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Summary: The very same night Sasuke had left her on a bench, her whole life was thrown upside down. "My leaving hurt you", she shook her head with a sigh, "You'll never learn, it was nothing about you. Shut up and let me tell my story".

Rated: M (Explicit content ahead)

Couples: SasuSaku (Other included)

Disclamer: Naruto does not belong to me, So no nagging. Beware of Spoilers!

The smiles had gone away, the everlasting grin had seemed to disappear over time and now all he had was a broken arm and a hole were his heart should have been.

But he was dangerous.

He was a traitor.

He was not supposed to be received with hugs and laughs and smiles.

Yet, he never expected to miss those days in which Team 7 seemed to be his family and Sakura a mere annoyance. He did not expect to glance that bench while he was being escorted to meet his fate.

Life is an ever ending chance at possibilities, is it? Then why the hell does he keep repeating the same ones, and screwing up in catastrophic measures?

He is Sasuke Uchiha.

The blood dropped slowly down his arm, and the red eyes he was sporting did not seem to scare the men watching him, they were dogs. Darn dogs who felt superior to him, an Uchiha. No one was superior to him, not even the people beside him who called their selves his teammates.

Damn pest, she was. If only Karin had not screeched at some passing Anbu, they would not have been discovered, and in the current state he was, he did not even desire to look at her. She was dead to him. They all were.

He was in Konoha, he knew that much of it. But he had not seen a mere ray of sunlight in the, what was it now? Maybe 2 weeks locked up in this damn hole. He had not been out these walls for what seemed too long, and yet he never imagined he would miss a granted thing such as sunlight.

He narrowed his eyes at the smirking man behind the glass, those damn men were not aware that he could hear them, nor that he could see them. They would all pay for this, and damn it. His head was killing him, the cavities behind his eyeballs throbbing with intense pain.

He closed his eyes, shutting off the whining of Karin, the humming of Juugo and Suigetsu's mumbling. He concentrated on what the guards were talking about but only some incoherent mumbles were deciphered by his genius mind and it irked him to no end.

It was fucking annoying and yet, nothing was getting through. The seals he had heard of must have been working alright, and he cursed them all once more.

He could imagine what Team Seven's reaction would be. Naruto would probably try to spite him into another lost battle and Kakashi would probably just shake his head but nevertheless do nothing more. Sakura, her reaction, the one in his mind was the one that angered him the most.

He could see her, her long pink hair, bright and naïve doe-like, green eyes. He couldn't remember what tone they were and it bothered him to an extent. He knew he shouldn't have cared, but he remembered the other ones. He growled to himself, shaking that particular thought off his mind.

He saw her weeping, and trying to hug him, he also saw himself frowning and keeping his distance. She was pathetic and weak she always had been and will be. And it angered him due to all these years, and in spite of all, he occasionally thought of her. Of them. Of what could've been.

He shook the annoying thoughts out of his ehad the moment another ANBU interrogator walked in, funny how that was all that came to his mind as he thought of them: Annoying.

She yawned for the nth time that day, it was not that she was tired. Honestly, she was used to getting scarce hours of sleep. It was the frustration of the day, she had been trying to get an unwilling ANBU to taking a medical exam from 1:38 am to 4 am. He was a damn stubborn one but she finished it with a smile.

"Neji, we're done. Finally" she added in a mumble and the uptight Captain did not waste time in putting his shirt on, followed by the always-present vest. It was kind of relieving to know he was in top condition. The man smirked at her flushed face, he must have thought it was his shirtless state that had caused her the reddening state.

'I wish she would just give me some sign. It's infuriating to wait to try to pick up any signal from her.'

She refrained herself from answering back, because honestly, she was used to it now. Sure, sometimes it got her off guard but she always kept her cool. It was what time and training had taught her, and it had worked. She took a deep intake of air, and turned to face the waiting friend, "Neji, you should go get some rest. I know you are tired", and she knew that because he had thought so a few minutes ago.

She knew she was a freak, but she had accepted herself years ago. She sometimes wondered how her friends would react if they knew of her little secret. She lost track of time and before she knew it, Neji was looking at her with that look, the one that read What-the-hell-are-you-thinking-about-so-damn-much-woman!. She knew he hated to be ignored, but that was him alright.

She smiled at him in an apology and touched his shoulder in a sweet gesture of friendship, there it was, the almost non-visible widening of the eyes. She really liked him, but she was not sure how much yet.

