Chapter Four: Grog, the Ace of Spades

I am nothing. Nothing more than someone dead, buried and forgotten. I look the part, don't I? I'm a sickly white person with blank eyes. I don't move anywhere beyond the ranch. I suppose I'm a zombie.

People are disgusting. I hate every single person there is in the world. My mother, father, grandpa...everyone. Or at least I did. Until I met that sweet redheaded, blue eyed angel.


She didn't captivate me at first sight. But she did attract me. She was so beautiful and gentle. When I first saw her, she was tending to her cows. For the first time, I had believed I found someone who cared about animals as much as I do. And as I got to know her better, I felt my feelings grow stronger for her. She wasn't disgusting.

But I'm so unworthy of her. She's someone who is comfortable with people and I'm not. We're similar people but we're too different.

She wouldn't want someone like me to hold her...kiss her. She deserves someone who's as beautiful as she is. She needs someone who can provide a better life for her and her little sister. I can't see myself being that man.

But I can still dream. That's why I stay buried in the shadows. I can't do anything else but watch her from a distance and wish I could be the one to love her.

I'm not content with it. But it is all I have. I am on the same farm as she is and we occasionally speak when it comes to business. I see her frequently. It is all I have and it is what I must live with.

There is no one better for me than her. But there is someone better for her than me.

Drabbles are so easy to write because they're so short. But deciding what to say and how to say it is also hard.

If I ever do anything more for Zelda, I'll probably write some GrogxCremia. It's nice to write about crack pairings. :D