Me: *Sips some Wine* Well this is some party!

Erik: Yea it is! Come on ladies! Are you gonna dance with Erik or just stand there drooling at me?

Phangirls: *Start partying like crazy people*

Me: Well, I'd say this game to a pretty happy ending *Downs the rest of the glass and pours more* Hey guys! Almost Midnight!

Erik Jr.: Masquerade! Paper Faces on Parade! Masquerade! Hide your Face so the world will never find you!

Erik: Aww Gabby we only have a few minutes left of our marriage!

Me: Well get over here and make the most of it then!

*We make out til the clock strikes midnight*


Me: Well, now what?

Erik: I... I don't know?

Me: Do you want your ring back

Erik: No, I got it for you. Wear it, as a token of our friendship

Me: *Grabs my nearby wine glass and takes another sip* LET THE PARTY CONTINUE!

Well, I'll leave it up to your more than capable imaginations to conjure up what happened the rest of the night. This is indeed the LAST CHAPTER of this little phic. But never fear, Me and Erik are STILL here! And we'll be coming around with another phic soon enough, doing all kinds of stupid random things and having all kinds of adventure. And Erik Jr. will be there too!

By the way, I know most of you said not to give the Real Erik Jr. a deformity, but when I was trying to make him a mask the fur was getting in the way so I, chopped all the fur off on the right side of his face O.o On the brigh side, the mask fits GREAT! So, I'll update you more on that now that I've officially started deforming him.

And so, Me and Erik updated every day and counted down til Christmas, and then New Years. There is nothing more to see, and there never will be, stop reading now...

Ok OK I'm just kidding but this seriously is the end. So, from Me, The Phantom of the Opera, and BOTH Erik Jr.'s, Merry Christmas to all, and to ALL a GOODNIGHT!