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Nina stared out the window why had she felt that way when Yuta said Luna was cute? Yuta always said he wanted to go out with other girls but, sigh, he seemed so sincere.

"Nina, what up"

"Oh Ayo umm… it's nothing"

"I know that face, what is it?"

"Ah, umm" she put her finger to her mouth "I don't understand it myself, so please don't ask."



"We're here."


They had arrived at Tsujiai's summer cabin. Tsujiai and Kaji were all ready there. Nina went inside and changed into her pink and yellow swim suit and Ayo changed into a grey and blue bikini. Nina ran into the ocean with her arms out till she reached ankle depth and then she turned around eyes closed and smiling brightly, hiding her swirling thoughts behind her façade.

She dived in going deeper she was wearing a magic necklace that allowed her to breath under water. She took a deep breath and sank to the bottom of the seafloor. She pulled her knees up and rested her chin on them.

She watched Ayo swim over her.

'Yuta likes Ayo, why does he change who he likes so often?' She thought as she etched words in the sand- Yuta Ayo Luna Love Jerk- she wiped them out angrily, what was wrong with her?

She rubbed her eyes. 'I must be tired' she thought, but she was completely awake.

She jumped breaking out of the sea the sunlight sparkled on the drops of water around her.

Yuta was on the beach watching Nina. He walked into the sea and hugged Ayo. Ayo screamed and pulled away Yuta winked at her. Kaji swam over, he knew that Yuta liked Nina but it's still bothered him that someone was hugging her girl. (Tsujiai didn't know Yuta liked Nina)

Nina looked over hearing her friend screaming. She smiled honestly for the first time since Maya's wedding.

She came over as fast as she could so she stumbled and fell. Right into Yuta's arms Nina felt her cheeks grow warm and cherry red. She glanced up and saw a blush staining his cheeks as well, he set her on her feet.

"Silly Nina, you're such a klutz." Blushing even harder she laughed

"I guess so Yuta." She pushed Yuta under the water, then let him come up sputtering.

She stuck out her tongue and dived under, swimming off.

Ayo and Kaji looked at each other 'What was up with Nina?'

Tsujiai came over

"What's going on?"

"Oh Yuta came." Ayo said, playing it down "He teased Nina so she left."

"Oh hey let's make a sandcastle while we wait for Nina." Said Kaji


"Okay, sounds good."


Yuta and Nina

Nina turned in the cool blue sea letting the quite envelop her. At the sight of Yuta she had felt at peace, but her heart went to fast for comfort. She opened her eyes and saw… Yuta.

She swam away as fast as she could. 'dam that Yuta why'd he follow me?' she mentally whined

"Yuta what are you doing" she said

"Hm, well I can't drown you and I need to get back at you so." He reached out and pulled her close in a kiss.

Nina held on to him withal her might, shocked by what she was feeling, but she couldn't let go. She opened her eyes shaking and looked into his blue/grey/green eyes and said words she never thought she would say, at least not to Yuta.

"I love you." She murmured and in that ocean he let free his suppressed love and kissed her again

"I've loved you since we were three." He admitted and the setting sun went behind them like the final page of their chapter as friends and welcomed their new chapters as lovers.