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Neviah watched the male tailless pick up the long-claw-that-flies she had shot. Though she was a wolf, she could do tailless things like that.

Neviah didn't want to hurt the taillesses, but they had to respect her pack's territory. Why didn't they pay attention to the scent lines her pack had marked? Just in time, Neviah noticed the tailless looking up in her direction. Quickly, she leaped out of the tree and ran back to the den.

Once she arrived, she was tackled by two excited balls of fur. Neviah laughed as warm, pink tongues drenched her face. She gently pushed the two cubs off her and stood up. Since the boisterous greeting was over, Neviah had time to talk with her pack-sister.

The cream-coated she-wolf wagged her tail in greeting. Her muzzle was coated in elk blood, so she had obviously made a kill. She padded towards the two cubs, sicked up some elk meat, then went back and sat beside Neviah.

Lightpelt, the she-wolf, must have sensed the disappointment clouding Neviah's mind. What is it? she asked.

The male tailless knows I was there. Neviah replied. He and his pack might chase us out of our territory, and with three cubs… Neviah slumped down on a rock and buried her face in her forepaws.

Lightpelt laid her head on Neviah's hind leg. Don't feel bad. You will always have your pack.

Neviah smiled and picked up a stick with her forepaws. The white cub with black paws, Blackpaw, was curiously batting a cricket. The reddish-brown cub, Sharpfang, was gnawing on an old deer bone. Neviah yipped to get their attention, and then held up the stick. Both cubs' ears were perked and their tails were wagging.

Soon, Neviah was being chased around the clearing, only barely able to outrun the cubs on two paws. Sharpfang leaped and snapped at the stick, while clever Blackpaw managed to run faster and knock into Neviah's hind legs. Neviah's hind legs collapsed from under her and Blackpaw snatched the stick out of her forepaw. She laughed as the pup showed off, throwing the stick into the air, and then leaping to catch it again.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a sleepy-looking tailless cub drowsily coming out of the den, rubbing her eyes with tiny forepaws. Her shoulder-length, brown and gold head fur was messy and stuck up in some places. Neviah picked up the tailless cub in her forepaws and let her sit on her hind legs.

Hello, little one. she softly greeted. The cub, Mingan, smiled.

How is the young one? Lightpelt asked.

Mingan? Neviah absentmindedly responded. Fine. Why?

Travel. Lightpelt simply replied.

Neviah helped Mingan into the overpelt taillesses wore, when the breeze changed, blowing towards them. Lightpelt stiffened and growled at something in the bushes. Neviah turned just in time to see a figure running in the direction of the tailless camp.

In its forepaw was a long-claw-that-flies.

Neviah was appalled. Was the tailless planning to kill her pack? Neviah pelted after the tailless with Mingan on her back. Though Neviah was slower than the rest of her pack, as she ran on two hind paws, she was still very fast.

The tailless, she saw, was the female. Her red head fur flew behind her as she ran, yelping, through the forest.

Oh no, Renn! What have you gotten yourself into? Will Renn be attacked by Neviah's pack? Will Neviah find out the truth about the "invading pack"? Will Torak stop being useless and help Renn? Find out next chapter!

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