Thank you one; thank you all for reading. This fanfic is a collabrative work (of art) written both by myself, FantasticalFantasy, and Space Whales. If you haven't read the other stories by the master of all things whales and space, go do so after you read this.

This story revolves around Lorina, Alice's older sister, and her adventures in Wonderland. The idea is by Space Whales, and Lorina's older cousin, Alysa, by yours truly. Also, get ready for a TON of OC's designed by Space Whales. They're epic. I promise

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Now, it's story time!

A warm summer breeze blew at the pages of Lorina's book, causing her to lose her place in the book. She sighed, and began to flip through the pages to find where she had left off. The fifteen-year-old was lying down in the soft grass under the oak tree near the garden. She was propped up by her elbows, her chin comfortably in her hands as she found the correct place in her book and began to read again. The tree shaded her from the summer sun, but just enough warmth passed through the tree's canopy to provide her and her cousin with the perfect haven to read in. The wind blew Lorina's page away again.

"Maybe I should hold my book down, Alysa," Lorina told her sixteen-year-old cousin, laughing.

Maybe," Alysa replied, "but I think the wind should just learn some manners instead."

Lorina laughed at her cousin's reply. "I guess that's also true. So what book are you reading?" Lorina added, changing the subject.

"A strange one," Alysa answered.

"What's it called?"

"Well, it's more of a poem, really. It's called 'The Hunting of the Snark'."

"What's a 'snark'?

"Nothing that actually exists."

"That doesn't make sense."

"Fitting – neither does the story."

"Oh. Would I want to read it."

"I don't think you'd dislike it, but I'm not sure that it would become one of your favorites, either."

"Alright, then. I'll keep it in mind for one day when I don't have anything to do."

Reading with her cousin was Lorina's favorite pastime. She loved to talk with Alysa, but she was always thankful for her mere company. Alysa was so much of a mentor to her; sometimes Lorina wondered that if she had a younger sister, if that sister would feel the same way about her. She wondered if that little sister would think she was as perfect as Lorina thought Alysa was. She wondered if she could become as good of an example of a lady for her sister to follow. However, for the time being, Lorina was perfectly happy the way things were. She'd need to become much more proper to give any sister an example to follow. Alysa was a true lady, after all. She had elegant looks – chestnut hair that always fell in a perfect bouncy curl halfway down her back and intelligent brown eyes – was flawless in dealing with society, a stellar dancer, and knowledgeable speaker. Though Lorina's looks nearly mirrored her cousin's in appearance – Lorina being a much younger-looking version - she had a long way to go if she wanted to emulate Alysa, in her opinion.

Lorina picked up the teacup she had put next to her book and raised it to her lips. Her tongue only tasted the last few drops, though. She peered down into the teacup. "It was full only a minute ago!" she exclaimed.

"What?" Alysa asked. She glanced over at her cousin. "Oh, your tea. Don't worry; there's still some more left inside. Would you like me to get you some?"

"Thank you," Lorina said as she offered her cup to the older girl. She yawned.

"Sleepy already?"

"Summer days are so perfect, they always make me feel sleepy…and stupid. Don't you feel the same way during summer?"

"Sometimes, I'm sure it must happen to me as well," Alysa said as she brushed the leaves off the front of her dark purple dress and stood up. She began to walk in the direction of the Liddell's large household. "Don't fall asleep while I'm gone," Alysa added in Lorina's direction.

"Okay," Lorina called out to Alysa as she was disappearing into the distance, already half asleep.

As Lorina's eyes were closing completely, she realized that she was falling asleep. Lorina bolted upright. The tea is coming in just a few minutes, she thought, it would be rude to fall asleep so easily. She looked around for something to distract her from her drowsiness. After a while of searching to no avail, something soft nudged her arm. She looked down.

A rabbit? It certainly looked like one. However, Lorina couldn't remember a time in her life when she had seen a rabbit quite like this one, because the rabbit currently by her side was wearing a waistcoat.

"What?" she asked it.

It said nothing to Lorina, as expected of a rabbit, but looked into her eyes, its gaze unwavering, as if to tell her something. Then, the rabbit bounced away, but slowly compared to most rabbits. After it had distanced itself a few yards away from Lorina it stopped. The rabbit looked back at her, as if to say I'm waiting; hurry up and follow me! Not wanting to be disobedient, even to a rabbit, Lorina decided to humor the small animal. She stood, brushed off the few leaves that had stuck to her own lavender dress, and walked hurriedly to join the rabbit.

"Be patient," she told it, even though she knew it couldn't understand her. After Lorina spoke, much to her confusion, the rabbit nodded, as if it had understood.

The rabbit turned and began scurrying towards its intended destination. Lorina followed it.

As this was happening, Alysa reemerged from the house with a teacup in her hand. She saw her cousin, and though she hadn't the foggiest notion of what was going on, she decided to follow her. After all, she was supposed to watch Lorina. If Lorina got lost, it wouldn't be good either for her or Lorina's parents. Why is Lorina chasing a rabbit? Alysa thought as she chased after the rabbit and cousin.

Before Alysa could call out to Lorina, the rabbit jumped down a hole, causing Lorina to fall in right after it. Before Alysa could stop herself, she went tumbling into the hole after them.

Lorina screamed as she fell, but Alysa was in too much shock to scream. Both girls' eyes were wide in disbelief. The cousins became increasingly frightened each moment they couldn't see any sign of a bottom of the hole they were falling in. Lorina didn't know which was/would be worse: not seeing and end to the fall or being able to see the bottom. Both options filled her with dread. She looked at the rabbit – it…wasn't a rabbit anymore. It looked sort of like a person, but Lorina knew that rabbits could not just turn into people. It might have switched places with the rabbit though… she thought. This rabbit/man, or whatever it was now was in a very humanoid form, the only rabbit like features still visible were its white rabbit ears. As they were falling, it spoke to them, but the only thing Lorina could hear was that its name was Cole.

Cole had gray hair and black eyes. The rabbit ears he wore on his head were white, and he wore a blue plaid waistcoat, though Lorina could now see that it was very unkempt and wrinkled. He held onto a silver pocket watch during the decent down the hole that Lorina had now begin to think of as a rabbit hole.

The seconds Lorina and Alysa spent falling turned into minutes, but that didn't put either of the girls at ease. Lorina knew that the longer you fell, the harder you fell. Or was it the other way around? Either way, she knew her landing wouldn't be pleasant.

Just as she was thinking this, they landed. They landed in a most unusual way, though. In fact, it took a while for Lorina to even notice they had stopped falling, because one second she was falling with no end in sight, and the next, she was…apparently sitting in the middle of a meadow.

"Huh? How did I get here?" Lorina asked to no one in particular. She continued her questions after trying to stand and finding that she wasn't able to. "Why can't I get up? Are my legs broken? I didn't feel anything! Why aren't I dead from such a long fall?"

"Couldn't have put it better myself," Alysa muttered. She sighed. Really. What has she gotten me into this time? Alysa wondered.

Then the man with bunny ears cleared his throat as if he were about to speak.