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Crusnik 04: Chapter 1: Death and Secrets Aka Astha's pissed

I actually thought of an entire what if line for the series, firstly I'm saying 04 , because I think the Lilith was 00 in the Crusnik series..

Set post Esther's coronation and Abel's discussion to fight Cain until either dies…

Story start

Three years have passed since the Albion incident as it were referred to by the world media, the highlight of which was the coronation of the nation's next ruler Queen Esther Blanchett. The AX division remains operational, though The Crusnik is listed as in reserve in spite of his confirmed death by the Head Inquisitor Brother Petross. Peace between the Vatican and The new Human Empire, that was once thought impossible, stands at the cusp of becoming a reality rather than being a fanciful ideal in the minds of those who saw their counter parts as neither monsters nor fanatics.

The Rosenkrutz Orden and the Contra Mundi along with their numerous shell organizations still attempted to stop any sort of treaty between the Terrans and the Methusula be it verbal or official. The AX division spent much of the last three years tracking and eliminating suspected as well as confirmed stronghold of the order. Many of them were in a state of horrible disrepair, and some were damaged as though they withstood a fight, with numerous scorch marks as well as a very light smell of ozone as if a thunderstorm had blown through the building. In order to avoid the eyes of her brother Cardinal Francessco Di Medicci, Cardinall Catrina Sforza ordered her subordinates to alter the reports so as to hide the resurrection of Abel Nightroad. Though now both Cardinals being presented with more pressing matters seem to be burying the hatchet, for now at least.

Though much of the Order lay in ruins and many of the key members such as Deitrich von Lohengrin and Issac Butler were killed at the hands of The Gunslinger and Dandelion The Contra Mundi himself seemed to avoid detection perfectly. That is until a day almost 6 months ago, over the wastelands of what would have, at one time, long before Armageddon be known as Russia, the two winged brothers met after what to one seemed like an instant and to the other an eternity of anguish, and remorse.

The both seemed mirror images of each other, except for their hair colors and the color of their wings. One had a blond hair that shone like the sun itself and triple white wings that seemed to be an image of perfection. The other had silver hair that was in no way less brilliant and black wings that seemed dangerous yet comforting at the same time. He held a blood red double bladed scythe and had the appearance of a fierce storm cloud. While the other though unarmed was in no way less threatening. His red eyes met with those of his twin when he spoke "Abel.. no.. 02, why do you resist, you can go to sleep and I can take care of everything for you, just like how I tried to stop 00 from corrupting your mind. It's my duty to help you as your older brother after all." Any man who heard this with that sanguine smile on the speakers face would accept the display of familial piety as was and embrace his brother. Of course this was no ordinary situation, and had any other men except these two had the exchange the results would be very different. However since it was those two what happened next was what decided the fate of the world. Abel Nightroad stared at his brother with an impassive look, with his fangs poking out from under his lips and his lips in an almost snarl. His eyes boiled with rage. His gaze itself seemed powerful enough to burn anything in sight. He replied in an even voice that attempted to mask his rage but failed to do so miserably "No Cain, I will live my life as I wish not as a vessel for you, and for what you did to HER and to this world you will die by my hand." Cain sighed. The brothers were done talking; now they would fight, and whoever won would decide the fate of the world.

No one really knows how long the fight lasted. They were no landmarks, witnesses or instruments to tell time present with or in the vicinity of either party, but both were unreachable for nearly three months. Any attempt to take satellite footage was blocked as well due to the electrostatic discharge that surrounded the area in clouds for months even after the victor returned to the more habitable portions of the planet. The one who walked or rather flew away was the younger twin Abel , unlike his biblical namesake who died at the hands of his own brother. Although injured and barely conscious Abel confirmed the death of his brother and then wept. He wept for days mourning a brother he could never come to hate who killed a woman whom he loved with all his heart. He wept for the woman who died at the hands of his brother because she trusted him and he let her down. He wept for the loneliness his sister, whom he abandoned for nearly a millennium while he mourned for his lover , endured. He wept for himself for he finally came to terms with the death of two people whom he loved more than life itself and begin to move on, though the memories would still haunt him for months to come, especially the look on his brothers face as he died, he seemed almost...relieved as if his death cured him of some disease, or the sight of his battered bloodied corpse. He wept for the woman who was now whom he loved and cherished and wished to protect...whom he abandoned once again to protect her and her people. And her secret his brother revealed during the course of their battle which nearly got him killed because of his surprise. He wept and wept till the tears would not flow anymore. Then carrying his brother's corpse, he took off on his wings that now seemed a bit darker and lighter at the same time and headed to where he knew his sister was.

