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Chapter 5

A Priestess's Fantasy

It had been a week since Naruto had left Sunagakure and he was now in Konohagakure going over the one thing that many Kages hated and would rather be facing over a hundred missing-nins than facing the greatest enemy every Kage had faced and that was…paper work.

Naruto sighed as he couldn't wait to get this done soon because one of his wives was going to be seeing him tonight and it was the priestess of Demon Country, Shion. Hinata was currently with Amaru helping her out in Sunagakure, and Koyuki was dealing with politics in Snow/Spring Country. Toki and Haruna were dealing with their country's as well since they couldn't be with their lover at the moment but promised when they had time they would visit him and the others.

(I hope I can see them soon. Man I hate to use Shikamaru's words but this paperwork is such a drag.)

(You shouldn't complain kit as you knew you would have to deal with this kind of work when you took the title from Tsunade.)

Naruto's eyes widen in surprise by the sound of another voice but relaxed as he recognized it was Kurama speaking to him.

(Hey what's up I haven't heard from you in forever.)

(Nothing much except I'm bored and I've been sleeping a lot more after the war with that bastard Madara and your sensei's equally bastard of a former teammate.)

Naruto could have then sworn he sensed his partner smirking at him and he then heard the fox spoke in a perverted voice.

(But then again I have the images of you and your mates to keep me entertained when you have your alone time with one another.)

(Hey, don't go peaking into those you perverted fox!)

(This is coming from the guy who had a dream of every woman he met in nothing but bath towels and learned to be more perverted from his master.)

The young Hokage could only blush and then respond back to his friend.

(Okay you got me there, but I'm just going to get through this paperwork the easy way.)

Without another word he stood up and formed his hands in a seal and called out his favorite jutsu.


Three clones appeared and stood before Naruto and he gestured to the pile of papers in front of him.

"Take care of that for me guys and make sure it is sorted out properly."

The clones nodded and began their work for their master. Naruto decided to take this moment to go for a walk and see how things were in the village. He began to think back when he and Shion first married each other.

It was about a year after he married Amaru he was on his way to Demon Country to negotiate with her and had brought Hinata with him to introduce her to Shion since Naruto told her about his mission when he first meet the priestess.

The Hyuga heiress was shocked to hear at what Naruto agreed to do with the priestess and wondered if Naruto knew what she meant when she said he needed him to help pass on her powers.

When they got to the island they were met with Shion's guard to escort them to the palace and Shion was with the guards. The blonde priestess welcomed him with open arms as she had missed him greatly and had wanted to see him since he first came to her country.

Naruto had introduced Hinata learning that not only was he married to her but several other women as well learning of the CRA since he was the last of the Uzumaki and Namikaze clans. At first Shion had been upset but decided to talk over with both of them wanting to become one of Naruto's wives as well.

The blonde Uzumaki was shocked to hear this and asked Hinata if it was all right with her. His wife smiled and decided to ask him if he knew what Shion meant about passing his strength on to the next priestess?

Naruto wasn't sure at first and asked Shion if it meant training the heir but was soon shocked to learn that she actually meant she wanted to have his child. Hinata then made sure to inform the other women that were married to her husband about this since Naruto also wanted ask them if they felt comfortable with him having another wife. Koyuki, Amaru, and the others accepted her seeing as how Shion truly loved Naruto and that he had made a big impact on her life.

(Man I never thought I would have more than one wife since I honestly didn't think that many women would love me after all I had done for them and their homelands.)

(If anything kit you are living every man's wildest dream of having a small harem of beautiful women just for you. If it were me, I would make sure to have that woman Anko in the mix along with that blonde chick with the big tits from Kumo.)

Naruto blushed at his friend's remark about the woman known as Samui who happen to be one of Killer Bee's students.

(Only you would think that Kurama. While I admit she is kind of hot I like a woman with more personality and character, not just their bodies. Hell if I wanted a woman with huge boobs I would have wanted Tsunade-baa chan.)

