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Rating: Mature (rated for warnings)

Warning: Non-con (though not graphic), paedophilia, abuse, slash and language.

Summary: Elliot has been involved with a lot of cases during his time in the Special Victims Unit, however, Connor Kramer struck something deep inside Elliot and he can't help but be affected by this teenager. Can Elliot figure out what is going on with Connor and will Elliot be able to handle the secrets that this teenager has hidden behind those blue eyes?

Set: During season 5 of Angel, and during season 1 of SVU mainly because I haven't watched many episodes.

Additional Notes: This story will be about a very delicate topic and I haven't written this kind of thing before so feedback is greatly appreciated.

Chapter 1

Elliot Stabler sat at his desk looking through various files which called for their attention. Often the team would get cold cases when things were slow- most cases of sexual assault were not a job for a whole team and usually two were placed onto cold cases until another job came in. The buzz of the station room sounded around him, the clacking of keyboards and the ringing of phones with the chatter of people added in. It was the noses heard every day in the station and it was strangely comforting to Elliot.

Olivia was sat at her desk, her nose buried in a file as her dark eyes scanned over the content. Elliot gave a sigh- he hated cold cases. During any down time at the station he would much prefer it to spend time at home with his family. He was called away often enough during his actual personal time. It was then that Cragen walked in with his face set into a grim line and stopped in front of their desks.

"We just got a call in from Joseph Adams High School; they have a missing student and have found a partially nude picture of the boy," Cragen said as they moved to get their coats on.

"How long has he been missing?" Elliot asked as he pulled his jacket on.

"Only since this morning. He was seen in Homeroom but neglected to show up for his other lessons," Cragen replied walking beside them as they all headed out of the station room, "once this gets out the press will have a field day. The school was in the papers for a teacher being racist towards a student last year."

Elliot and Olivia nodded and slipped into Elliot's car and pulled away from the station. It was only a 40 minute drive to the school and soon enough they were pulling up outside the school. It looked like a typical school- it wasn't posh or downtrodden but normal. Elliot sighed and got out of the car and with Olivia at his side headed into the school.

Standing inside the doors waiting for them was a man- the man was only small in height- a couple of inches shorter than Olivia, yet he was round and chubby, his face showing laugh lines and immediately the detectives knew that this man was the Headmaster, Leo Harson. They had read about Harson in the small file Cragen had given them about the school which Olivia had read on their way over.

"Detectives, I am Leo Harson, Headmaster of Joseph Adams," the man greeted. His voice was smooth and cultured but there was a slight rasp to it. Probably from smoking early on in life.

"I am Elliot Stabler, and this is my partner Olivia Benson," Elliot nodded to Olivia who nodded at the man.

"If you would follow me, I think the conversation we are about to have would be best behind closed doors," Leo said and they headed off into a small office. The office was a typical Headmaster's office. Plain, a plant, a desk, computer, and filing cabinets.

Sitting down they skipped the niceties and got straight down to business.

"Start with telling me what happened," Olivia started. Leo gave a sigh and began to talk.

"I had been called down to the basement by the janitors. They had been cleaning out some of the old equipment and once of them had come across some bits which weren't meant to be down there," Leo explained, "they said it was an inflatable mattress and some blankets. I figured we had someone squatting in the school and went down to get it cleaned up."

"Were there any stains on the blankets or bed? Any blood? Semen?" Olivia cut in. Leo shook his head.

"The blankets looked new, which is why instead of just throwing them out I began to look around the area. If it was someone squatting they wouldn't have been new blankets," Leo said. It was somewhat logical.

"And is this when you found the picture?" Elliot ventured.

"Yes," Leo sighed, "It was tucked underneath some old gym mats."

Leo then pulled a picture from the desk draw and handed it over to the detectives. Elliot took the picture gingerly as Olivia leaned closer to see the image.

The boy in the image was blurry and unfocused. They could make out pale skin, brown hair, blue eyes, and the weary fear on the boys face. The boy was only in his boxers, sat on the floor in what Elliot assumed was the basement.

"Do you believe this was taken in the basement?" Elliot asked.

"Yes, I recognise where the picture was taken," Leo nodded sadly.

"What happened once you found the picture?" Olivia questioned.

"I told the janitors to stop clearing things and go to classroom 2B and wait for me there," Leo began, "only Marvin, who had been helping me look, had seen the picture. Marvin is the Supervisor of the Janitorial staff. He said he would keep them in order until I came. That's when I called the teacher who was meant to be teaching the boy. He hadn't appeared in the class- when I checked further no-one had seen him since Homeroom. That's when I called the police."

"Is anyone else missing today?" Olivia inquired.

"We are still checking through all the students but we haven't come across any yet which are absent without notification or after Homeroom," Leo answered, "I'll give you a list of all students absent today though. You may be able to glean something from the list."

"And the students name is Connor Kramer*, correct?" Elliot prompted.

"Yes, Connor Kramer, age 16. Transferred to this school 6 months ago. His parents, DeEtta and Stephen Kramer* disappeared. Connor lives with his uncle, Bryce Kramer. I have tried to contact him but have been unable to get in contact with him. My assistant, Beth, is going to continue trying," Leo replied.

"Olivia, call Fin and Munch, and have them go to the Kramer residence and see if anyone is there," Elliot took command, "Mr Harson, can you show me down to the basement?"

Leo nodded and began to lead Elliot out of the office, leaving Olivia on the phone. Olivia would know to have Beth, the assistant show her to Connor's files and locker. They had to find this teen- before something bad happened.


*Kramer is the last name of the woman who Darla was pretending to be in the episode 'Dear Boy' of Angel. Stephen is the actor who was pretending to be Darla's husband. I thought using these as Connor's parents made a nice change.

Important: This story is something which has played on my mind for a while and I want to do this justice and handle this subject with care. This does mean that updates may be more spaced out and every review on this story will be greatly appreciated.