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It was impossible to study when ones mind couldn't keep on task.

Oishi had been reading through his textbook, attempting to study for an upcoming exam on spinal injuries, when a photograph of someone bending over backwards reminded him strongly of Eiji.

Eiji, who he had not seen in a few months. Eiji who he missed. Eiji who he longed to see, touch, taste..

He groaned. It had been going on like this for a few days now. Whenever he thought of Eiji, he would end up incredibly turned on. And for some ridiculous reason, everything was making him think of his boyfriend. His boyfriend, who was back home. A few hours away from him. That he couldn't touch.

Oishi sighed. Closing his textbook, he stood from his chair and made his way over to his bed. Sitting down, he reached over to the bedside table and grabbed his phone, hitting speed dial number two. It was only two, because his phone was preprogrammed for one to lead to his voicemail. He held the phone against his ear and listened to the ringing, dropping himself back so he laid sprawled out on top of his bed. Just when he thought Eiji wasn't going to answer, he heard the line pick up.

"Oishi." Eiji breathed into the phone, sounding out of breath. "Hi."

Oishi smiled to himself. Just hearing Eiji's voice helped. A little bit. "Hey," he replied. "How are you?"

Eiji laughed. "Good! I'm actually taking a bath right now…but I heard your special ring tone on my phone. So I ran for the phone, nya~!"

As if to back up Eiji's statement, Oishi then heard a splash of water. He assumed Eiji had just climbed back into the tub. "…I can call back later if you-"

"No!" Eiji cut him off. "Talk now. How are things at school? I miss you."

Oishi bit his lip. Eiji was taking a bath. A freaking bath! He had called Eiji in hopes of just being able to talk to him, to take his mind off the things it had been thinking about but this… this just made things so much worse. "I'm fine. Just…busy. I've got a test on injuries that can be caused to the spine coming up… You know, you should really be a little bit more careful with some of those flips you do. I don't want you to end up like the people in the book…" Eiji. Flips. Bath…naked. Naked bath flips. He bit back a groan.

If Eiji had heard him, he ignored him. "I am careful, Oishi. You know. I'm good at the flips I do."

At the moment, Oishi was too preoccupied with images of Eiji in his head to properly fight back, as he normally would have done. At any other time, he would have done anything to convince Eiji to be more careful. Anything to keep his partner safe and uninjured. But at the moment, he was busy fighting internally with himself and trying to keep his hand from snaking under the elastic band of his pants. "Yeah."

He heard Eiji snicker before he responded again. "So, what made you call? Not that I'm not super happy and all, it's just if you have a test.. It's a little strange."

Well, he wasn't going to tell him the truth. "…I just missed hearing your voice."

Eiji laughed. "Cheesy. Do you seriously think that after our history together, the things we've been through and what we've done…that I wouldn't be able to tell what kind of mood you're in? You think I can't hear it in your voice, Syuuichiroh?"

Oishi mentally cursed at himself. "Am I that obvious?"Eiji laughed. "Probably not. I just know you better than anyone." Oishi heard a splash in the background, a dead give away Eiji was moving around. "You don't have to hold back, you know. Besides, I'll do it with you!"

Giving in, Oishi allowed his hand to slide under his pants. From now on, this would forever go down in history, between them, as the night Oishi learned phone sex is better than no sex.