've been neglecting this story, and I'm sorry! The hiatus practically killed me, but now that I have beautiful wonderful new Glee episodes to look forward to, I'm feeling so much more inspired! This one is quite short, however, just because I didn't feel like it needed anything more.

Also, I know someone reviewed an earlier chapter saying they were disappointed that nobody was exactly helping Kurt once they found out. I feel ya, believe me. But I don't really want to stray from canon, and honestly, I see a lot of the glee clubbers just ignoring it, thinking it's "not that big of a deal".

Lastly, this chapter is totally and completely dedicated to treppie, who left me a marvelous review on LJ that made me feel all warm and goeey inside. :)

Mike Chang

The thing about Mike Chang was that nobody really noticed him. Before he joined glee, he barely spoke to anyone. He got good grades, he played on the football team, and he hung out with the popular crowd. But he was quiet, and nobody really singled him out for anything. He got through the first two years of high school by following around the older football players. Then he had joined glee, and people actually started to notice him. Rachel complimented his dance moves, Finn clapped him on the back after rehearsal, and Mr. Schue pulled him aside to talk about dance scholarships. But as soon as he stepped outside of that choir room, he was invisible again.

The thing about being invisible is that you often overhear things you shouldn't. Mike had been walking past the teachers' lounge when Ms. Pillsbury screamed at his choir teacher for being a slut. He had overheard enough of Coach Sylvester's schemes that he forever vowed to stay at least thirty feet away from her. But he never heard anything atypical of high school drama and teachers' problems. Until one Tuesday, when he bent down to tie his shoe underneath the main staircase.

He had just barely knelt down when he heard an unfamiliar voice call out, "Excuse me?"

He looked around for a moment, but didn't see anyone who appeared to be addressing him. Then he heard another voice, one he was quite familiar with, thanks to the locker room.

"Hey lady boys. This your boyfriend, Kurt?"


Mike glanced up, taking notice of the three boys on the landing above. Karofsky appeared to be ignoring the other two, but Kurt and some kid in a dorky blazer walked after him.

"Kurt and I would like to talk to you about something," said the preppy boy.

"I gotta go to class."

Shit, dudes, get outta there.

"Kurt told me what you did."

Wait, what?

"Oh yeah, what's that?"

"You kissed me."

Mike rose so fast he nearly slammed into the wall.

"I don't know what you're talking about."

The boy Mike didn't know was saying something else now, but Mike was craning to look upward, watching Karofsky. If this got too intense, he'd definitely have to break in. No way in hell was he gonna let Karofsky hit Kurt when he had the chance to stop it. But then Karofsky shoved at the blazered guy, grunting.

"Do not mess with me!"

Kurt shoved him away, and Karofsky stormed down the stairs. Mike had to jump back a few feet to avoid becoming an Asian pancake. Karofsky didn't even glance at him, but Mike could see the panic in his face. He looked back up at the stairs, but Kurt had disappeared. The other kid was still leaning up against the wall, but he soon disappeared from sight.

Mike leans back against the tile, jaw open. He had never thought Dave Karofsky, of all people, would be gay. But then, the dude never had a girlfriend. In fact, Mike didn't think he'd ever seen Karofsky even look at a girl with interest. He can't believe he didn't catch on sooner. He hadn't even thought twice when Kurt had skipped the after-school glee practice yesterday, even though he had been totally fine when the girls performed during lunch period. He hadn't even wondered why Karofsky's vendetta against Kurt had grown so much since last year. And now, as he thought back, he couldn't believe he hadn't noticed. But then, Kurt's been keeping to himself the past few months, and he and Mike had never been close.

He's still leaning against the wall when blazer-boy struts down the stairs, followed closely by Kurt, who's clutching his back with white knuckles, but still has a hesitant smile on his face. And Mike figures that maybe he'll be ok. He's got Mercedes, and he's got Finn and his dad and Carole, and the rest of glee club, and now this new kid. Mike doesn't really feel like it's his place to say anything, anyway. The two were civil, but they weren't exactly friends. So he'll keep an eye on Karofsky, maybe give Finn a heads-up if he does anything else.

It's really all he can do, anyway.