He still had his duty to his family to ensure that his brother got a proper burial, for even if he was The Enemy of the World Itself he was still his brother. He arrived almost half a day after leaving his battlefield and landed on the Imperial Palace grounds itself and was not the least bit surprised when he saw his sister, eternally youthful with a look of profound sadness on her face as she too began to weep for her brother and her friend and her own emotions as well. Preparations and announcements were to be made, but for now, they both wept.

A week later the empress Augsta Vradica announced of the return of her two older brothers , one of whom was to be buried in the Imperial burial chamber. The Imperial Council immediately was in uproar, and a certain Viscountess recognized the living brother and were shocked beyond words as she knew he was supposed to be dead. A comic thought rang " WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE ?" Astroshe , was practically ready to kill the man whose very death saddened her into not eating for nearly a week. She and the Earl of Memphis were granted private audience with the recently revealed Imperial siblings, which was to take place in 3 days. During those three days noises that would make even the most hardened criminal scream like a child were heard from the Keiv estate as Astha began planning her attack on her Tovarish, the idiot priest and now her superior… she suddenly paused at that thought, but then went back to her plans for Abel Nightroad's second death which she would ensure would be more permanent….

Meanwhile the two remaining Nightroad siblings gathered in Abel's room to mourn as was expected in the empire, they began talking about the good and bad time they shared with their now deceased older brother, for even them being immortal did not protect them from the pains of losing a loved one not once but twice. Then somehow the conversation steered to how Cain and Abel would argue over some of the most ridiculous and sometimes adorable things. Like who would help Seth with her homework (Yes Crusniks had homework as well, shows you no one is spared.) or who could stay up later, or who could hold their breath the longest, both of which ended with a scolding form Lilith who in the end hugged both of them in their Chibi forms and would say "Stop acting like Bakas or I'll use the both of you as a mocchi hammer." Terrified at the very concept of that, the brothers would instantly submit, and Seth a child at that point picked up a very useful manipulative skill form Lilith(which she would use much later in life against her brothers and others, and once she actually carrying out said punishment, the mocchi from the experiment whoever was delicious beyond compare, and almost instantly sold out, so the child was subjected to it again and again. This led to a popular urban myth that would be used to scare children into bed,it went something along the line of-" Be a good boy/girl , or a superhuman loli in emerald green will come and use you as a hammer", with various renditions and alteration which ended up making Seth look like some sort of monster with molds ready to turn children into hammers. Needless to say those stupid enough to tempt fate got what the deserved, and Seth made a profit out of it too..

After roughly 10 minutes of side splitting laughter, Abel remembered the secret he meant to discuss with Seth. Seth was shocked, and they began to have a fairly serious discussion with each other which lasted for roughly 3 hours, then since it was time for them to retire for the night, Seth left Abels room but the last few words she said kept ringing in his head "Abel we need to talk to her about this.. Scratch that you need to talk to her about this, and there's no way around it." Abel once again sighed his characteristic sigh, and then he went to slept thinking of how he was going to explain this to her, then remembering his appointment with Astha he began to turn pale and then fell asleep with a look of fear on his face.

Meanwhile at the Keiv Estate…

Astha's plans of "Absolute Horror for Abel "(AHA! For short) were still underway, and in his sleep Able couldn't help but shudder.

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