She smiled sadly to herself after he left, how to know? She knew for certain she was over the Uchiha Jr. She loved Naruto as a brother, and she had been liking Neji for a while now, but she did not want to spoil the friendship they had gained over the years.

She sighed as she turned the radio on, her office needed a change of atmosphere, and the music would do it just right. She laughed at the picture beside her heavy medical books, it was of Team Kakashi and she still remembered the day the picture was taken. It had been hilarious of Sai to point out Yamato's "creepy" smile.

She loved those guys, and they knew it. She took her eyes off the picture, and took one of the heavily encrypted scrolls she kept stashed in her food drawer, because honestly who would expect to find an S-ranked Scroll hidden in a drawer with plum bars and other non-delicious snacks? (A.N. Yeah, I might have to do that too).

A few mumbles and raised eyebrows later, she thought she had it down, at least the theorical part but the practice would have to be done later, she could sense a male B.O.- that's what her boys and her called the Black Ops- coming.

She closed her eyes, yes, he was a male and judging by ETA, he was 4.69830 seconds away from barging into her office, she sighed and waited… the police but reclutant knock was there, which she smiled at, an invitation was not needed, the man would have torn to door open with his bare hands if needed to.

"Haruno-san, your presence is needed at the caves, As soon as Possible", and with that, the henge disappeared. She rose from her seat, and when her window was opened by a very familiar boy, she pretended to be busy handling some papers, (she had sensed him a minute ago). She smiled inwardly, he would never learn.

He tiptoed towards her back, his intentions clear. He wanted to pounce on her, and he was about to do it, with that smug smile on his petite frame. This was rich coming from the girl whose height was 5'4".

Just as his feet were leaving the ground, she spun in a speed that made the boy lose his grin still airborne, and there it was, her arms waiting for him. As always, Sanyu laughed and she giggled. He was too cute and she loved him with every single part of her body, soul and brain.

"Sany-kun, you know better than surprising me that way!" she said with the voice one would usually have used as if talking to a baby, which he was not far from. Sanyu Haruno, her baby brother, whom was only 6 years old, and herself being much older, took responsibility of taking care of him.

Their mother and their father had given her the little gift of this ball of energy six years ago, and two years ago, their father had died as a victim of a civil war nearby Konoha, Their mother following shortly after due to her deteriorating health.

She opened her eyes wide at the sudden alarm in her head, "Sany-kun, I must go, but why don't you go visit Tsunade-shishou at her office, remember to knock!" she reminded him, and he didn't need to be told twice as he ran away with his laughs echoing in her suddenly cold office.

She watched him go, and when she made sure he was alright, made the seals and not 2 seconds later, in the place where she stood now laid a breeze and a single cherry blossom flower. She appeared in the very busy main avenue of Konoha, and jumped towards the rooftops of the colorful homes of her town.

Her speed is remarkable, she heard here and there, but the only thing that came out her modest mind was the single order she was given. It was obviously important, and she mustn't be late. And with that, her speed doubled with chakra infused feet.

Before she knew it, she was 02.7472 minutes away from the destination and she made the signs with her long and thin fingers, the movements in blurs. And with a single breeze, she was gone and into the underground caves that held a single purpose, being the worst torture destination in Fire Country.

The blood dripped down his mouth but the smirk remained, he knew it pissed them off and he kept doing it. The pain of their torture was nothing compared to previous events, Morino Ibiki was getting tired of this, and he knew it too.

He had told them nothing, and if anything slipped out, it was well practiced lies. He was stronger than that, he would not fall into their traps. Team Taka remained by his side, if not bleeding too, with grave lacerations- ones that would need a double cero number of stitches.

The door to the cabin that monitored them opened, he heard the creeking sound but he paid no attention until the cleverly hidden speakers screeched, a monotine voice coming out of them, "Ibiki-san, you may exit the room. Other interrogator will proceed."

If he had not been himself, and if he had not lived what he had for most of his life, he would have thought that Ibiki's smiling face was the most horrible sight ever, but now he just glared. The only warning that was given before the door opened and he left the room was, "You won't be able to handle this, boy".

It was quiet for about a minute, a dreadful minute in which he spent his time doing something productive- meaning glaring at the glassy window. The light steps echoed and then he heard it, the giggles. His head snapped to the left so quickly he thought he might've gotten a whiplash.

There, in a pair of green shorts, combat boots and a red tank, was his ex-teammate.