Along Came the Holidays
By Saltwater Romance


Countdown #25: It's the Most Wonderful Time of Year

It's the most wonderful time of the year
There be much mistletoe-ing
And hearts will be glowing
When loved ones are near

-Johnny Mathis


Dedicated: To those thriving on the longing of the winter break to come and mugs of hot cocoa.


"Wanna go shopping with me tomorrow?"
"I'll be at your house by 5 AM."
Sakura: one.
Yome: zero.
Pause: 00:00:59
"It's Black Friday. Duh."

"… Why's he here?"
"He wanted to go."
"He's got nothing better to do."
"He might slow me down shopping."
"He'll hold your bags."
"YES! What are you guys just standing around for? Let's go!"
Sakura: one.
Yome: one.
Mochiage: negative one.

"What's that?"
"Hold my bag."
"Shut up, Sakura. I'll just hold it instead."
Sakura: one.
Yome: zero.
Mochiage: zero.

"How much did you start with?"
"…Seventy…. Eighty-five bucks?"
"And how much do you have left?"
"Wow. I'm never trusting you with my money."
"…Shut up. No one likes you."
"I'm still pimpin' with my sixty."
Sakura: one.
Yome: one.
Mochiage: zero.

"'Feelin' Lucky?' Oh my Gosh! We so have to get Kitsu this shirt! He's Irish… Er! He likes Irish things! And he has a girlfriend! Wanna get him a gift, Koko?"
"We'll split it."
"Yeah! I pick it out, and you pay for it!"
"Really? That's splitting it? It sounds more like me just wasting my money because someone doesn't have any left."
"Please? He's your best friend and you know it."
Pause: 00:01:08.
Puppy dog faces given: one.

"How much?"
"Twenty dollars…"
Glaring contest: 00:02:06
"You both are idiots! It's $8.88. It's written here. On this huge sign. Next to the damn shirt."
Sakura: one.
Yome: one.
Mochiage: one.

"I've never been in a Sephora!"
"Come back! We wanna go to Game Stop!"
"Nooooooo! I wanna try on the make-up!"
Pause: 00:14:59
"Ha. Ha. You look funny."
Sakura: one.
Yome: two.
Mochiage: one.


"Mmm," she groaned as a wave of tiredness finally took its toll on her. It was six hours since she was at the mall, and she was beat. Her cheek rested against her best friend's muscular back. He speculated her childishness with a gentle smile on his face and a shake of his head. He nudged her with the huge neon green bag that she got him to carry around since they entered the mall.

"I'll take a cinnabon," he announced to the male behind the counter. His stomach was grumbling, and what better way to solve that issue than a huge cinnamon bun with mountains and mountains of frosting on top?

As if someone had revived her by shooting caffeine into her petite body, she began to squeal and poke Koko's shoulder, "Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Best friend in the whole wide world…"

He threw her a mock horrified look, "Hell no! First you ate all of my rice from my beef teriyaki, then you harassed me into buying Kitsu a shirt, which I still don't understand the hilarity of! But you're crossing the line of friendship and enemy…ship by asking me to share my cinnabon! I put my foot down, Sakura! No!"

She pleaded her case with the only ammunition that she had in her arsenal, "Please…. I love you. You are incomparable to anyone else in the entire whole world. You are my best friend ever. In the history of best friends."

Koko rolled his eyes and snorted.

As soon as the guy behind the counter set down the plate with the delicious, gooey, amazingly delicious, All-American sugary substance… Koko grabbed it quickly and made a run for it. One could never underestimate the power of Mikan. However, he had chosen the wrong day to run since she was too tired to even bother.

Lazily, she leaned against the counter.

"Can I have the same?" Mochu tapped the counter sub-consciously in badly-hidden eagerness.

The guy smirked with dry humor, "Obviously you can."

Mochu's brain was giving out, the blank expression on his face made it clear. Mikan let out an appreciative laugh after having the same retort given to her in grade school since she could remember. The guy's attention focused on her. He had been working almost a long of a time as she had been shopping, and everyone else found his humor to be condescending.

