"Finally." I sighed lying down on my bed closing my eyes. Today had been a long day. First, Chris and I went to the studio to shoot his new music video "Pop prince." Second, we had to avoid that stalker Libby Lamb and her team of snooping reporters almost everywhere we went. Third, Chris preformed at the staples center while I watched backstage. But I knew there would be a consequence by dating a teenage rock star that is admired all around the world. I had come to California for the summer, and was staying with Christopher and his parents. I had my own room right across from Christopher. I felt my eyelids droop, but they flew open when there were three soft knocks on my door.

"Come in," I breathed. The door opened and Christopher walked in. I sat up straight when he took a seat beside me.

"Long day, huh?" He asked. I let out a small laugh.

"That's for sure." I answered placing my hands behind my head. He chuckled and wrapped his arms pulling me closer to him. I rested my head on his shoulder bathing in the bliss of this moment together. He kissed my forehead and then he kissed the bottom of my neck and I sighed in complete happiness. Soon his lips started moving up my neck to the corner of my lips and we shared an everlasting kiss that I could never forget. I felt my cheeks melt as he brought one hand up from my waist and placed it on my cheek. Soon we had to part for air and I was deeply disappointed. I wish we could have gone longer. It was truly hard to believe that I had wanted nothing to do with Christopher a few months ago. It seemed so ridiculous now.

"What's on the agenda for tomorrow rock star?" I asked.

"I'm going to a meeting with my manager and you don't have to come to that so you can stay at the house tomorrow. That okay?" He asked. I felt my heart drop but kept on a smile for him.

"Yeah that's fine. When's your meeting done."

"At 3:30." He sighed. I nodded and placed my head back on his shoulder. Ugh stupid meeting! I thought with sheer hatred.

"I'm sorry that I'm always so busy." He sighed. I looked up at him and found him staring at me with his sky blue eyes. The air caught in my throat till I remembered how to breathe again. I hugged him tight and spoke softly.

"It's not your fault Christopher. No one said that it was going to be easy."

He nodded and we fell asleep in each others arms.


I got up and found a note on my dresser. It was from Christopher addressed to me.

Hey Jess, so I hope you enjoy your free time at the house. I will see you tonight. Stubby will drop by around one to check on you.

Love you with all my heart


I grinned and got dressed, putting on some old faded jeans and a yellow t- shirt. I walked down stairs and got some breakfast. I poured my cereal into a bowl and went to go sit on the coach and watch T.V. Christopher's parents were away on a long awaited vacation in England and wouldn't be back till next week so I was free to be left alone. I watched some stupid soup opera's to pass the time and was about to turn it off when my phone buzzed. I picked it up and looked to see I had gotten a text from Alexis, Christopher's Ex. Wait why do I have her number? It read:

He Jess! Remember me! Yeah so I wanted to hang out, you know girl to girl and all. I thought it would be nice to have a lunch at Café La Boheme. Meet you there at 12:00! Bye!

I stared at the screen in utter shock. Wait what? Why did she want to talk to me? But I decided it was just a friendly invitation. I looked up at the clock and saw the time was 11:30. I quickly wrote Stubby a note just incase I didn't get back at one then I rushed and grabbed my sneakers and my backpack and ran out the front door. I walked on the sidewalk till I found a taxi. He pulled over and I got in and told him where to go.

When we arrived I dug out some cash that I had in my backpack and handed it to the man. He checked to make sure it was all there and then when he confirmed I paid the right amount I hopped out of the vehicle and walked over to a fancy looking building. My phone buzzed again and of course it was Alexis.

Hey Girl, could you meet me near the alley? I want to stay out of the spot light right now no offense; it's just weird being seen with your Ex's girlfriend. One of the waiter's can sneak us in the back way. See ya!

I sighed and walked to the alley near the restaurant and saw no Alexis.

"Alexis?" I called walking in deeper which was really stupid. I was grabbed from behind and a piece of cloth with a strange scent covered my mouth. I screamed but I soon became dizzy and suddenly sleepy. The man began to drag me toward a big van. He tossed me inside and climbed in himself. He shut the door and yelled at another man, the driver, to get us out of here. I looked at each of the men and then blacked out.

Stubby –POV

I walked in to the house to find it silent.