(Too bad you didn't decide to make her your mate when you restored her youth.)

(I don't see her that way though; I look at her like a second mother, nothing more and nothing less. Besides she has Ero-Sennin.)

(If you say so kit so where are you going exactly right now?)

(I'm not sure; maybe I'll get some ramen or just walk around the village for a little while until Shion-chan comes over. I wonder what she will want to do tonight with me.)

(I think the only thing you both would want to do right now is mate like rabbits.) Kurama spoke to his partner before letting out a perverted giggle that made Jiraiya's look tame.

(Oi we don't always have sex ero-kitsune!)

It was then Naruto looked to where he was at the moment causing him to smile. He was standing in front of the Konoha Shinobi Academy that he went to when he was younger. When he became Hokage he had made sure to update the academy and make it more useful than when he was there before.

He had appointed Lee's sensei Maito Gai as the taijutsu instructor so that way the students would learn more than just one taijutsu. He had also incorporated lessons in being able to learn Nin jutsu; genjutsu, kenjutsu, and medical jutsu into the system to better prepare future shinobi's instead of just the three basic academy jutsu's that he and his other comrades were made to learn during their time at the academy.

(I'm glad that I did that since the academy was too busy focusing on academics instead of actual shinobi skills.)

(I'll say as it makes things easier and it helps that the Yamanaka clan are weeding out the weaklings so that way you have some more competent ninja.)

Nodding to his friends comment he continued his way through the village taking in the sites and waving back to the other villagers who saw him going by. Thinking back to when his heritage was reviled to everyone Naruto was just glad everyone didn't go overboard in treating him like he was the son of the Daimyo like they did Sasuke.

Thinking about his former friend caused him to frown as he remembered the special treatment that the Uchiha received from the villagers he couldn't help but be disappointed and a little disgusted with the way the villagers acted. While he too felt sorry from Sasuke when he lost his parents and his entire clan, all the people did was give him a swell head making it sound like he had fought to survive when Itachi merely spared him out of love in the disguise of it seeing him not worth killing.

They had giving him affection and support which anyone else would be grateful and try to make friends with those who cared, yet he threw it all away and it was a total slap in the face to not only the villagers but to his comrades and all the Hokage's from before. There was also the fact that many of the girls, including Sakura and Ino, had wanted to give their love to him and even someday be his wife yet all he saw them as were nothing more but an annoyance.

When Naruto took the mantel of Hokage he had revealed the truth of what had happen to the Uchiha clan and Itachi's sacrifice for the village. He had made sure that the older brother of Sasuke was giving a hero's funeral and was to be put in the history books for his loyalty to the village.

Then with a heavy heart Naruto had ordered the entire Uchiha district to be removed so as to make room for newer homes and training fields, along with a library to fill the void that it once held. Both Kakashi and Sakura were against the idea since the Uchiha were a part of Konoha and felt that they shouldn't be forgotten out of spite but he had assured them it wasn't out of anger or hate for the clan but as a new beginning for the village. He also assured them that the clan wouldn't be forgotten as they would hold the history records of them around, along with teaching future academy students about them as well.

(If you ask me kit it would have been better if that worthless clan be gone and forgotten since those two old fossils along with Danzo tried to remove the history of your clan.)

(If I did that Kurama I would be no better than them and I made sure to restore the history about mom's clan in the academy along with all the historic records. Plus I did remove those two old farts from power and I got Tsunade and Iruka as my advisors now so you won't have to worry about any foul play.)

The Biju simply shrugged before replying to his partner.

(If you say so, now if you will excuse me I'm going to be taken a nap for a while.)

With those words the giant fox cut off his connection to the young Uzumaki drifting off to sleep once more. Naruto simply shrugged and continue to make his way around the village when he sensed someone approaching him. Turing around he smiled to see who it was.

"Hi Kakashi-sensei how are you today?"

Kakashi gave his former student his famous eye smile while he was holding one of his favorite books in front of him which was the newest work from Jiraiya.

