Author's Note: This is the shortest thing I've ever written and posted. I wrote it, just like that, liked it. And here you go. It might be all you people will ever get from me. I really don't write much these days, even though I hope that someday I'll have the time and the lust to do it again.

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Jackson/Lisa. Their last moment together, in her father's hallway.


As I Lay Bleeding


My eyes searched for hers. If I could just catch them one last time, if I could make her see me, the real me, make her see that I don't blame her. Maybe ask for her forgiveness.

And our eyes did meet. She held on for longer than I'd ever have hoped for. I was in such agonizing pain and all I wanted to do was sink into that oblivion of blackness that had opened up in the floor beneath me, but I kept my gaze locked with hers, hoping, praying for a sign. But all her eyes expressed were wariness, maybe confusion and, above all, contempt. Not even hate, I could have done with hate because that is a strong feeling and it would have meant that she'd connect me with a strong feeling. But contempt is close to negative disinterest, sister with indifference, like I wasn't worth the trouble.

She looked away. I held on to her face one moment longer, then I let the abyss suck me into its vortex, clouding my consciousness with loud moans and searing pain until my world went black. A black, burning cold, inferno.

She looked away.