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This was very bad for her, Sanyu seemed to be having a great time meeting her ex-teammate and from the thoughts of the latter, he enjoyed pushing her buttons. Sakura knew that two could play this game but she refused to sink to a childish level, besides, she had other things to deal with at the moment.

She turned around and ignored the heated gaze that followed her, "Neji, you should rest now." she paused and bit her lip in a rare moment of indecision, the Hyuuga residence was far too far for him to walk and knowing the proud Hyuuga, he would not stand for being carried. She sighed and turned towards Sai, "Please guide him to the spare bedroom, gently" she emphasized.

Sai nodded at her and helped Neji along while she gave Naruto a look, one which clearly transmitted her confusion at the sudden event in her living room.

"Sanyu-chan, why don't we leave Uchiha-san with the Anbu? He must be itching to go to his house and eat something. Aren't you hungry too, akachan?" she hoped he would understand her, but as Sanyu shook his head impatiently, she knew he was still too young for these kind of things.

Sasuke was sending her a look but she didn't even want to know what he was thinking, she really wanted to shut herself off but it was dangerous to be selfish in this situation.

'She will not push me out of her life, not after I was out of it once.'

She was caught off guard by his thoughts, but decided to try it. she walked to where Sanyu was sitting and kneeled beside him, taking his attention away from the Last Uchiha for a moment. "Sanyu-chan, I am going to cook something for you to eat, do you want anything special?" a soft smile light up her face and Sanyu smiled back.

Sakura figured that he'd probably want her to make Pork Tonkatsu or warm soba with pork, shrimp and cabbage since those were his favorite meals but was more than surprised when he turned to Sasuke and asked him what his favorite meal was.

Sasuke blinked and then a small smirk appeared on his face, 'I seem to be replacing Hyuuga. Good.' He thought, to which Sakura rolled her eyes at. Before Sasuke could speak though, Sakura mumbled "Onigiri, Sanyu-chan… or that used to be it".

Sasuke nodded and Sanyu beamed, "Okaa-chan! You really know what Uchiha-san likes!" to which Sakura squirmed a bit and Sasuke smirked. "Hn" was his only input. She rolled his eyes and stood up, accidentally showing Sasuke some cleavage.

The Anbu were growing restless and Sakura nodded to one of them, "I'll handle him, Anbu-san" and with some hesitation, they left. It wasn't that they didn't trust Sakura, it wasn't that they did not think her powerful enough to stop him, it was more of the concern of Sasuke Uchiha's sudden obedience towards her. They did not know what to make of it.



Sakura was preparing the Onigiri for Sanyu, Sasuke and Naruto. Sai had left with the Anbu and Neji was resting, but she was concentrating so much in the ingredients that she did not sense him. A pair of arms wrapped around her waist and she stiffened until the familiar smell reached her nostrils. The familiar scent of pine forest and rain. Sasuke.

The door that connected the kitchen to the hallway was closed and there was no window on it, Sakura knew he was taking a risk here. She relaxed under his touch and continued making him his meal while he pressed his nose against her neck and jaw. She swallowed and swallowed a moan when his nose skimmed a particular spot in her neck, "How did you get here without them knowing?" she asked and he did not pause his sniffing as he answered her.

"Clone, the dobe is still too trusting", his hands made their way to her hips and pulled her towards his hips, the bulge in the front of his pants rubbing against her coccyx and ass. She bit her lip and put down the dough, his circular movements were driving her into arousement and she tried to calm her body's reaction. She could not get aroused here and now, there were too many people around that could catch them!

"Sasuke" she growled and he hissed when she rubbed herself against him hard, his bulge growing until she knew he was impossibly and achingly hard. "We can't, too many people. Sanyu is down the hall and if he walks in…" she was cut off by his demanding lips.

His tongue did wonders to her own, and his kisses seemed to be drugging her. She clenched his shirt and turned around to face him properly, her legs going around his waist and aligning her hot core to his bulge. He broke the kiss to growl and kiss her neck.

"Do not tempt me Sakura. I have not had you for more than two years and I am going to fuck you so hard that you'll regret teasing me" he growled into her ear and she blushed, attacking his lips while commencing a slow, teasing tempo against his hips, to which he moaned.

The moan seemed to bring her back to reality and she hissed, knowing no one had heard them she brought her lips to his ear "Not now, Sasuke-kun. We have been keeping ourselves in check so far, we are not messing this up now" and with that, she pushed him away. Sasuke growled and pulled her back into his chest, "Tonight. I expect you to come to the manner, we have pending business" and she made the mistake of looking into his Sharingan.

She was stuck in her own head, everything was black but she heard his voice perfectly, "I want you to remember the last time we were together. You will keep on cooking while you relive all of this, so you can understand what I have been holding myself from doing, Sakura" and with a touch too low for her immediate gratification, she was stuck in his memories.



