. It must be the force with which you thrust, just shakes the cobwebs loose up there...hmm," Harry moaned as Severus stole a deep passionate kiss. He gazed down at the taller man from his position in Severus' lap, his cheeks flushed. "Are you going to let me continue or do you need a moment?" he drawled.

Severus chuckled. Harry was the submissive one in the relationship, so naturally he was the one who controlled the other two. It amused the Potions Master that no matter how comfortably obscene things got, Harry still blushed like an innocent virgin every time. The man nuzzled the younger's neck.

"No, I'm listening. Continue," he purred, grinning at the shiver Harry let free. He hadn't held his husband since September, because he preferred to remain celibate when working. Draco had stopped by to snog a few times when he was called in to help Pomphrey...but with Harry he hadn't had a single interaction. And oh how he craved the Gryffindor. Draco was, on principle, unbelievably naughty and sexual, but with Harry...he was so warm and affectionate. The addition of Harry to the Slytherin couple had completed the bond in ways...well, he wasn't sure that he and Draco would still be together without their lion.

"Severus, know I can't focus when you do things like that...I barely hold it together when you look at me let alone this!"

And yes, their little lion was exquisitely responsive. Severus pulled away to gaze up at the plea in his green eyes. How had he ever detested this face? How had he ever been able to say no to this face? Sighing, he leaned back in his chair and took a sip of his coffee. "Very well...tell me your epiphany, Kitten."

Harry kissed his forehead in affection. "Thank you. Now, wouldn't you agree that none of us have had a true Christmas EVER in our our memory?" Severus took a moment to think, nodding. "This Christmas, our fist real Christmas together as a family, I want to go all out so we can find out what our traditions will be and so on..."

There was a deeper reason here. "Kitten, we're three men who have no family other than each other. The purpose of tradition is to pass it on. Who are we going to impart this to?"

Harry looked away and Severus realized he'd hit a nerve. Worried, he cupped the man's cheek and turned Harry's face to him. "What is it, love?"

Harry fidgeted with his fingers. "Aside from the fact that I want our first Christmas to be special? Or that I want you and Draco to feel absolutely adored and safe?" He looked up nervously, sighing. "Severus, I want babies. I know wizards can have them. I want our family to grow..." he said softly.

Severus' gaze softened as he played with the Hero's raven hair. "How long have you known this? Why haven't you mentioned this before, Kitten?"

"You hate kids. And Draco's never around really to discuss it with. And neither of you would hear me out when I suggested we buy a house and move out of this stuffy condo," he said softly. "Severus, I want to take care of you two and as alarmingly gay as it sounds, I just want to be your housewife."

Severus chuckled, sliding a hand to Harry's belly. "You're already pregnant, aren't you," he stated fondly.

Harry gasped in surprise. "How'd you know?

"You may be able to hide it from Draco, but that's because he's tragically self-absorbed. I'm far more observant. You didn't eat your eggs and they are your favorite."

"Looking at them...I think I'm going to vomit," he gagged. "Don't tell Draco...he's already not going to like my plans as it is..."

"I think you should tell him immediately, but I will respect your request. I think I understand...There are twelve days to Christmas what would you like to do today?"

Slightly more relieved by the situation, he cuddled into the man's chest. "Well...I went into the attic and found some ornaments and baubles from Malfoy Manor and Godric's Hollow. You and I could go buy a few more and some lights. I carved a star to go on top. Then when Draco gets home we can go pick out a tree and decorate it...and eat dinner on the floor under it...with the fire going..."

Severus smiled. The Gryffindor had really thought it out. Epiphany my arse, he's been planning this for weeks! He's probably got every day planned perfectly. "We could have a cheese board with wine..."

"Severus, I can't drink wine," Harry chided softly.

"Ah...cheese and cider then," he corrected himself.

"I love you," Harry breathed, kissing him deeply.

And that was the reason Severus had to go through with this holly-sprigged insanity. It was because he craved hearing those three words from their little lion. "Let's get to the store then, so you can be rested for when the drama queen gets home."

Harry stood, stretching into the coat Severus held. "I know he's going to complain often, but I figured if we intersperse enough holiday sex in there he'll endure it."

Severus laughed warmly. "Quite right."

Draco smiled as he entered their condo, determined to not let his exhaustion show until AFTER they'd made love at least twice. He paused, however, at the sight of crates in the living area. Severus was sitting, reading a book by the fire.

The blond walked over to him, accepting the chaste kiss. "What's all this? Where's Kitten?"

"He's sleeping. When he wakes up, we're going to go pick out a tree and decorate and then have dinner by the fire," Severus explained calmly.

"Like hell I am! I just worked a seventy-two hour shift, there is no way you two can drag me along on this eggnog induced nightmare. Who gives a fuck whether we have a tree or not?" he growled.

"Harry," Severus replied. "Which reminds me, I think I know what we should get him for Christmas." He didn't bother waiting for a response. "A house in Hogsmeade."

"What? We're bloody fine here! And who died and made Prince Potter the Man of the House?" Draco took a step back when Severus stood to glare down at him.

