It's been a year since I've written this story which means... IT'S CHRISTMAS AGAIN!

And with Christmas comes another Christmas countdown, this time for the Harry Potter fandom.

Nico: Oh, good. So does that mean you won't torture me anymore?

Me: Hmmm... Heroes of Olympus... the possibilities.

Nico: Don't do that. You're scaring me.

So head on over to my profile page and check out my Christmas story, called "'Tis the Season to be Random" (for lack of a better name). Please? I'll love you forever if you do.

Percy: Can I have a new raincoat?

Me: Um... why?

Percy: I lost the one you gave me last year, and now I'll get wet if it rains.

Me: Okaaay.


Me: Yeah, this is awkward. I'm going now. *walks away* Who has the fruitcake from last year? I need it in my new story!