"Oh it's the same old same old Naruto. I take it your just browsing around the village waiting for Shion-chan to arrive soon."

"He-he-he, am I that obvious Kakashi-sensei?"

"Not at all Naruto but don't worry I'm sure she will arrive later on tonight so be patient about it."

Deciding to change the subject the young Hokage brought up a new question.

"So how have things been with you and Shizune?"

Kakashi couldn't help but let out a perverted giggle before replying.

"Well how should I put this? All I can say is it helps my endurance and sleeping really late isn't so bad."

Naruto could only shake his head and smile at his sensei's humor. After the war had ended Kakashi had been depressed for a while since he was forced to fight his old friend Obito since he was behind what had happen the night Kurama attacked the village the day he was born. Naruto had become concerned for his mentor and didn't want him to fall too deep into his depression so he had asked his sister figure Shizune to keep an eye on him and try to help him out of funk anyway she could.

At first the copy cat ninja was hesitant to be with anyone at the moment and felt that he needed to be left alone for awhile but Shizune wouldn't take no for an answer and had let him know that Naruto was worried for him, along with his long time friend and rival Maito Gai after what he went through during the war.

After the first few months a relationship had begun to slowly evolve between the two shinobi and it was around a year the two started dating and was even seen a few times together in public. Soon it evolved even more and the two eventually married one another. Shizune had become pregnant and gave birth to a healthy baby girl. They had both decided to name her Rin in honor of Kakashi's teammate and friend.

"Well if you'll excuse me Naruto I have to go and pick up some things for Shizune-chan and myself. See ya!'

Naruto nodded and waved goodbye to his friend and mentor, he then deciding to get a good meal while waiting for his wife he decided to head over to Ichiraku's for some ramen.

Later on at night…

Naruto was quietly lying on his bed while reading a one of his favorite books which was the first one his godfather Jiraiya wrote before creating the Icha-Icha Paradise series. He had a long day and his wife Shion had arrived around in the afternoon greeting him with a kiss and embracing one another.

He had just finished a meeting between Shibuki from Takigakure along with Sumaru from Hoshigakure. Naruto and his two friends had cached up on some old stories before agreeing on trading quality goods and co-op missions between their shinobi as a way to unify their homes better. The same had happen between Sunagakure as Naruto wanted to make Gaara's home more lively with plant life as it would traveling to Suna more safer and less of a hassle.

"I hope you didn't have to wait long for me Naruto-Kun."

His head perked up from hearing the voice of his wife and sat up turning to see her, and his eyes widen.

Shion was dressed in silver-gray lingerie and wore a see through silk gown that she had completely open. The bra she had on barely held her large breasts which were as large as Hinata's and her long slender legs were showed off as she moved toward him with a sway in her hips. Naruto also noticed she had on matching colored panties and right away could tell it was a silk style thong.

She soon made her way to the bed gently taking the book out of Naruto's hands and placing it on the drawer next to it before sitting on her lovers lap while snuggling up to him with her breasts pressing against him. He couldn't help but give his trademark grin to her before rapping his arms around her pulling her in more.

"I'm happy to see you right now Shion-Chan as it felt likes it's been forever since I saw you."

"I know how you feel Naruto-Kun since we haven't spent time together except for when the others were over. But now I have you to myself for tonight just like on our wedding night and I enjoyed our night together with Hinata and Amaru."

The blonde Uzumaki couldn't help but blush on that night as Hinata and Amaru were around during the wedding and both women suggested to Shion about joining in on the fun and surprising him. He then couldn't help but giggle perversely as he watched both Hinata and Amaru pleasing each other in front of him as they suggested to Shion he be tied up and watch causing him to get even more aroused and lusted for them.

Shion saw that he was lost in thought and brought him out of it with a passionate kiss causing his mind to revert back to reality and he returned the kiss with great gusto to his wife. They then broke off and the blonde priestess gave a smirk before replying to him.

"Mind out of the gutter Naruto-Kun as I want you to be ravishing me tonight as I have missed your touch and I want to try out something new with you."

