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By the time the occupants of the car reached the door that entered the house, I was about to have a full-fledged panic attack. My heart was racing and my breathing was erratic not to mention the fact that my whole body was shaking.

"Are you sure you are up to meeting them now? We can wait a while longer and let you become more accustomed to being around vampires," Esme said, noticing the state of my being.

I took several deep breaths which didn't help because at that moment footsteps of multiple people reached my ears, and the whole panicking process started again.

"How about a couple of them just introduce themselves at a time that way it's not so overwhelming. Will that work better?" The maternal vampire asked.

I nodded my head while continuing to lower my panic and anxiety.

"Wonderful. Emmett and Rosalie, why don't you guys come and introduce yourselves?"

Two gorgeous people walked in holding hands. The very large vampire that I noticed that day in the clearing along with, who seemed to be, his blond and beautiful counterpart. The burly one wore a huge grin while the blond looked to hold absolute disdain towards me.

"Hi! I'm Emmett. How's it going?" The large one asked while holding a hand out to shake.

I reached my hand forward hesitantly to grasp his much bigger one. I slightly winced in pain when he squeezed my hand, but after realizing he was just testing me, I squeezed back as hard as I could and noticed his eyes tighten slightly in discomfort.

"It's nice to meet you," I replied evenly.

"Wow you don't smell nearly as bad as all those other guys. Oh yeah, this here is my girl Rose," He said while pointing to the blond. "Don't mind her. She just hasn't hung around a shifter before so she's a little… uh wary."

The blond lifted her head slightly in contempt and said one word in acknowledgment, "Mutt".

"Rosalie, please show a bit more hospitality to our guest," Esme chastised.

"Uh nice to meet you too," I replied with discomfort.

"Okay then," Esme stated, "Why don't you guys go hang out for a while and we'll have Alice and Jasper come in to meet Bella."

Emmett nodded and pulled Rosalie back towards the doorway leading into what I assumed was the living room area. As they walked out, the next two vampires stepped in. I tensed up slightly when my eyes caught all of the scars littering up and down the blond male's body, but instantly calmed down for some strange reason. It felt like a sort of tidal wave of emotion coming over me and I immediately pushed back against it. The blond vampire, who I now realized was probably Jasper, raised his eyebrows in surprise and stepped back slightly. The small female who I was assuming was Alice also looked relatively shocked with the outcome.

"Hi," The female stepped forward, "I'm Alice. It's nice so wonderful to meet you."

"Yeah you too," I replied, still slightly confused with what the hell happened just moments before.

I looked to Jasper next. He just waved slightly with a puzzled expression marring his face so I waved back with equal awkwardness.

Esme looked between us all, just as confused. "Alright. You guys can go. Edward why don't you come in."

My breath caught in my throat, and my once calm heart immediately sped up. Edward strode into the kitchen, and I thought I was going to pass out.

"Hello. It's a pleasure to meet you," He stated while holding out his hand.

I stepped forward to place my hand in his. As soon as I did, sparks of electricity shot up my arm and I gasped in surprise. Edward looked equally as shocked. He and I stood with our hands grasped together for several moments. I heard a throat clear which prompted me to release Edward's hand and distance myself from him slightly.

"Well now that we've all become acquainted with each other, why don't we go gather in the living room and get to know each other a bit better," Esme stated. I knew by her tone and facial expression that this was code for finding out why the hell I was all by myself on their land so I just nodded my head and followed them into the other room, feeling extremely overwhelmed.

After everyone settled onto a couch or loveseat, I awkwardly stood standing looking for a spot to seat myself. Esme must have noticed my hesitance and pointed to an armchair that was placed opposite of the large couch that Alice, Jasper, and Edward were perched on. To my right, Emmett and Rosalie were sitting close to each other on a loveseat while Esme was sitting on another armchair to the left of the couch.

My eyes drifted over to Edward. He looked very pensive, and slightly uncomfortable. He must have felt my eyes on him because he lifted his gaze to mine. We held eye contact for a brief time before the clearing of a throat, once again, interrupted us. I turned my head towards to Esme to focus my attention on what was currently happening.

"I'm sure we are all wondering how you came to be on our land. It was my understanding that the treaty stated we each stay on our own land to prevent any sort of conflict." She must have noticed my somewhat terrified look and quickly tried to reassure me. "No it's okay. We aren't mad because it's clear that you mean us no harm. We are just very confused."

I took a deep breath in, but winced when I was reminded that my side was still injured. With my hand pressed into my side, I tried to think of a way out of this. Unfortunately, my only options were telling the truth or trying to run away. The latter probably wouldn't work seeing as my side felt like it was on fire. I guess it's truth time.

"Well, I um was kicked off the reservation," I started, "because of uh reasons…?" I finished lamely.

"What the hell did you do to get kicked off the res? Did ya kill somebody or something?" Emmett asked with a childish grin.

"No no, nothing like that. Um my alpha, Sam, wasn't happy with my life choices I guess you could say."

"What? Are you like a drug addict or something?" Emmett continued.

"Emmett, let her explain," Esme scolded.

"No I haven't killed anyone nor do I do drugs," I responded. "I-I imprinted, and Sam didn't like who my imprint is."

"What's an imprint, if you don't mind my asking?" Alice asked curiously.

"Uh an imprint is like a Quileute wolf's soulmate. It's an instant sort of connection. We know a person is our imprint with just a simple eye connection. It's something that's uncontrollable, but also magical."

"Well if it's uncontrollable then why the hell did you get punished for it," Emmett said with irritation.

At this I froze up. I didn't really know how to approach this subject without causing major problems.

"Well, I-I uh, you see its kind o-of complicated, um-"

"Jesus, just spit it out already," Rosalie snapped.

"Rose!" Esme started.

"No, she's right. Sorry. It's just a bit awkward because my imprint is uh in this room," I said hesitantly.

At this, Rosalie literally hissed at me like an angry cat. "It better not be me or Emmett or I will kick your ass right now."

"No no, it's not either of you," I replied with fear.

"Good because he is mine," Rosalie asserted while snuggling into Emmett's side.

I nervously looked towards the couch containing Edward, Alice, and Jasper. Jasper raised his eyebrow expectantly. I shook my head to inform him that he wasn't my imprint in which he responded with a simple head nod.

"So it's either Edward, Esme or me?" Alice asked. "Wait, it's not Esme is it? She's happily been with Carlisle for decades.

I just nodded my head in conformation.

"Well? Get on with it. I'm tired of sitting here. I have better things to do," Rosalie snipped out with irritation.

I looked around the room, taking in everyone's expression. Rosalie obviously looked bored as hell while Emmett actually appeared to be excited. Jasper also seemed to be slightly bored, but didn't voice his opinion unlike Rosalie. Esme just looked downright gleeful which was kind of odd if you ask me. Turning my head towards Edward and Alice, both looked expectant. Edward was wearing his pensive expression once again while Alice was bouncing in her seat.

I took a large breath which was, once again, stupid because my side erupted in pain. God, I'm such a dumbass. I shook my head lightly as if it would clear my thoughts, and looked to the ground. I opened my mouth and muttered, "It's Edward. He's my imprint."


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