Wildfire On The Loose

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"Your mom has definitely changed since everything happening. The racing board incident did something to your mom." Jesse was saying to Matt. "it just doesn't seem like her to do something this drastic to Raintree. Is she really giving up racing and everything she loved for a dude ranch?"
"To say the least, if this is what I was planning on doing with my life then you are completely wrong. This is just not right and I know it. But mom is having a hard time getting over everything that has happened lately. I have been working on it, but it is so hard. She is so distant lately. I can't get her to listen. Maybe she will listen to you. I can't get her to hear me out. You always seemed persuasive."
"Kid, this is a lot. I don't think I can persuasive her. She is so different. In a rut. I want to help but I don't even know if I could."
"Jesse we've got to do something. Anything. I don't care what but something must be done. Maybe Junior could help. I'll go talk to him.

Somewhere out in Colorado.

The smell of the dust was in the air. All Kris could smell was that bitter smell. It always tickled her nose when it wafted past. "ACHOO!" Ugh. She thought. This is so gross. I wonder whom I'm racing today. Hopefully someone with a tad speed and talent in them. she pulled on clothes that didn't slow her down much. There weren't many options but she had a few pieces that worked. She grabbed her helmet and was out the door. She locked the hotel door and walked towards her transportation. She went first to the diner. Knowing that it would be good to get some nutrition in her before her race. She loved racing more than anything but out in the desert it was hard to find great riders. But she did find tons of races. But she did miss the tracks, grass, and Raintree. But mostly wildfire. Wildfire defined her, Raintree did. She missed life there. She missed everything about it. Even Matt. It was hard thinking about matt, he was so sweet. She thought that she might have loved him. But she destroyed everything. That match race with Jillian was the worst decision she could have made. She lost her racing license. But saved Raintree. Let them keep on breeding racehorses. She saved it even though she had to leave. So she had to leave that entire life behind. "Hello darlin'. How are you today? You seem as though something is going on. "
"Hi. Well I guess I am okay. Not so bad. I have a race set up. I just hope this person isn't a joke like the last few people. I want a challenge." All that was somewhat true. At least the point of wanting a challenge. She didn't want to get rusty at racing.
"I know you mean that when you say it. You need a challenge. Not someone weak so that you have to pull back. You want to give it your all"
"Yes I do. I want to race. I better go though. See you later."
"Good luck!" she yelled before the door slammed shut.

At Davis Farms.

"Junior? You here?" Matt yelled in the stalls. Hoping to see junior there. But it seemed deserted except for the horses. He walked over to wildfires stall and saw that same and loving horse that he loved. He saw Kris every time he looked in wildfires eyes. Things were just not right. He patted wildfire and left wildfire. He decided best thing to do was go to the main house. Ugh. I hate that house. But he's got to be in there. He knocked on the door but it opened at the touch of his fist. "Junior! You here?"
"Matt? What are you doing here? And how'd you get into my house?" Junior seemed a tad agitated. He always did.
"You don't need to be so rude. I was just hoping you were here. You are my best friend."
"Yeah. I know. What do you need?"
"Jesse is back."
"Wow. What has it been a year?"
"Probably. I don't even know anymore. But he was just as appalled as me about the dude ranch. We want to help my mom remember what she loves. But it is difficult. She won't even listen to me. I just need to figure out how to fix everything."
"Yikes. Well your mom is really hard to make listen. But everything with the match race and Kris and Jillian really screwed up your mom. Kris hurt your mom because your mom felt her as her own kid. She didn't just let her work or you but she accepted her into your home. She let her get close. That puts a lot of pain in your mom. She holds grudges easily. So I don't know what to tell you."
"I need something. I need to fix things."
"What the hell do you want me to do about it? It isn't my problem. What do you think you can do! Go back in time so that you can change everything that happened with Kris! Huh! You can't get rid of what happened! Kris did what she did. She chose to do the match race! She chose to take the money. Hell it is something that you can't change!"
"Why is it something that you can't try and fix? It is just as much as your fault as anyone else's."
"How am I to blame for this! I did nothing! You did nothing. This is all Kris. It is between her and your mother. You can't just fix things because you don't like the way things are going lately. Try and figure out things yourself. Or just leave everything be and start accepting your mom's decision with the dude ranch."
"You are supposed to be my friend. You are supposed to try and help me. Not try and tear me down. And yes Kris did that but she did it to save Raintree. She saved it. My mom was glad for that. My mom has the chance to still breed racehorses. But she won't. We could still be racing. And I need to make her believe it. I need her to still remember what she loves. She loves it as much as me. It is in her blood. Just like me. And my grandfather. Jesse too. But she is losing hope. She is forgetting what she loves. How about you act as a friend. And support me. Get my mom back to what she loves. Jeez. You are a lousy and pathetic type of friend." He gets up and slams the door.
Junior heard the door slam and goes across the room. He went to the kitchen and there is Dani sitting on the kitchen table. "Jeez, Junior. What was that all about?"
"Just Matt. I don't know what his problem is. But he won't stop."
"Junior. Something was definitely not right. You could hear it in his voice. What is going on? Is it about Kris again? Can't you guys just forget about her? She is unknown lately. The last time anyone heard from her was 6 months ago. There is no way she is coming back. How can you suspect her to come back after being banished by there mom. Kris is not welcome."
"It isn't about Kris, Dani. It is his trying to get Jean to go back to racing at Raintree and get rid of that dude ranch. He wants Jean to remember her love of racing. But I said I wouldn't help."
"Why? Kris and I risked everything. I lost my license and Kris lost the chance to race. They can still race. Why is Jean so tough? Maybe I can help persuasive her. I'll talk to her. But you shouldn't give up on Matt. If this isn't about Kris, then you shouldn't give up on your best friend. He is more important then Kris. Don't just forget what you like. Dad loved this sport just a much Jean-"
"Don't you dare bring dad into this! This has nothing to do with dad. This is that no one can swallow his or her pride. Dad is dead. He raced for money. There is no way he actually could love racing for racing. He loved money. Nothing else. He had no friends."
"You don't even know dad. Dad loved more than just money. Yes he loved the money but he loved us. If he didn't love horses why would he have kept the farm? Him and Jean loved the racing life. You just don't get that. You act as a four year old because you don't care about anything. You have no feelings." She jumped up and grabbed her purse. She walked out just like Matt. She slammed the door and let that sound bounce through the kitchen. She got into her car and drove off. She didn't car where she went she just needed out. At least four miles out of the area she parked and called Matt.
"Matt? It's Dani. Look I overheard you conversation with Junior. I am willing to go and talk with your mom. He might not be a big boy and help but I will. I want to help. She loved racing like my dad."
"Thanks Dani. But I don't even know if anyone can help anymore. My mom isn't listening to anyone. She is being stubborn. The truth is, I know she misses breeding racehorses. She knows it. But she won't admit it. The last 6 months have been really tough. Everything that happened left a permanent mark on my mom. And I have been trying to heal it. But there are no options right now. I have nothing to make my mom believe again. I have to go. Stupid trail. Can't you just make someone else do it?" He hangs up the phone. Hoping that she didn't hear the end. It was all supposed to be under his breath.
Dani knew it was her turn to try and help if Junior was so incapable. She put her can into drive and made a sharp u-turn and headed towards Raintree. Maybe it was a mistake to try and meddle with Jean but she didn't get it. Jean was someone that Dani looked up to. Jean loved the racing and horses but needed to be reminded.

