I ran within the forest, loving the way the wind felt as it combed through my thick fur. I still couldn't get over being a werewolf. Even though my pack brothers and sister hated everything about it, I loved the fact that I could shift whenever I felt like it, into a great and powerful beast.

But I was one of a kind. Thanks to my defected mind, I was the only member of the pack that could decide if I wanted the others to listen to my private thoughts. Usually Sam demands me to keep my mind open, but I guess he was preoccupied at the moment. As I ran, I tried to ignore the multiple people complaining about how long they had been waiting for me. Too bad the defect only works one way.

It wasn't my fault. Unfortunately my alarm clock decided today was a perfect day to quit working, so as a result I was late for a very important meeting and was most likely going to get berated about it by Sam.

I turned my guard back on and continued to my destination, which wasn't much further, where the pack was waiting. Supposedly a group of "veggie" vampires, the Cullens, were moving back into town after a long period of time away. We had to meet with them to go back over the treaty that they made with our ancestors, and transmit our expectations to them. Basically this conversation was going to be, stick to your animal diet or we will kill you. I rolled my eyes at that thought. We should just try and get along.

Once I broke through the trees and into the big clearing, I instantly made eye contact with an angry Sam, who turned his gaze back to the seven vampires who were standing across from him. Sam was the only one in his human form, which I'm guessing was so he could communicate with the vamps.

I walked over to them and took my place next to Seth because he was the second to the last wolf to join the pack, me being the last. I hated the ranking system. After a brief nod to Seth, I turned my attention to the people across the field.

I took in the appearance and expressions of the seven vampires. All of them were unnaturally beautiful. The eldest looking male had bright blond hair and very chiseled features, along with a look of authority. Next to him stood a caramel haired woman, who seemed very motherly and kind. To her right was a huge, burly man with short, brown hair and a somewhat childish expression. He had his arm around a gorgeous blonde who looked completely disgusted. The next couple was a man with curly, dirty blonde hair and a very petite girl who had short, black hair that stuck out at every direction. The blonde male seemed to be very protective looking, while the pixie was indifferent. I finally turned my attention to the last member of this coven. His hair was a startling bronze that seemed to be messy, but in a perfect way. I raked my eyes down his somewhat muscular body, then back up to his face. After looking at his chisled jaw line and the planes of his angular face, my eyes finally set on his. I guess he felt my gaze, because his golden eyes met my brown ones.

With one look my world fell away. The steel cables that once held me down to earth were broken and replaced with this beautiful creature.

I, Isabella Marie Swan, have imprinted upon my enemy. A vampire.