Hey Everybody! Remember how I said SURPRISE! Well here's my surprise. Me and the Phantom are going to have a COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS! Everyday me and the Phantom will update here, talking about all different things that have to do with Christmas, like shopping, music, everything! So get ready! REVIEW AND ENJOY!


Why we Celebrate Christmas

Me: Hey Phantom

Erik: What?

Me: What? Why are you so grumpy?

Erik: I have to count down till Christmas with you. That means dealing with you for 25 days

Me: Oh lighten up we're gonna have a GREAT TIME!

Erik: Well, do enlighten me on what exactly we're doing for 'Christmas'

Me: Ok. Well today I thought I'd tell you what Christmas is all about

Erik: I already know about Christmas

Me: Not the way I tell it! Besides, how would you know? You were sitting under the opera house the whole time

Erik: I may or may not have crashed their Christmas parties once or twice

Me: Well today I'm going to talk about what it's about so SIT DOWN AND LIP YOUR LIPS!

Erik: ...

Me: I'm sorry, that's my bus driver voice

Erik: Bus Driver voice?

Me: Yep. That's what I yell on the bus all the time at the little kids. Another popular one I like to use is TURN AROUND AND PUT YOU BACK AGAINST THE SEAT *Cough Cough*

Erik: No wonder your throat is all messed up. Listen you you!

Me: *Cough* Shut Up

Erik: You were saying about Christmas?

Me: Oh yea. Ok, well here I'll show you this

Erik: That's a Nativity

Me: Right

Erik: Well, are you going to explain now?

Me: Yea, let me just clear off this Nativity. Sit down

Erik: Suddenly I'm frightened

Me: Be right back, I have to get some props

Erik: Props?

*I leave then return with a few things. I put Mary and Joseph in the Nativity with all the animals

Me: 'Baaa'

Erik: God help me

Me: *In high girly voice with the Mary figure* Oh Joseph, I don't want to give birth here, it smells like poo

Me: *In Manly voice with Joseph* But we have no where else to go, because people apparently don't care that their christ is gonna be born. I hope they all go to hell

Mary: Me too! Ok Joseph, look here comes the stork!

*I bring down an airplane with a stork painted on the side*

Airplane: Here's your baby. Enjoy

*Plane flies away, I put baby Jesus by the Mary and Joseph

Mary: Thank you Stork Mail! What a nice shipment company

Joseph: Really good

*I bring in the three king dudes*

1st King: Yo Yo What's up Jesus. I followed the star thing and like, came here

2nd King: Yep. I came here all the way from Canada eh. See, I'm riding a moose

3rd King: ...

2nd King: Oh yea, he can't talk eh. Okay Moose, go give our present to Jesus eh

Joseph: Maple Syrup?

Mary: That's not just any syrup. It's CANADIAN SYRUP!

1st King: Here's my present *Puts a small packet next to Jesus*

Joseph: What's that?

1st King: Crack

Mary: What the ****

2nd King: Watch the language eh, we're in the presence of God eh

Mary: Why would you give Jesus crack?

1st King: Hey man that's ma best crack yo! He betta like it!

Joseph: What's the 3rd King got?

3rd King: ... *Puts a plate of Pancakes next to Jesus*

Mary: YES! Now we have Pancakes for our Syrup!

Shepards: Did somebody say Pancakes?

Sheep: Baaa

*Angel comes in on a Helicopter holding a lightsaber*

1st King: Beautiful Man

2nd King: Yea

*Cue Heavenly music*

Me: *Cough Cough* And THAT is why we celebrate Christmas

Erik: That was the worst rendition of the Christmas story I've ever heard

Me: Hey, better than nothing

Erik: Pancakes?

Me: Ooh yea I could go for some pancakes!

Erik: With Syrup?

Me: YES! Let's get some Pancakes!

Erik: So what else do we do on Christmas?

Me: Well, we'll find out all the different things as we count down. So GET EXCITED *Cough Cough*

Erik: I think you should stop yelling

Me: Me too. I think I should just whisper for the rest of the day

Erik: Good Idea. Now I won't have to hear you yammer on about nothing

Me: *Whispering* Shut up. My voice will be better by tomorrow!

Erik: Sure

So me and the Phantom finish today with Pancakes. Tune in tomorrow for the Phantom's first Christmas experience, putting lights outside!