He shook his head at the ill-grammar of the customer's and stalked off to give him a cinnabon. On his depart, Mikan threw Mochu a hopeful look, "Noo! I won't share with you!"

"You are so fat," she rolled her eyes, disgusted. She glanced back at the guy behind the counter, "Can you believe him?"

He appraised her underneath the gaze of his smoldering crimson eyes. In a husky, almost a take-me-to-the-fucking-bedroom type of voice, "If it were me, I would share with you."

She bit her lip, and shifted her weight between her feet, "Thanks."

She glared at Mochu, choosing the option of completely ignoring the guy, "And who said anything about sharing, hmm? I'm a thief. I steal."

With that, she turned and gracefully made her way to where Koko was devouring his cinnabon. As she approached, he knew that he had been defeated, though his hiding place was directly in back of her… She slid smoothly into the seat beside him and helped herself. She watched Mochu as he waited impatiently, "So… You and Mochu are really really really mean! The guy told me that he's share one with me!"

Koko arched his eyebrow, "And is this guy sitting here?"


"Do you have a cinnabon in your hand?"


"He's not sharing with you either, so shut up."

She pouted, "It's the thought that counts anyway."

As the third party to their group approached, a confused look played on his face, "Uh… The guy wrote his phone number on the receipt."

"Either he's gay, wants Mikan, or did it as a joke," Koko supplied with his mouth full, "I'd go with the last one."

All three of them turned to look if the guy was watching them. He wasn't. So it was rather hard to see what he wanted from them. Indignant by Koko's words, she snatched the receipt with the offending number and marched back up to the counter. Mochu and Koko exchanged 'uh-oh' looks as they found shelter in the boy's bathroom. Not that they didn't need to go in the first place.

"Excuse me," she coughed looking at the lady who had recently replaced the guy that was familiar to Mikan, "Do you mind if I speak to that guy?"

"That casanova," the woman muttered under her breath, working with the boy since the summer, and almost after every female customer, he had gotten dates with all of them, "Natsume!"

His head perked up from what he was previously doing, "Yeah?"

The lady's thumb pointed at Mikan. He wiped his hands on the apron, "I'm taking five."

"This isn't some damn movie set," the lady called back, "Just go on lunch break. I'll cover for you."


He grabbed a gooey, All-American sweet from its original place and winked at the older lady in promise to paying for it later. He went up to Mikan and cockily said, "Remember? I told you that I'd share."

A million shades of red formed on her cheeks. The number was definitely meant for her.

"In your face Koko!"
"Shut up."
"The number was for me."
"I hate you."
"You guys wished that you had my game."
Sakura: two.
Yome: two.
Mochiage: one.

"I want to go home."
"Suck it up like the man you think you are."
"But Koko's already sleeping!"
"We're right in front of Target! I'll get a sharpie and you draw on his face!"
Successful clown mask on Yome: one.
Sakura: two.
Yome: two.
Mochiage: two.

"Is that your dad?"
"Is that your dad?"
"Is that your dad?"
"Is that your dad?"
"NO! I swear to God if you don't shut up, I'm going to take out a gun and shoot you!"
"… You wouldn't."
"Yes I would."
Pause: 00:00:15
"Is that your dad?"
Attempt to strangle Sakura: one.
Sakura: three.
Yome: two.
Mochiage: two.

"Are you dropping me off at my house… Or where you picked me up from…?"
"We're kicking you out."
"Time to tuck and roll, buddy."
"No. We're serious. You may go."
Glaring Contest: one.
"Oh My Gosh! I can't believe he did it!"
"And he missed all of those incoming cars!"
"He's amazing."
"He's God…"
Sakura: three.
Yome: two.
Mochiage: five billion and three.


Author's Sidenote: There's nothing heavy or dramatic about this. It's just a countdown to Christmas with light barely written drabbles! I'm not going to bother to edit this since I'm swamped with homework, but I wanted to create this drabble for the heck of it!

P.S Sephora is seriously a girl's candy store for make-up! (Though, it's more fun to try on the free samples and then duck your way out!)

P.S.S Tell me which character you'd like to indulge in!

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