"Is that so my hime? And what might that be?"

"You'll have to wait just a bit as right now I want to wrap my arms around you and ride you the entire night Naruto-Kun."

With these words Shion removed her silk gown letting it drop to the floor and then proceeded to remove her husband's shirt with him lifting his arms up without her asking. Once he was shirtless she straddled on top of him before capturing him in a kiss.

(Lemon Time)

Naruto and Shion moaned together in delight as their tongues wrestled against one another for dominance. Naruto decided to take it a step further by unclasping Shion's bra removing it from the blonde priestess. He then took her breast into his hands fondling them gently and then using his thumbs to rub her harden nipples in a circular motion causing Shion to break kissing from Naruto gasping for air and whimpering in delight from her lovers touch.

The blonde Uzumaki then licked the side of Shion's neck before leaving a line of kisses toward the center of her tits before taking her right one into his mouth sucking on it and then flicking it with his tongue. He then set to work on the other tit licking it before sucking on it and fondling the one he just finished before.

"Aaaahhhh! Naruto-Kun that's it, keep going like that!"

Hearing his wife's request he fondled both of her beautiful breasts licking and sucking each of them along with kissing in the middle of her chest. They were so big and round they were impossible to resist.

Naruto's right hand then went toward Shion's rear and gave it a firm squeeze causing her to gasp in surprise. He gave her his trademark grin while she smiled back at him and then spoke to him in a sensual voice.

"Naruto-Kun, I believe it is time for me to return the favor to you by stroking and sucking on your cock."

The blonde Uzumaki was surprised by the language of his wife but grinned at the way she had said it and made him even more aroused so he nodded.

Shion crawled backwards in a sexy manner with her hips going sideways before grabbing at her lover's pants. She then proceeded to pull them down all the way to his ankles before removing them completely, leaving him in only his boxers were she saw his harden manhood pushing up.

Licking her lips in excitement she crawled over to her husband's boxers and pulled them off exposing his full manhood. The blonde priestess couldn't help but blush as she was still amazed at the length of her lover's nine inch cock and wasted no time in getting started on pleasing him.

She gently grasped it stroking it slowly making him squirm a little before beginning to lick the top of his manhood before licking up and down on it to each side while caressing his balls causing him to moan and shudder in delight.

"Oooohhh Shion-Chan that feels so good! Kami please don't stop what you're doing yet please!"

"I'm only getting started Naruto-Kun and the best is yet to come."

Shion decided to take it a step further lightly spitting on Naruto's dick covering it a little more before she placed it between her tits and began to rub them up and down while licking the tip every now and then.

Naruto gasped and moaned from his wife's treatment while gripping the covers of his bed. He wanted more than anything right now to place his tongue between Shion's legs and return the same amount of pleasure he was feeling from her.

The blonde priestess then decided to take her lover's entire manhood into her mouth and began to slowly suck on it carefully as not to choke on it. Hearing the moaning and gasping of her lover made her pick up speed a little her head bopping up and down enjoying every minute of giving him oral sex.


Naruto sat up right making sure not to interrupt her breathing heavily from his wife sucking hungrily on his cock. After what seemed like forever he was beginning to feel an orgasm and let his lover know.


Shion removed her lovers cock from mouth before once again went to using her tits to stroke his cock and before purring in a sexy like voice.

"Mmmmmmm, cum for me then Naruto-Kun, I want you to cum all over me."

Naruto could feel his orgasm approaching and then at the very last moment he came.


Shion had her mouth open allowing Naruto's seed to shoot into her mouth, while several more covered her face and fell on her tits. She swallowed much of it enjoying the taste and then licked the rest off her tits before using her hands to take some off her face. After finishing she smiled at her lover before speaking to him.

"Mmmmm that tasted wonderful Naruto-Kun and now it is time for you to return the favor."

She crawled over next to her husband's side and kissed the side of his cheek before lying on her back waiting for him to give her pleasure. Naruto didn't have to be told twice as his hands traveled from the top of Shion's breast going all the way down toward her panties. He then gently removed the thong style underwear and tossed them away before lying right in front of her vagina.

