Hey guys! So, I am still working on Christmas, Contempt, and Compassion…no worries, it's not over! Anyway, I still wanted to work on another really stupid story! Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own anything in this story…except for the song! I actually do own that!

When We Get Together…

Soda's POV:

Glory, was today an insane day! First, I wake up to find Ponyboy drooling on my fingers, like they're some kind of teething ring, and when I tried to pry his teeth off of me, he bit me! Now I have this abnormal-looking gash on my fingers that looks like some rabid possum found me and took a nibble outta me! Then, at the DX, the gas station that Steve and I work at, this blimp-resembling woman comes in and buys up our entire supply of Cheetos! When an angry, Cheetos-hungry crowd began to protest, I finally asked the lady if she could spare a couple bags for the other customers. Then, she went on a rampage about how her husband had a rare syndrome that inquired him to eat cheesy snacks all day and I told her that that story was a load of crap. She flung a bottle of Clorox out of her pocket, who knows why she had that in there in the first place, and dumped it on the cash register, making it burst into flames! She finally left and we fixed the register, but that wasn't the worst part of today. Worst of all, as I was walking home, this huge snowball, thrown from a distance by a Soc, hit me and landed in my pants! Cold, hurt, and tired, I just wanted to go home to a normal night and relax.

I found out real quickly that that wasn't gonna happen. As I stepped through the door, a dodgeball passed my head, almost hitting me and possibly giving me an undeserved concussion. I looked at the players of this indoor dodgeball game: Steve and of course, Dallas. I passed Dally and Steve a dirty look and all I got in response was an "innocent" smile and wave from Dally and I didn't even get a look from Steve, he was just sucking down a box of cupcakes like they were going out of style! I rolled my eyes and went into the kitchen to see if Darry was aware of the possible injury that could happen here. As I walked into the kitchen, the overpowering smell of churros almost made me throw up as I looked over at Darry…oh my gosh…what was he doing? He had a ukulele in one hand and a windshield wiper in the other. I decided that I didn't even want to know, but I wanted to tell him about the dodgeball issue.

"Darry, ummm…I somewhat understand that you're busy, but Dally and Steve are going crazy and throwing…"

"OOMPH!" was all we heard from the staircase and also a couple of gasps for air.

"What was that!" Darry yelled and went to the staircase to find Ponyboy lying on the ground with huge cat-like eyes and the dodgeball on his stomach.

"Guys, what the heck happened?" Darry yelled while dragging Pony off the floor and throwing the dodgeball at Dally.

"Watch it, pal," Dally stated while dodging the dodgeball…hmmm…that sounds funny.

"We were just having a little game of dodgeball," Steve said, finally replying to Darry's question.

"And you hit Ponyboy? Don't you two ever use your heads? Hmmm…that sounds odd not saying it to Ponyboy for once."

Darry looked pretty annoyed after that because Dally and Steve were both snickering at the fact of hurting Ponyboy, so Darry grabbed the dodgeball, the one that he flung at Dally's cranium, and threw it into the basement. Now, you may think everything was okay after that, but the dodgeball hit Two-Bit's beer case and it cracked, spilling the beer everywhere.

"WHY? WHY DID YOU HAVE TO GO! SO YOUNG!" Two-Bit bawled, which was a little too dramatic for my taste. We finally calmed him on by promising to put on Mickey Mouse, but the only thing that was on was this cheesy kids' show called Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. We almost turned the TV off, but Two-Bit insisted on watching that garbage, so we let him. Then, the theme song came on:


It's the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,

Come inside its fun inside

Two-Bit was bouncing up and down excitedly on the couch, but Dallas decided to change up the lyrics and have a little fun of his own.


It's the Mickey Mouse Outhouse,

Come inside it stinks inside

We all cracked up and Johnny, who doesn't talk much and was drinking Pepsi at the time, spit it out in projectile formation, hitting an emotionally-scarred Two-Bit in the face! We all laughed even more and Steve added in some commentary.

"Hey, I bet if you go inside the M.M. Outhouse, you'll find some squirrel curls instead of paints!"

We all busted out laughing again and Two-Bit left the room sobbing, but it was hilarious! Oh, for all of you who haven't picked up on what "squirrel curls" are…they're squirrel turds. We were having fun until we saw something unbelievable…too unbelievable.