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I knew what I had to do.

Someone with a pure heart had to die in order to stop the immortal army destroying Camelot. I wasn't arrogant enough to believe that I was pure of heart but ever since I'd talked to Gaius last night about what it would take to kill the army I could recall the dragon telling me time and again when I'd go down to see him how I must have such a pure heart to be so kind. Maybe he had known all along that it would be my destiny to die so the two boys I loved could continue with theirs. Just the idea that he could have known from that very first meeting hurt, even though it wouldn't have changed what I was about to do. I wouldn't, couldn't regret a single second of the time I had shared with Arthur. Those secret moments we had shared in corridors, stolen looks across the crowded courtroom and those beautiful moments when we'd ridden off into the woods where we could finally be together. It just would have been nice to know how little time I had had left on Earth so I could have appreciated it all a bit more.

I sighed sadly as I made my way into the castle through the servant's entrance. I proceeded carefully as I had to find my way to the throne room without being spotted by one of the sprawling army; they had instructions to shoot me on sight and the person who killed me had to be the one who cast the spell in the first place, my once friend: Morgana. Tears clogged my throat and burned my eyes as I thought of all the things that I was forfeiting for Camelot but I refused to let a single tear fall. I wouldn't give Morgana the satisfaction of seeing me cry. But I still thought of all those I was leaving behind: I would never see my Mother again, never help Gwain out after a disastrous pub outing, never moan at my brother for leaving his side of our room in a complete tip, help Gaius cook dinner for the three of them or laugh with Gwen as we sorted through Morgana's extensive wardrobe- wishing we owned some of those beautiful flowing dresses and daring each other to try on the brightly coloured silks. But the worst thing was knowing that I would never see Arthur again. How hard we'd fought to be together was all for nothing.

"I love you, Arthur." I whispered as I threw open the throne room doors and walked towards my destiny.