She had not expected to find him in the isolated house in Mist, especially when it was her solo mission to pass around there. The mission had been requested by an unknown civilian, and Sakura realized how stupid she had been. There was no civilian in need of healing, it was him. She looked around, a kunai in her hand and in a tensed, fighting position.

"Sakura" he said, and it seemed to roll off the walls and echo. She tried not to shiver but the voice.. it was a sensual baritone that made her ache in places that had never felt empty until then. "Sasuke-kun…" she mumbled and tried to find the location of her ex-teammate.

A blur behind her and she moved in time to dodge a large Fuuma shuriken, she growled and her fifteen year old body tensed. She tried to find him among the shadows, "Explain why I was called here, Uchiha" her voice turned icy. She would not be the weak fangirl he left behind, not now.

Suddenly, she was thrown into a wall and dust flew everywhere, blinding her momentarily. A body was pushed against her and she tried to keep her body from lashing, panicking would do her no good. The warm body pushed itself against her and she bit her lip, the body tensed and hissed. "Stop that Sakura. Annoying", she narrowed her eyes and lashed out, wriggling against his body, trying to reach any weapon. Her senbons or her kunai. But he growled, and she paused.

Sweat trickled down his forehead and she frowned, he looked feverish. One hand escaped his hold and touched his cheek sofly, momentarily freezing him. "Sasuke-kun… you have a fever" and he closed his eyes at her cool touch. His hips meshed against hers and he slowly starting moving them, making her gasp. Her eyes widened.

"Sa-Sasuke-kun! What are you doing?" she asked when she felt a sudden bulge against her most private place. She was no stranger to human anatomy but she had never had this kind of experience before! She bit her lip in an attempt to not moan out loud from his ministrations but noises still escaped her throat and he growled in approvement.

His lips made a slow trail down her neck and into her chest when her hand grasped his shirt, he looked into her emerald eyes and smirked. "You'll regret this?" he asked in a momentary pause and she blinked, closing her eyes and shyly rubbing back against his erection. His sudden hiss empowered her and she continued her movement with furrowed brows and teeth biting her lips.

"Sasuke-kun!" she moaned when the rubbing increased and his thumbs rubbed her nipples through her shirt, it was getting to be too much for her inexperienced body and she felt herself moisten. Suddenly, his hands lowered and lifted her skirt, his thumb stopping at her shorts hemline.

He placed her legs back on the floor and pulled down her shorts, throwing them aside and lifting her chin to kiss her. His tongue invading her mouth and making her clench her legs in order to try to relieve some of the pressure. Her hands crept into his hair and his hands crept down to her ass, pulling her upwards and against his hips, rubbing his growing bulge against her naked flesh.

He walked towards the door along the hallway and pushed her against the wall, his right hand reaching down to her private area, finding the small button instantly and lazily rubbing in a circular motion. She bucked under his attention and he smirked into the kiss, finding her mewls annoyingly seductive.

His eyes opened halfway as he continued to look at her reactions under half-masted eyelids, his eyes watching her every movement. Her eyes were closed tightly and she was now riding his hand with all her inexperience and he broke the kiss to mumble against her lips.

"Open your eyes, Sakura. Watch me fuck you" and when she did, her eyes were no longer emerald green, but instead they were honeydew green and he licked his lips at their closeness, he could see specks of gold in her eyes and his thumb increased its tempo to a maddening fast pace.

He watched her eyes widen and when she was shutting them, he stopped. Her eyes opened quickly and she pressed herself against his hand, pouting and desperate for her own finish. "Watch me" he repeated in a husky voice and she nodded and before she could ask him to continue, his thumb picked up its previous pace.

Her body was nearing its completion, he knew. Her muscles were quivering and without a warning, his long forefinger entered her and with a come-hither motion, she froze and her moans echoed off the walls, his hand stopped and he threw her on the bed, quickly lowering himself between her legs to suck whatever was left. His tongue brought her to a second orgasm before she could fully calm her body from her first one.

Her eyes watched him as he untied his pants, she would not regret any of this.



She blinked as she was thrown out of the genjutsu and realized that only ten minutes had passed and the Onigiri was almost done. She blushed and clenched her legs from the inmense pleasure he had brought her. He wanted her tonight, and she would not fight him.

She had been his for years now, and no one would stop him from making her his now that he was back in he Village. She smiled, Sanyu would have another father figure and she would have her lover back. Seemed like pretending time would be over now, she could finally free herself from all the tension of pretending to be someone she was not.

And for now, she was Sakura Haruno. Shinobi of Konoha, adoptive mother and older sister of Sanyu Haruno, and lover of Sasuke Uchiha.

This concludes the fic "Ad Lucem"! I really wanted to make it a bit different since mostly everyone expected them to be in a hate/love relationship and stuff but actually, Sakura was a little tease this whole time! Thank you all for being with me all this time and hopefully you won't hate me that much for ending it this way :)