Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto. Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto. If I did own Naruto a lot of cool characters would not have died, and Naruto would not be an idiot. I decided to try my hand at a lemon fic as I was inspired by Freedom Guards Naruto Deserted Islands stories. And this will be a one shot, though I might decide to make another if I shall use my favorite pairing of the series.

() Thoughts

Chapter 1

Desires Fulfilled.

It was a late starry night in the village of Konohagakure. Travelling down the streets to his home was a young adult who was the sixth Hokage of said Shinobi village. He was around nineteen, had long blond hair. His eyes were the purest blue like the oceans in the sea. He was considered handsome by many of the females of his home. But this was no ordinary shinobi. This was Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, the Son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki. He was also the newest Rikkudo Sannin and the Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi.

It had been three years since his battle with both Madara Uchiha and his once former friend Sasuke Uchiha. It was a fearful war that was brought on because of one man trying to play god, and the other lost in his own hatred. The son of Minato and Kushina had been hard pressed when he was fighting not only the revived members of the Akatsuki. But the many former kages of the past and the former host of the other tailed beasts.

Among them were friends and loved ones that he had met during his time. Even his godfather Jiraiya and his parents. It was thanks to Itachi's gift that he was able to best Sasuke and defeats their insane ancestor. He tried to burn the blond shinobi with an Amaterasu, but was consumed by the very deadly flames of his own clan's technique. What was even more shocking was that the student of Jiraiya gained the eyes of Itachi Uchiha.

Then to Naruto's surprise and Madara horror, Naruto had gained eyes that looked like the Juubis. With his newest source of power he was able to slay the mad Uchiha and restore peace to the Elemental nation. Then to the amazement of others Naruto was able to fully resurrect those that Kabuto had controlled using the Edo Tensei, giving them freedom and to be reunited with their loved ones.

However some were not able to be fully brought back by Naruto's power. He sighed as he sadly could not be reunited with his mother and father. The past Kages and even elders like Chiyo chose to return to the afterlife, knowing that the new Rikkudo Sannin had the world in good hands.

He was brought out of his thoughts as he arrived at the gate that had been once the home to his parents. It was a simple large house as they were humble and loved the village they grew up in. He opened, and then closed the gate once he was inside. He proceeds to walk into his home, where one of his wives was waiting for him.

"I've been waiting for you Naruto-kun."

He looked to see Hinata Hyuga, and smiled warmly at her. After the war he searched for Hinata to talk things over with her, and discuss about having a relationship with her. Afterword's the two started dating and after six months led to love and marriage. But because he was the last of the Uzumaki and Namikaze clan, he was required to have more than one wife. This led to him marring Princess Koyuki of Snow/Spring country, Shion of Demon country, and Amaru, the Jinchuriki of the Reibi no Menhiru.

There was even the two Daimyos Haruna and Toki who became his wives as they loved Naruto for the good deeds he had done for them in the past.

He walked up to his wife and embraced her, along with a kiss. Hinata returned the greeting with the same loving affecting. She then proceeded to lead him up the stairs of their home to the bed room that once was his parents. They sat down on the bed and began to talk about what's been going on with Naruto asking first.

"So where is everyone and what's been going on here at home?"

"Koyuki is performing in another movie, Haruna is negotiating overseas, and Toki is helping out Shibuki in Takigakure."

"And Amaru and Shion?"

"Shion is adding Amaru and Shizuni in the hospital in Sunagakure."

Naruto did his trade mark grin and said in a suggestive way, "Well Hina-hime. That only leaves me and you. Heh He he."

The Hyuga heiress blushed a bright shade of red at what the Orange Hokage was suggesting. Then she decided to bring up another subject.

"Did you know that Iruka and Anko are getting married?"

The student of Jiraiya became surprised. "Really? When did this happen?"

"It was found out today when you were out. Iruka and Anko were at the Akamichi Bar-B-Q and then Iruka proposed to her. She became ecstatic and shouted yes, while kissing him over and over again."

The young Hokage couldn't help but smile for his father/brother figure. What was even more surprising was the very curse mark that Anko detested had in fact saved her life from Kabuto and her becoming one of the sacrifices for more of the resurrected warriors. It seemed Orochimaru did care for Anko and it gave her the strength needed to kill Kabuto and escape to safety. It even protected her from the Edo Tensei when he tried to perform it on her. It was then Hinata brought him out of his thoughts.

"Now was there anything else you wanted to know?"

Naruto shook his head. "I think that's about all I wanted to know." He leaned over and kissed her, his wife returning with the favor with passion.

(Lemon Time)

Hinata began undressing Naruto starting with his pants. As they slide down, she used her right hand to begin undressing her spouse, while her left hand slid into his boxers to stroke his cock. Hinata husband moaned, and then started to remove her clothing. He removed her upper clothing, momentarily stopping Hinata stroking his cock. He then removed her bra, allowing for her large breast to spill out. Hinata proceeded to remove her own pants and kick off her shoes, leaving her in black silk underwear.