Flashback 6 months ago

"I'll give back the money!" Kris spoke.
"It won't be enough," explained the representative from the racing board. "Non-reported match races are forbidden. They are a huge violation. Consequences cannot be small."
"Fine..." Long pause. She breathed in and spoke "I'll give up my racing license to take the blame. Raintree won't be penalized. I will."
"I'll give up my license to treat horses too. For Davis farms mistake in it. Don't blame Raintree and Davis farms."
Dani added. Junior looked over at Dani amazed at what she just did. But before he could speak Matt interrupted. "Kris don't do this. You love racing! Dani, you love them too! You are a great treated."
"I have to do this Matt. Dani didn't have to but she did. I will risk it for Raintree. I love Raintree. It has been a true home for me, which I haven't had in years. Jean gave me chances and believed in me and I did turn my life around. Well at least I thought. I screw up. That is who I am. I will take the blame because it is who I am. I am a big girl Matt. I've been to jail. I am used to this." she looked over to the rep. "Will that do for you? Will Raintree be safe if I do this?"
"It should be okay. But we must consult the president of the racing board. If it is okay then you will be revoked of your license. No more racing. You will be done."
"Fine. See that it gets to the president then. Here's the money. Jean I saved you. You are fine. Safe."
"Thank you Kris. But you can't be welcome anymore. I don't think that you being here is a good idea anymore."
"Mom! Why? She saved Raintree."
"Yeah, but she risked us losing everything. We could have lost more. Kris has made some bad decisions."
"So have you mom! Everyone has. It is my fault to be with Jillian in the first place. If I just didn't get together with her all this might not have happened. So don't go blaming her for everything." Matt then made a run for Kris. "Kris! Where are you going?" he grabbed her arm before she could escape.
"I'm leaving Matt. I'm not welcome here. Jean kicked me out. She was the only one who believed in me. Cared for me. She kicked me out; I'm not allowed to be here. Pablo was just as mad. He is just as mad. He believed in me from the start."
"I believe in you! You can't leave. I won't let you leave."
"Matt. I have made some bad decisions. I have messed up with everything. I can't be here. Matt. You have let me go."
"No I don't. I won't let you leave. We will talk with my mom and Pablo. I need you here. I love you Kris. We can still work things out. We can be together."
"Things can't be worked out. You don't deserve to be with me. You need to be with someone that hasn't made all kinds of mistakes. Find someone who can not screw up everything."
"You can't leave. What about me? What about Wildfire?"
"I will miss him. Even you. But I can't be around anymore. Just let me go."
"No Kris."
"Please." a tear shed from her eye. "Please.".
"Kris." he said but she shed another and was trying to not look at him. He started loosening his hold on her. She pulled her arm free and started to walk away.
"Goodbye Kris." Matt whispered not even loud enough for a fly to hear.

Outside the Ridder's House

Maybe it was a mistake for Dani to go to see Jean. But she thought it was a good idea. She knocked on the door. It took a minute or so before the door was opened. "Hi Matt. Is your mom here?"

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