In the end, it was the blood from their veins, and the burning sand that bonded them.
They had nothing else.

No moments of shared passion, no long lasting love, no brotherhood bond.

It was just the blood and sand that connected them.

She was Crixus's woman. Spartacus could feel it, he could feel the love, the passion, the craving between them, but what was between them was more basic. He was Sura's man.

Yet….she was a servant, as was he. She showed him how to live, she showed him how to obey, how bend but still be strong.

She gave him tips on how to be a good servant, while, with only secret glances and smiles, encouraging him in his private rebellion.

Spartacus wondered how she knew before he did his plan. His great plan that was so far from completion, the plan of rebellion, the plan of escape.

In the end, when she fell and he fled, he wondered if maybe the blood and sand was the greatest connection they could ever have.