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The dreams had continued for a month. Reality started slipping... or becoming more clear? It was rather curious, but when Harry woke up one day, he remembered all of those dreams from the night before. Except that they weren't only dreams. They were memories too. He suddenly understood why Alice had called him Tarrant. Because he was. Tarrant that is. And he was overjoyed to know that most of his friends from Underland, and of course, Alice, was back in this strange and new world called Hogwarts.

Wait. Alice is here. Alice who I haven't seen since she left Underland. Tarrant/Harry thought. I must find her.

With that thought in mind, the young man sprang out of bed and turned to Chess, who looked unusually human and was called Neville. "Chess," he hissed. "Where's Alice?"

Neville rolled over to look at him, "So you've finally remembered, have you? She should be wandering around the castle somewhere. Best of luck Tarrant." With that, Chess rolled over again, and fell asleep.

Tarrant laughed and walked out the door and out of the common room. Walking, however, seemed far too ordinary to express how happy he was to be able to see Alice again. Skipping, however, seemed like a perfectly great way to express his joy. Skipping down the corridor, he realized that he had no idea where Alice would be.

Hm... Well, what did Alice like to do? Harry thought to himself. She slayed Jaberwocks, but that's not something she likes... She likes tea! Especially tea time with me and Thackery. That's where she'll be. Somewhere that has tea!

"Tarrant?" a voice called out from behind him.

Tarrant turned around to face a girl with bushy brown hair who was daintily gliding behind him. She looked different, but Tarrant would recognize that graceful walk anywhere. "Mirana! Er.. Your Majesty!"

"You are looking for our Champion, are you not?" Mirana smiled gently him.

"Why yes, actually, I find that there are some things which I must speak to her about! Like why a raven is like a writing desk? Perhaps she has figured it out since I've last seen her."

"Would you mind terribly if I accompanied you part way?" Mirana asked. "I find that I am in need of some more ingredients for my potions. I am all out of Buttered Fingers you see, and it is ever so difficult to make a good potion without them."

Harry nodded his head, "Of course! How splendiferous."

The two proceeded down the corridor, one skipping, the other gliding, and slowly started making their way down the stair cases.

"Tarrant, I believe that Alice is in the kitchens, which is that way", Mirana pointed to one direction. "I, however, will be going in the other direction. Farefallen Tarrant, and good luck!" With that, the White Queen proceeded to gracefully glide down the corridor and took a left.

When did Mirana get brown hair that was so bushy? Never matter, the kitchen she said? Harry paused and laughed suddenly. Having two sets of memories, while making him most likely even more mad would help him find his way around this place. He continued skipping down in the right direction, hoping that Mirana... wait, Hermione?... was right. He stopped short as he saw a person with long blonde hair climbing out of a picture of fruit.

"Alice..." he breathed quietly. As if she heard him, the girl turned to face him and gave a large smile. It was indeed Alice. "Alice!" Harry ran toward her, needing to be near her.

"Tarrant!" she exclaimed with happiness as she ran up to meet him. "You've remembered!"

He pulled her into a tight embrace. "Yes. And I won't forget. Now that you're back with me, I don't think I can let you go, Alice."

She gave a light laugh that sounded like bells to his ears. "That might be rather impractical Tarrant."

Harry gave her a grin. "Impractical is my middle name." He pulled away to look at her, and then hugged her again. "It's been so long. Are you here to stay this time Alice?"

"What a wonderful, mad idea. Yes," she breathed quietly, leaning into his hug. "I'm staying. Wild Heffalumps couldn't keep me away."

Harry pulled back his head slightly, and tilted her chin up at him. Angling his head, he leaned down to press his lips softly against hers. Even if she for some reason couldn't keep her word and had to leave again, he wanted, no, needed, this memory of them.

She responded eagerly to his kiss, and deepened it, wrapping her arms around his neck. When they pulled away for air, she giggled. "If only my mother were here," she laughed, "she'd be completely and utterly horrified."


"Because she doesn't know how to have fun."

"How sad," he said, looking genuinely upset that someone didn't know how to have fun.

"But she doesn't matter," Alice breathed quietly. "I'm here, with you, and that's all that counts. Maybe now we can find out why a raven is like a writing desk."

Harry nodded, with a large grin on his face. Kissing her softly again, he rested his forehead against hers. "That sounds wonderful. I'll teach you how to Futterwacken now."

"Yes. But first, we must find you a hat. After all, what is a hatter without a hat?"

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