Severus rarely rose up to defend one husband from the other. But Draco had been exceedingly self-centered lately. And knowing about Harry's precious cargo, he wanted to ensure that the stress was minimal...besides the two Slytherins were protective of the Gryffindor.

"Listen carefully, Draco," he said in a low, threatening voice. "He has to live here the most out of the three of us. He keeps it clean, inviting, and comfortable...he takes care of you and me in a way we've never had the luxury of experiencing. The least you can do is show your appreciation of him. Unless you really only want him for the mind-blowing sex, as you've which, I say get out now. Harry's gone through the trouble of trying to make our first Christmas season together memorable, so you are going to endure it for his sake, do you understand me, Draco?"

The blond swallowed, nodding.

"Besides, if you have the energy to fuck, as you were no doubt planning on, you can bloody well pick out a damned Christmas tree." He sat down again and roughly opened his book.

Draco breathed a moment, then dropped to his knees in front of Severus, hugging the fellow Slytherin's legs. "I'm sorry..."

Severus petted his hair lovingly. "It's fine...he goes through a vast amount of effort to make us happy and to ensure we feel loved, Draco. We have to make sure he feels the same."

Draco nodded against his thigh. "I forget sometimes."

Severus grunted. "You'll be happy to know, he anticipates your crankiness and has thought of several ways to make it worth your while," he said slyly. "I look forward to participating." Draco smirked in arousal.

"Draco!" Harry smiled as he entered, tackling the man. The Gryffindor devoured Draco's mouth in pure hungry passion, grinding against the Healer. "I missed you, Dragon," he purred.

Draco hummed in pleasure, his eyes sliding to the steady gaze of their older lover. "Kitten, Sev tells me you have quite the holiday planned?"

"I do!" Harry grinned. "I know you're not into the sentimental stuff, but I promise to make it bearable."

Draco inwardly cringed at the word, sentimental, but couldn't bring himself to crush the excitement in their lion's face. "Well...if you don't stop turning me on like that, we'll never make it out to get the bloody tree," he grumbled.

Harry kissed him chastely and stood up to go put his coat and scarf on. Draco grunted irritably as he stood and wiped his trousers clean. Severus pulled him close and kissed him deeply, showing his approval.

Draco pulled away, sighing, "I'll contact Father's real estate agent and have him look into Hogsmeade properties. But if we're getting a house it isn't going to be some ramshackle cottage, Severus. It's going to be no smaller than a mansion."

Severus chuckled at his indignity. "Yes dear," he teased.

Hours later, after Draco barely controlled his ire over the fact Harry wouldn't just choose the damn tree out of the hundreds they saw...only to decide on the first one they had examined; and after Draco turned red at the tangle in the freaking lights; and finally after spilling hot cider all over himself, Draco was inconsolably angry.

Severus lounged on the floor, gazing at their finished product and eating grapes. Harry looked tired as he worried over whether Draco was coming back.

"I wanted us to put the star on together," he said sadly.

"Go tell him," Severus stated calmly. "He's not going to hear ME out right now."

Harry sighed, nodding. He kissed Severus lovingly. "I'll be back, don't doze off."

Draco was slamming things around as he got ready for bed. He punched his pillow as he settled in on his stomach. Great, now I can't sleep.

Suddenly he felt the small frame of Harry crawl onto the bed and straddle the small of his back. He was about to tell him to piss off, but only a groan of ecstasy escaped as Harry rubbed his tight shoulders, massaging all the tension from his muscular back. He exhaled lazily as Harry ended the deep tissue massage and began worshipping the blond's neck with hot open mouthed kisses.

"Turn over, Dragon," the brunette rasped. Draco complied, moaning as his younger husband massaged his chest and abs with slow precision. When he was finished, Harry slid up his body so that they were chest to chest. "Feel better?"

Draco nodded kissing him in adoration.

"I'm sorry. Sev and I could have gotten the tree and let you sleep until we got back. I just thought you'd want to be there and that it would be fun. I didn't even think you'd be so tired from work."

There it was. This was Severus meant by Harry making sure they were cared for and loved. "Well...I could have handled myself better..."

It was the closest thing to an apology Draco could muster. "I made a star to go on top...I was hoping we'd all levitate it into place together...but if you're too tired I understand."

Draco kissed the Gryffindor softly. "No...I can stay awake a bit longer. I'm actually starving."

Harry smiled. "Brilliant! And I bought a ridiculously large beaver fur blanket for us to break in under the you think you can manage to stay awake for that?" he asked innocently, but the twinkle in his eyes betrayed his true intentions.

Draco smirked hungrily and chased the Gryffindor back to their sitting room. Severus grinned from his spot on the, soon to be infamous, blanket. The three levitated the final ornament from its box to its post, overlooking the room. As Draco settled onto the deliciously soft fur he gazed up at their handiwork.

"I suppose I can stomach this every year," he said calmly.

Harry snorted as Severus rolled his eyes. The two Slytherins exchanged hungry gazes over Harry's head and together pinned him to the floor to show their gratitude for making them do this, seemingly frivolous, custom. And yes, their lion was quite responsive...