The Queen of Sluts and the Hopeless Lovebird

Emma had asked if I wanted to go to Starbucks with her. I said sure because quiet frankly I didn't have anything else to do, and I didn't mind Emma all to much, except for her goodie girl prudness. But then again I had some problem with just about everybody. I walked into Starbucks, Emma ordered a chocolate cappucino, and I ordered some ice tea. I took a sip of the ice tea, God I loved ice tea, it was even better then alcohol. I turned around, and their he was Evan, looking oh so mouth watering. Why did he turn me on? Sure other guys were hot, but the fact was that if they weren't I'd probably just hate everything about them. We sat down at a table. We talked casually and stuff nothing really that exciting. I slowly sipped my ice tea, and soon I found myself lost in Evan once again. I just don't know it was something about him. Maybe it was the fact that he was mysterious (without being too mysterious), he didn't make everything so obvious or clear, he said no because of who I was not because I wasn't hot enough or something. Which is kind of sad, because I have a good personality, behind all the bitchyness. I guess, I don't know . Ugh why did he have to make me so conciense of how I act. Most girls are worried about if the guy will think she looks pretty, me exactly the opposite. And what's screwed up is that I don't even want to kiss him yet. I want him to hold my hand, put his arm around me, give me cute love notes, and all those other lovey dovey things. Yeah me the queen of sluts, not ready to go to first base with a guy. How ironic.

"Hello earth to Alice." Emma said snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Yeah what?"

"You were looking at that guy weren't you?"

"Yeah maybe," I said sheeply.

"Are you staring at his pants to try to figure out how big his penis is?"


"Sure you aren't.." she trailed doubtfully.

"I don't want him like that," I muttered.

"What the queen of sluts, not wanting a guy just for sex," she said in mock shock.


"So what's his name?"

"Evan," I said liking the way it sounded.

"so how long has this crush of yours been going on?"

"a week I think." I had no idea why the fuck I was telling this girl all these things so casually like we'd been best friends for years. Because I normally would have told her to back the hell off. Am I starting to like a human as a friend? God why am I becoming so soft?

yeah I know it's short, but I felt it ended perfectly their, so I know what's going to happen next so I'll probably end up uploading 2 chapters soon. also write a few words to describe alice (besides slutty and bitchy because those are obvious)