Naruto removed his own shoes and kicked them away, along with pants that were there, leaving him in only his boxers. He then led his wife to the bed and laid her on her back, while running his hands on her smooth milk white skin.

"Mmmmm. That feels good Naruto-kun." Hinata moaned enjoying every touch from her beloved.

"I'm just getting started my hime." The young Hokage then crawled on the bed, and lay next to her. He proceeded to lick her large right breast, flicking his tongue on her nipple. She moaned in delight, and shuddered as his hand went sliding down to her pussy. He slides his fingers underneath the fabric and gently began stroking her clitoris.

She was moaning and squealing with delight, her hands rubbing his muscular chest. She reached down and started removing her panties, stopping Naruto from stroking her pussy. She looked at him questionably.

"Why did you stop?"

"I just wanted to help get them off you." He stated simply, followed by leaving a trail of kisses starting from the top working his way down to her vagina. He stopped momentarily to fondle her tits and sucking on each of them. Hinata gasped and shifted, using one of her legs to rub against Naruto's crotch, harden his unit even more.

The Jinchuriki went down more and pulled off the Hyuga Heiress panties, fully exposing her wet pussy.

"Hinata-chan you're already wet and excited."

"Naruto-kun. Please be gentle."

"I will."

With these words he started licking her clitoris, and vagina in slow circular motions. Hinata moaned and gasped in delight from the pleasure she was receiving from her beloved. Naruto then began fucking her with his tongue making her even more arouse.

"AHH! Yes! Right there Naruto-Kun!"

The blond shinobi began sucking on the clitoris, licking even faster than before. He decided to use some chakra on his tongue to make it even more pleasurable like his wives have done for him during their nights of love making. Finally after a few more moments his wife hit her orgasm.


She plopped down on her back, catching her breath, while Naruto licked up her juices. After he had finished, Hinata sat up and pulled him in for another soulful kiss. He got up and Hinata gently laid him on his back. She pulled off his boxers, fully exposing his man hood. It was a full nine inches and without hesitation; the wife of Uzumaki began licking his cock and his balls, using her chakra to please him as he did her. The blond Hokage moaned in absolute pleasure and excitement as his wife continues.

But she decided to go even further and took in his whole manhood into her mouth. Her head bobbing up and down sucking gently on it.

"AH! Hinata-chan that feels so good! Don't stop yet!"

"You like that, don't you Naruto-kun?" The sister of Hanabi purred.

"Oh yeah my hime."

"Then you'll love what I do next."

She started stroking his cock with her tits, while licking the tip of it. She added a little spit to make it more slippery and rubbed even more on Naruto's manhood. That was when he had his orgasm.


Cum shot up and the daughter of Hiashi had her mouth open to take in the large flowing white liquid. Some had fallen onto her large bust, but she paid it little mind and sucked on the tip of Naruto's cock to get at the rest. Naruto moaned from the pleasure he was getting from Hinata. Without another word he grasped Hinata's hands and laid her on her back.

"Are you ready for this my hime?"

"I want you inside me Naruto-kun. I need you."

He nodded, and with his still harden cock, he slowly entered in Hinata, pushing into her vagina. Slowly he entered into pussy, pushing through her wet walls, taking care not to cause her pain. Once he fully entered, he slowly pulled out his cock, though not fully. He repeated this cycle and started going faster, Hinata moaning and loving every minute of it.

"Right There Naruto."



The young sannin grasped Hinata's sides and thrust even harder, making the Hyuga heiress gasp in delight and screaming his name. He then decided to stop for a moment causing his spouse to look at him. "Why did you stop Naruto-kun?"

He gave a foxy grin and said, "Could you get on top of me now my hime?"

Hinata couldn't help but blush and nodded. Her lover lay on his back, while she got on top of him. Once she was straddled on top, she began to ride on top of him while he thrust up words his hands on her tits.





The Hyuga heiress leaned forward and her entire body was on top of Naruto's. Pressed against one another Naruto gripped Hinata's ass while Hinata put her tongue in Naruto's mouth. Both lovers' were moaning, their bodies covered in sweat loving every moment of the sex they were having. Finally both had reached their limit and cried out from the orgasm. Hinata and Naruto took deep breaths embracing each other.

"That was amazing."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it Naruto-Kun" She smiled at her spouse. "Wait till the others get back though. Then the real fun will begin."

Both enveloped each other in another kiss.

The End

Well that's it for my first lemon fic. I hope everyone enjoyed it, though I might do another one. Originally I wanted to name this story a Kunoichi Need. Maybe another time I'll write a story called that. Anyway I wanted to take a break from my other story for abit. Also I want to say this to get it off my chest. I will so kick Kishimoto's ass if he kills Anko in the manga and anime. Or curse him to his grave. It is bad enough he killed a lot of cool characters that could have been developed and used more in the Naruto series. I just got to keep hoping that she will live, and maybe what I wrote might come true. Wishful thinking doesn't hurt once in a while.

Plus I will be sending one of my ideas to a list of other authors in case I lose the desire to write another Naruto fic or any other I can think off.