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Rules of Marriage

-Advice and Decisions-

"Just get out" Her newly found strength was followed by newly shed tears.

"Why are you doing this? I don't understand" Confused as ever, and that was to say much, Goku was staring at his bride. Correction. His wife. He still didn't completely get why he had to call her that. What had changed? It had taken some time for him to get used to the bride thing, and now it had to change again. This was too complicated. Why couldn't she be just Chi-Chi ?

"I don't want to see you face right now. It's too much for me." Trying to keep down her sobs, she took a deep breath in. "I tried so hard. SO HARD!" She turned to the bedroom door and walked away from him. "You know, I really thought I could make this work. I knew you were not a regular man, and I knew I would have to explain you things many times for you to understand them." She chuckled bitterly. "But I thought, I just thought if you liked me enough, this was going to work." Her hand trembled when she reached for the doorknob. "But I guess you don't like me enough."

The door opened and closed in an instant, leaving a wordless Goku sanding by himself in the dining room of his new house. Was he supposed to really leave? He had no clue, but he was sure she was very mad. He had to get out. Maybe he could ask someone and figure out what had happened, because he was completely lost.


"Kuririn! Are you here? HELLLOOOOO!" Kame House still had the lights on, so he decided to yell at his friend. "It's Goku!"

The door of the house opened and the short martial artist came out. "Goku? What are you doing here? Weren't you supposed to be at Mount Paozu?" He was still wearing his shorts and a shirt. He let his friend in the house.

"Yeah, I was, but Chi-Chi told me to leave." Goku had a worried expression, but didn't really know how to explain what had happened. They sat at the short table and continued "I don't know why." He looked at his oldest friend, begging for his help.

"What do you mean she asked you to leave? What happened?" Kuririn was surprised. Goku only had been married for a week or so. It was too soon to have this kind of problems.

"Well, she was using this very thing piece of clothing, and she started clinging to my arm while I was stretching before going to sleep." He began explaining. "By the way, you know we have to sleep together? It's really weird 'cause we have two rooms. It's one of those marriage rules" He seemed truly troubled by the rules of his new life.

Kuririn had an understanding face. "Yeah, I see, go on" He was sure of what she was trying to do.

"Then I told her she made me uncomfortable. She's been doing that for the whole time we've been married, and it makes me really nervous." Kuririn's eyes were coming out of his orbs. Was he really saying this? "First it was clinging, but now… I just don't get it. She's always too close." Goku really sounded desperate.

Taking a deep breath and deciding he would guide his friend through this, Kuririn started the therapy. "Tell me something, Goku" the spiky haired turned to see his old friend "do you even like her, or you just married her because you promised?" Kuririn's face was very serious now.

Coming back from deep thought, Goku finally answered "She is the prettiest, strongest girl I've ever met" The conviction in his words surprised the martial artist and left him speechless. "Is that a bad thing?" Goku didn't understand at all.

"Eh? Bad? No, no, of course not, Goku, I was just…" Goku's eyes were really honest "Never mind. Just tell me then, would you say you like her the same way you like food?" Yes, this was a silly comparison, but this was Goku, after all.

"Hahaha. Kuririn, don't joke, how can I compare a person with food?" He was amused by his friend's question. "On one hand, I eat food, and it's delicious. On the other hand, Chi-Chi is a person. I can't taste her!" Goku thought he was the fool one, but Kuririn was taking his spot.

Kuririn then showed an evil smile. "Who said you can't taste her? Do you mean to tell me you haven't ever kissed her? Not once?" His voice was suggesting.

"Eh? Kissed? I don't think so. Is that when we hold hands? She always wants to do that when we go to the town. Or maybe when I accidentally touch her when we're sleeping? If that's kissing, then it happens a lot. I told you, these rules are weird." He was so serious; it was almost fun to watch.

"Hahahaha. No, Goku, nothing like that." He was now rolling on the floor, laughing hard. He calmed down a bit to explain things to the very innocent man in front of him. "Kissing is when you touch her with your lips." He began

"Oh, you mean like when she did that at the Tenkaichi Budokai? Now that I think about it, she did the same thing again in our wedding." He looked like he was beginning to understand. "So kissing is when one puts his lips on someone's cheek?" he repeated what he had learned.

"Actually, you can 'put your lips' anywhere you want. That's the fun part!" Kuririn looked at Goku to see if his words were sinking in.

"Mmm anywhere?" He was confused again. Where was he supposed to kiss her? "So, you're saying I should kiss her? Is that why she was so mad at me?" Apparently, he was beginning to understand.

"Look, Goku. She has been trying to get close to you. She obviously wants your attention in a physical way, you know what I mean?" His question was followed by a long silence. He was trying to give as many hints as he could, but somehow he knew it wasn't gonna be enough.

"I think I do" Kuririn felt a rush of joy. Goku, though, was meditative. "You mean I have to let her get close to me. Even if it makes me feel weird." He sighed. This was going to be complicated.

"Kinda, yeah." Kuririn took a sip of a beer he had been drinking, apparently, right before Goku arrived. "What I'm actually saying is that if you want her to take you back, you have to get close to her." He smiled at his friend and nodded, as if answering the silent question he was making with his eyes. Did he really have to?

"Aaaaah, this is not easy, Kuririn!" Goku didn't even know how to start.

"Listen to me, and be honest." Kuririn went back to being serious. "Do you want to go back home?" First question.

"Yes" Goku answered sincerely

"Why?" Second question

Goku was taken aback. Why? Why? What was dragging him back to that house he had had nothing to do with until a few days ago? "Because I want to try and be with her"

"Because you promised?" Third question

"Yes, because I promised." He then remembered all the adventures he had with her and cheered "And because she is worth it" A smile crept to his features.

Kuririn smiled too. "Good. Then go. Remember she won't be easy to handle cuz, my friend, she is going to be mad at you." He grinned

"Yeah, I know. Thanks, pal" Goku stood up and walked outside the house. Kuririn followed. "I guess I just have to give it a try, right? Learn the rules." He turned to look at his best friend. "Like training for a new battle!" He gave his trademark salute and took off. He had a new challenge waiting for him.

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