Welcome to my newest short project! I picked up Majora's Mask again and I had so much fun playing it. What I really savoured was the Kafei and Anju quest and I ended up saving it for last. I really wanted to write something involving KafeixAnju, but with Cremia as well. This short story covers the thoughts and pasts of four different characters: Kafei, Anju, Cremia and Grog, the Cuccoo shack man. While there are no hints that would suggest Grog is anything more than an animal person, I see him as someone withdrawn and shy about his real feelings and I like to ship him and Cremia as a pairing. X3

They are the four aces. They have a story to tell. These are their stories. Enjoy!

Chapter One: Kafei, the Ace of Hearts

I've finally won. Anju now feels the same way I do. It was a long struggle but I've finally won her heart.

It wasn't easy. Her mother thought I was a useless bum that leched off my father's position as the mayor of Clock Town and warned Anju to stay away from me. Every time I went to the Inn to see her, her mother would lie and tell me she was busy or out or gone to see Cremia. There was even one time her mother said she was with another man and I went home and threw up. I knew, right after I finished wiping my mouth, that I couldn't let Anju get away. She was the one I really wanted and I would do anything to ensure she became my sweetheart.

Anju was resistant at first but after all the lies her mother had fed her about me, I wasn't surprised. I had to prove to her I wasn't some useless bum, so I showed Anju my job (I worked with my father, helping him design plans for events like the Carnival of Time and new building projects). I began to take her out to lunch and dinner and I brought her a flower for every day I couldn't spend time with her. My guy friends all said I was too serious about her, but I couldn't give her up. I had to show her, her family and her friends how I felt.

Anju had a friend named Cremia, who lived down Milk Road at the famed Romani Ranch. I had a plan that if I acted like a gentleman in front of her, she would convince Anju I was good for her. I could tell both of them were impressed by my actions, like bending over to kiss Anju on the hand and offering to carry her things for her.

Anju Anju Anju.

Her name and face was all that was in my head, every day and night. If I was asleep, I would dream of her. If I was awake, I would constantly think of her.

The day I asked Anju to marry me, I made sure that my parents, Anju's mother and grandmother and Cremia were all present. It was the biggest gamble of my life and I couldn't afford to lose.

We were both young and crazy in love teenagers at the age of eighteen. She said yes to my proposal, much to her mother's dismay. Both of us agreed to get married after we finished our teenaged years and we would exchange masks on the day of the Carnival of Time.

I'm so happy. Anju will be my wife one day.

So why do I feel a sense of someone else who isn't happy with our union?