SUMMARY: Chanukah is saved! Parties are held, everyone (including Torchwood) sings songs, eats latkes and plays dreidel.

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A few days later, after all the dreidels had been returned, and a plausible story had been created for Rabbi Katz, Jack received an email from Rabbi Robbi.

Torchwood is invited to A


Games, toys and surprises.

Candy filled dreidels for all!

Sunday 2:00 PM!

He forwarded the email to the rest of the team and they all decided that if the rift was quiet they would attend.

The synagogue was in total chaos when they arrived. Children running everywhere, laughing mostly, but a few little ones crying loudly. The large community hall was set up with tables. They peaked in and felt a little intimidated by all the families who obviously knew each other. Rabbi Robbi spotted them and brought them over to a table. where she, her husband and children were sitting. A few minutes later, the candles were lit, and a little child of about 5 stumbled her way through the Hebrew blessings.

Gwen and Tosh were practically squealing at her cuteness. Ianto, Jack and Owen rolled their eyes.

Big plates of latkes (potato pancakes) and applesauce and sour cream were brought to the tables and everyone was given a large plastic dreidel filled with chocolate gelt (Yiddish for money) along with a small plastic dreidel to play with.

There were also jelly donuts which the Torchwood team looked at with confusion.

"In Israel, they eat sufganiyot or jelly donuts in addition to potato pancakes (levivot)," the Rabbi's husband explained. A children's choir came up and sang some Chanukah songs including the infamous Dreidel Song. Everyone sang along with the English songs and Ianto seemed to know the words to most of the songs sung in Hebrew as well.

Jack and Ianto and Owen played the dreidel game ruthlessly with the Rabbi's children and still managed to lose. Jack and Ianto laughed at the kids' antics, while Owen scowled a lot. The Rabbis son, who was maybe four, looked at Owen and told him, "You should smile. A miracle happened and that should make you happy." Owen gave the child a pained smile. Gwen and Tosh played with the Rabbi's two daughters when they got tired of the dreidel game.

The party started to break up around 4 and Owen, Gwen and Tosh made an early exit. Jack and Ianto hung around a bit. They wanted to thank the Rabbi for her help in getting the Issacharians home. After most of the people were gone, the Rabbi was able to return to their table.

Ianto and Jack sat for a while and chatting the Rabbi and her husband. The children had gone over to another table to play with some of their friends.

It was obvious that her husband knew all about the aliens. "Don't worry," he said laughing, "before I was a dentist I was also in Mossad. And I was a higher rank than her."

Jack and Ianto thanked the Rabbi for her help and complimented her on her kind treatment of the aliens. "Well, my people know a little bit about being strangers in a strange land," she pointed out.

The Rabbi's husband had been fairly quiet throughout this exchange, but added. "Its comforting to think that thousands of years from now someone like us will still be out there in the stars. Maybe not exactly the same as us, but close enough."

"You know its good to know that the human race survives, even if it ends up on Boeshane," the Rabbi said with a small smile on her face.

It did not go unnoticed that Jack had taken Ianto's hand when the Rabbi had begun to talk about strangers in a strange land. "So I couldn't help but notice, but are you two a couple?"

Jack and Ianto looked at each other. Ianto blushed saying, "Well, I don't know that we defineā€¦"

"Yes. Yes we are," said Jack. "I hope that's not a problem."

"Oh, not at all. We've been performing civil union ceremonies here for a number of years."

"So Ianto, want to get married here?" Jack teased.

"Well you would have to become Jewish," the Rabbi pointed out.

"Ianto and I wouldn't mind. He already knows most of the songs apparently and I know lots of languages so Hebrew wouldn't be that hard."

The Rabbi and her husband looked at each other trying not to laugh. "There's a lot more to becoming Jewish than the songs and speaking Hebrew. And there is one important little detail that is specific to men that you've skipped over if you want to become Jewish."

"I think they would tell you that its a big detail," her husband snickered.

Ianto suddenly realized what they were talking about. "Jack I think you may want to reconsider."

"Why what can be so terrible?" Ianto whispered into Jack's ears. The Rabbi and her husband watched as Jack blanched white.

"Oh no, your kidding, right?"

Rabbi Robbi shook her head. "Absolutely serious."

Jack stood up abruptly. "Its been a pleasure, time to go Ianto, weevils to catch, aliens to send home.

Ianto stood up. "Its really has been a pleasure, but I think we'll just stop by and say hello every once in while."

They all laughed. Jack wished them both the best. "Happy Chanukah."

"Chag Sameach," Ianto added.

"Merry Christmas, to both of you," The Rabbi said. "Be safe, G-d go with you."

After Jack and Ianto had left, the Rabbi turned to her husband. "They do know I was just having a little fun with them, don't they?"

"We men tend to be very sensitive about that particularly topic."

"I'd like to invite them to our community Seder for Passover. Think they'd come?"

"I'm sure they would," the Rabbi's husband said with a twinkle in his eye, "just don't invite them to a bris milah before Passover and I'll think you'll be fine."