Smelling the wonderful scent of his lover the young Uzumaki's tongue went to work on her, starting with her clitoris licking it gently and kissing it every now and then. He then began sucking on her clitoris while using his fingers to rub against her pussy using chakra to please her even more.

Shion moaned in delight and shuddered a little from the touch of her lover as it was amazing to her and she couldn't wait to have his manhood inside of her. It was then that she gasped in surprise when she felt his tongue assault her pussy and squealed in delight.

"Aaaaaahhhh, Naruto-Kun that's it! Keep licking me right there!"

The blonde Uzumaki heard his lover's request and kept at it before inserting his fingers into her pussy going in and out at a leisurely pass listening to her voice shrill in excitement and delight. He then penetrated her pussy with tongue going further in loving the taste of her juices.


Looking up at his lover he spoke in a husky voice while using his fingers once more to probe her vagina.

"Cum for me Shion-Chan, I want you to cum all over my face."

He soon went back to assaulting her pussy with his mouth going deeper enjoying the taste of her pussy. It seemed like forever until finally Shion couldn't hold it anymore and had her orgasm.


The blonde priestess juices came on Naruto's face and he lapped up every bit of it and licked his lips before giving her his foxy like grin before replying.


Shion couldn't help but giggle and used her finger to give a come here gesture to him which he happily crawled next to her before embracing each other and both gave one another a passionate kiss before breaking for air.

Naruto decided to ask his lover on what it was she wanted to try it out tonight in which she mentioned earlier.

"So what is it that you wanted to try out tonight with me Shion-Chan?"

Shion could only blush and smile nervously as what she wanted to do with Naruto tonight would be her first time and hoped that it would go well. Taking a deep breath to steady herself she calmly spoke to him.

"Naruto-kun what I wish to do with you tonight is something rather new and it's going to be a first time for me and I'm not sure you had done this to Hinata or the others yet."

The son of Minato and Kushina was curious about it and decided to ask.

"What is it that you want to do that involves us having sex Shion-Chan?"

Shion blushed a shade of red that would do Hinata proud and spoke in a slow and excited manner.

"What I want is…I want you to make two Shadow Clones of you."

"Why do you want that?"

The priestess of Demon Country didn't know how else to put her request to him so she decided to be blunt like him.

"I want you to make two clones because…I want you to fuck all three of my holes."

Naruto's eyes bugged out in surprised as he had never heard something like this before from Shion and he wondered what gave her this idea.

"S-S-Shion-Chan…W-What gave you that kind of idea?"

The blonde beauty couldn't help but blush even more and decided to cuddle next to her lover before replying.

"I got the idea from one of your godfather's books and I had fantasies about what it would be like, so I figured you could help me live it Naruto-Kun."

The young Hokage's face blush bright red when heard this and only one thought could go through his mind.

(Damn you Ero-Sennin you corrupted my wife!)

Somewhere in Konoha a certain super pervert sneezed, wondering if someone was talking about him. (Authors Note: Sorry I couldn't resist.)

Shion was getting a little worried about her husband's reaction and wanted to make sure he was all right.

"Naruto-Kun what's wrong?"

The blonde Uzumaki shook his head and saw the concerned look in his lover's eyes. Giving her an assuring smile he spoke gently to her.

"I'm okay Shion-Chan I was just surprised by what you wanted me to do with you tonight that's all. Are you sure you want to try that out though?"

"Yes Naruto-Kun but let us take it slowly since I am new at this."

Nodding to her he got up off the bed and formed the hand signs for his signature jutsu and called it out.


Two clones of Naruto appeared standing beside him who was naked as well. Naruto looked to Shion with a questioning look on how they should start this.

Understanding her lover's silent question she motioned for him to come over which he did. Standing next to him she began kissing him passionately while stroking his cock causing him to moan before breaking the kiss and spoke to him.

