A Hag From Hell, and a Undead Bitch

Well, looks I screwed another guy. Yah whatever. His blood was good, but I've seen better bodies. I guess I was kind of evil. But that was just me, Alice, 17 years old, popular, and a sexy vampire. Was I cheerleader, psh no!. Cheerleaders, were just girls who were desperate to become popular, and have hot guys falling over them, like me. They probably, never even given a guy a hand/blow job, more or less had a grinding. They were just desperate.

My "bff" Tracey came, she was a brunette, and a rare one at that. She was quite beautiful for a mortal, infact she was quite beautiful for a brunette. She used to be a cheerleader, but then I taught her. Yah I feel like I've acomplished something. Well she wasnt really my best friend she just thought she was. I was going to let her keep thinking that it was fun to use her anyway. She came up to me and stood next to me, soon we had the whole school, on our heels. Of Course we were in the front. I saw my true best friend Lilly, leaning back against the wall.

Lilly was goth and considered a freak at my school. I used to think so to but then I learned better. Lilly was a zombie. And for all you geeks, freaks, dorks, wierdos, and nerds who don't know what that is, I'll tell you out of the tiny bit of kindness in my heart. A zombie is a creature that comes back from the dead, and is pale white with black or red eyes. They live off of human souls (okay that's a lie, but I'm not in the mood to give you anymore details) , and are freaking awesome. Lilly always wore dark ripped up clothing. Her shirts were always at there lowest possible, and her skirts the highest, and she didnt take shit from anyone. And could talk to me about how fun it was to use people espesically guys. She really was the only thing I felt emotionally attached to. And no I was not lesbo. Yeah she was basically a goth bitch sort of she was really understanding (even if she never showed it to most people), yeah I was just hag from hell.

Well I guess it was time from class considering the bell rang. I'll ditch. There are no hot guys sitting next to me . I only made out with jocks in public aka school... or just for my sexual pleasure. I thought they were losers. They were trying to act all cool, and that just totally ruined there hotness. But it's not like I'm going to spend my time knocking up nerds just because there nice.

Lily ditched class to, well duh she always does. It's not like she had any good reasons to stay in class. We just kind of hung out. Lilly was hiding something from me (and no I can't read minds) she was glancing around a lot that's how I knew.

"Do you have something to tell me?" I asked. She shook her head. "Come on girl spit it out," I demmanded.

"Okay fine I'll tell you," she began. I was listening intentley "I like cupcakes."

My face fell in annoyance. "I'm serious," I said.

"you really want to know?" she asked.

"yeah.. really."

"Okay I like Travis, no jokes" I was a little surprised I mean sure Travis was a hot guy and a jock, and the most popular. But like most guys I still thought he was a loser. Plus he was blonde, and for the record I have nothing against blondes considering I am one, I just wouldn't except a goth to like someone like him.

"I wasn't expecting that," I admitted.

"yeah well.."

"Could you know pick an outfit for me so I feel you know a bit more confident when I ask him out?" I know I said that she was a bitch, but when she liked a guy, she started off kind of shy, (I think.. I've never actually been with her when she liked a guy.. )

"yes," I said smiling a devious smile that showed off my fangs. "We'll go to the mall after school." The school bell rang. Are any hot guys sitting next to me? Oh yeah. Guess I better go to class. "Well I'm going to class," I told her. "You know a hot guy is sitting next to me, don't want to miss a make out session with a hot guy, and I'm positive it isn't Travis, besides I personally think he's gross no offence (Most people thought he was hot I thought he was a retard but you know what.. what ever), yeah well I guess I'll go time to make out with a hot guy."

"Yeah I'll just ditch again."

Fine with me. I walked into class the back of the class, sat down, and started an intense make out session with the guy next to me...

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