"Yo Jess, you here?" I yelled my voice echoing. No answer. I began to search the house with insane desperation. Oh man Chris is going to kill me! I thought in panic. Then I saw the piece of paper on the counter. I opened it up and it read:

Dear Stubby, Alexis invited me for some lunch. If I'm not back already then I'm running a little late so see you soon!


I looked up appalled. She had gone to lunch with Alexis? Well great I had automatically gotten myself to be the worst best friend in the history of best friends by letting him down. Dang it.


I woke up tied to a poll, my hands tied behind me. A cloth gagged me and I moaned from how stiff my body felt.

"Well, well, well. Looks like the princess is finally awake. You've been quite a sleeping beauty I must add Jessica." A man said emerging from the shadows. His face was twisted up into an ugly grin and he looked like one of those people you should never mess with. He walked over and kicked me in the gut and I let out a yelp from behind the cloth. He laughed and I whimpered in fear. What was going on? He ripped the gag from my mouth and he knelt down his face inches from mine. He had dark black eyes. That was the first thing I noticed along with his shaggy black hair.

"Wow, Christopher really got a good deal." He said in an amused tone. I then realized what was going on.

"You're wasting your time!" I growled. "I won't let him pay any ransom if that's what you're after." He laughed and I froze in shock.

"You, stupid girl. I don't want money." He laughed. "I want revenge. And you are just the way to get it"

"Me?" I squeaked. He nodded and I took a couple of well needed breathers. He watched me and I glared at him using all the viciousness that I had used with Christopher the night we met.

"And what is it you plan to do?" I snapped. He grinned amusingly and my frown deepened.

"Well let's just say he won't see you again." He said in a dangerous tone. I gulped back some of my air and stared at him with horror.

"You're going to kill me?" I croaked with fear.

"Well I'm saving that when he comes to get you."

"What makes you so sure he'll be the only one coming?" I asked.

"Then if the Po-Po come you'll be my ticket out." He said and I knew he had everything planned out. I started to struggle but the ropes where really tight.

"By the way my names Tyler." He said as if it was normal to kidnap people. I scowled at him and he smirked. We sat there in silence and I looked around to check out my surroundings. We were in some kind of warehouse. It was full of crates and I knew we were out of L.A. Why would they keep me there when sooner or later cops would be turning the city upside down?

"How did you get a hold of Alexis's phone?" I asked.

"Hey, I didn't steal it." He said throwing his hands up in defense. "She let me have it. Sure I had to make a threat or two but she can get another one."

"And why do you want revenge on Christopher?"

He laughed and shook his head.

"You'll find that out later Jessica Olson, but for now you my prisoner." Then he took the cloth and tied it around my mouth. I began to squeal and struggle but I was defenseless and weak.

"Joe, Kyle get out here!" He yelled, and two buff dudes came storming in.

"Yes boss?" The tallest one said. He had tan skin and then the other one had pale skin. Tyler glared at them and then pointed to me and I cringed.

"I want you and Kyle to watch her. Got it?" They both nodded and I watched them take spots near me keeping their eyes on me. I glared up at Tyler but he had already left his spot next to me and heading out the door.

"See you later sleeping beauty!" He called. When the door slammed shut I looked over at Kyle and Joe and I had to hold back a sob. Oh Christopher, please help, I thought. Praying to be held by him on more time.

Christopher- POV

I hopped into Sheer and pulled out of the parking space. I got onto the rode when my phone rang. It was Stubby.

"Hey Stubby. How's it going?" I answered grinning to myself.

"Umm hey Chris… Listen I know you're going to hate me but your girlfriend wasn't at the house when I got there. I found a note that said she was going to lunch with Alexis but she never came back! Dude I'm so sorry!" He said apologetically. I froze my fingers tightening its grip on the phone. All the enthusiasm was gone and I felt complete horror.

"What how could she just vanish? Stubby, you were supposed to watch her!" I yelled which was harsh but I was more worried about Jess.

"I know man I'm so sorry." He cried.

"Have you called Alexis?"

"Yeah, but she keeps on rejecting my calls."

"Then I'll come by and pick you up." I breathed. "And will go have a talk with Alexis Bender."

He agreed and hung up the phone. I shut it and threw it onto the seat next to me. God Jess, why couldn't you have stayed at the house like you were suppose to? I thought with worry and stress. The only one with the answers now was my Ex Alexis Bender. Help me lord.

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