"Lie down on the bed for me Naruto-Kun."

Following his wife's instructions he laid calmly on the bed before she crawled next to him before she moved her legs over him, placing her hands on his well muscled chest with Naruto holding his arms up helping steadying her over him.

She then lowered herself onto his hard cock slowly taking it into her pussy until she was completely straddling her husband. Shion then gestured for one of the clones to come over while pointing to her ass.

The clone nodded walking over to his creator's wife standing behind her. He then took his manhood to and slowly entered into Shion's ass causing her to give off a small hiss of pain. Stopping from going further Naruto's clone wondered if she was going to change her mind about this before seeing her turning her head to him.

"I-I'm all right, please keep going."

Looking over to his creator for his opinion Naruto nodded silently to his clone for him to continue on Shion. Taking a deep breath the clone continued his insertion of his manhood into Shion's ass until it was fully in.

The blonde priestess shuddered from the new experience she was feeling as she had never done anything like this before in her life. She was taking calm deep breaths to help her relax more and then looked down at Naruto to see the concern in his eyes and smiled gently.

"Don't worry Naruto-Kun, I can keep going just please be gentle with me."

"Okay Shion-Chan but please let me know when you want to stop all right?"

"I understand Naruto-Kun; now please call the other clone over to me."

Nodding to his lover he gestured for the last clone to make its way over to him. The second clone went over and stood in front of Shion with his cock in front of her face. Before starting the blonde Uzumaki looked to his lover for one final question.

"Are you ready to do this Shion-Chan?"

"Yes Naruto-Kun I am."

Nodding to his other clone, the Kage Bushin slowly stuck his manhood into Shion's mouth who began to suck on it in a slow and sensual pace. The other Kage Bushin that had its manhood in her ass started to thrust in slowly as not to hurt her and make sure she was comfortable with it to start.

Shion started to moan in pleasure as she slowly but surely was getting used to the new experience she was feeling from her lover and began to ride on top of his cock that was in her pussy. Naruto groaned in absolute bliss and began thrusting upwards slowly as to make sure she didn't choke from the blow job she was giving his clone.

After about a minute or so of Naruto and his clones began to pick up the speed, each of them thrusting their dick's in the blonde priestess who was in absolute bliss and delight of going through what she had fantasized with her lover. Naruto and his clones began to feel their orgasms approaching very soon after a couple of minutes and let his lover know that he was going to cum.


Hearing her lover's voice Shion gave Naruto a slight pinch on his shoulder to let him know she had heard him and was getting ready for it. For what felt like an eternity when it was only a minute Naruto released his seed into her and his clones came as well all three letting out a cry of delight.


Naruto came into his wife's pussy while his Kage Bushin shot their seeds in Shion's ass and her mouth, the blonde priestess letting off a muffled moan of pleasure. Soon the two clones burst into smoke after their orgasms leaving the two blondes alone.

Shion swallowed the cum in her mouth taking in deep breaths before collapsing on top of Naruto hugging him tightly from the intense love making they had performed. Both were breathing heavily and looked to each other with loving eyes and it was Naruto who broke the silence.

"So how was it Shion-Chan?"

"I will admit I was nervous about going through with it but I'm glad I was able to handle it. Thank you for giving me my fantasy Naruto-Kun."

"Anything for you and the rest of my hime's Shion-Chan."

Shion then gave Naruto an impish smile.

"Just please don't let Jiraiya-Sama find out about this."

"Believe me if Ero-Sennin knows what's good for him, he WON'T be putting any of this in his books since I beat the crap out of him before for spying on me, Hinata-Chan, and Koyuki-Chan."

The End

Author's Note

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Not only that but he go's making Sasuke's gay ass look good while Naruto, who is supposed to be the main character, look like a jackass! Then the latest chapter in the manga Obito is all of a sudden feeling horrible and is going to be a good guy? Really Kishimoto stop trying to make us feel sympathy for every villain in the series as Obito doesn't even deserve it after all the bullshit he pulled. Same with Sasuke since that bastard better not get off scot free with what he's done!

Yes I am still pissed that Kishimoto hasn't done anything about Anko and Kabuto, along with Tenzo. I'm even more pissed off that both of Ino and Shikamaru's fathers were killed off along with Neji, Ao, and Mabui. I hope that Inochi, Shikaku, Neji, Jiraiya, and those who were killed during the war will be brought back to life, and once again if Kishimoto kills off Anko or anyone else I care for I will so kick his ass and curse him to his very grave.

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To be honest I don't know why people pair Naruto with her as I don't know what would make them click together to make them a couple. Don't get me wrong it's not a bad pairing but I do like Neji/Ten-Ten pairings better but that's just me. The only time I don't like Naruto and Ten-Ten pairings is with Ten-Ten falling in love with Naruto for no reason at all or because he has some incredible rare weapon. Another thing is I would like to see Ten-Ten developed better as a character since Kishimoto never does that with anyone in Naruto since he makes too many damn characters.

Hell if anything Ten-Ten would make an excellent medical ninja and it would have been nice to see what kind of nature affinity she possessed in the series along with the other characters of Naruto. I read about that lame ass episode in Naruto Shippuden which was episode 237. Come on now if Sakura and Ino who happen to have been the weakest kunoichi in the beginning of the series can do medical jutsu than so could Ten-Ten but then again since she wasn't an Uchiha fan-girl Kishimoto had to be a douchebag. All in all I like to see on what would make this pairing work in fan fiction.


I will be honest as I don't like Temari too much because of how she was in the beginning and she was a total self-absorbed bitch. Especially after what she did to Ten-Ten and her attitude rubbed me off the wrong way but then again after learning of what her father done to her brother Gaara I guess I can see on why she acted the way she did though she is rather arrogant at times. I could say it was because she had Gaara around since no one could touch him or her for that matter but she has shown to be a badass kunoichi in the series so I can't complain.

And while I like Shikamaru/Temari pairings I will on a few occasions read ones like this because Temari is thankful to Naruto for helping Gaara when he was once a heartless killer and understood what he went through since both of are Jinchuriki.


Here we have another character that I wished was developed more in the Naruto series since she had lost her lover during the Chunin Exams. I will be honest I wish that Baki was killed for what he did to Hayate or Kishimoto could have at least giving her some closure and more screen time in both the manga and anime. I mean come even Naruto could have helped her out somehow if there was a chapter on her about to kill Baki or something in the series. But I'm getting off topic.

Reason I feel neutral about this pairing is because I do like reading Yugao/Hayate pairings and I wish he wasn't killed off so soon in the series. But I often wonder what would make this kind of pairing work and why people do it? I guess in a way Naruto's personality would help bring life back to Yugao after losing someone close to her. While it is true she is a couple years older than Naruto he is now considered an adult after earning his Hitai-ate since he can kill for the village. This also includes him being able to indulge in adult enjoyments such as alcohol, gambling, smoking, and even sexual pleasure. It doesn't hurt that Yugao is very beautiful and she deserves some happiness be it from Hayate or even Naruto.

And now for the next person I am neutral toward about pairing with Naruto and there will be two other characters I will mention next time.


I will not lie Kurenai is one of the most beautiful kunoichi in Konoha besides Anko, Shizune, Yugao, Hinata, and Hana. Though to be honest I do like seeing her being paired with either Asuma or Kakashi but I do wonder on why people do pair Naruto with her?

Maybe it is because Naruto helped Hinata during the Chunin Exams in giving her confidence against Neji and she must have been impressed her in some way. In all honesty I don't know but I guess maybe Naruto has a certain charm with people when he meets them. Once in a great while I'll try and find some pairings with Naruto and Kurenai, but I do love harems.

Well once more I wish to say thank you to everyone who has reviewed this story and favored it. As for the idea of Naruto using his Kage Bushin with Shion this was tough to write as I have never wrote something like this before so I hope it was to everyone's liking. If not then oh well.

Till next time everyone.