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Chapter 1: Big Time Rape

Logan Mitchell hated parties, particularly ones that were wild and loud like the one he was at tonight. The only reason he was here was the fact that he was the only one of the four boys in Big Time Rush that could legally drive. At first when his three friends had approached him about driving them to the party, he was reluctant because he a mountain of homework to do, but they kept asking and asking and finally, he just gave in and drove them to the party. The party was taking place at night(of course) in a rented warehouse halfway across town. Logan had a bad feeling in his gut the minute they drove up to the warehouse. It wasn't in the best of neighborhoods and it looked like it had been abandoned for some time. It looked like something that would come straight out of an episode of Law&Order: Special Victims Unit(which was a show all of them enjoyed). He tried to warn his friends of his uneasiness, but James and Carlos ran ahead of them and into the building. Kendall, however, reassured him that everything was fine; they were simply going to a party.

Just as Logan had predicted, he was having a boring time at the party. There was a large crowd of teenagers there and it was hard to walk anywhere. The room was illuminated by flashing strobe lights that would give most people a headache, and the music was way too loud. Logan made his way through the sea of dancing people over to the refreshment table so he could get out of everyone's way and have room to breathe. He stood there for a good ten minutes, just watching his friends dance and enjoy themselves. His eyes drifted to Kendall, who was several feet away near the outskirts of the crowd, dancing as well. He was so sexy when he danced. And, yes, Logan did think the word 'sexy'. He and Kendall had been going out together for about four months now as sweet boyfriends. They loved each other so much.

Logan was suddenly broken out of his thought by a voice.

"Not a big fan of parties, either?" a voice asked.

He turned and saw a dark-haired guy standing next to him. The guy was a few inches taller than he, and he looked to be about nineteen(if not, in his early twenties). And, Logan had to admit, he wasn't that bad-looking, either.

"Excuse me?" Logan asked.

"I just noticed you standing over here alone." the guy said, "You not a big fan of parties, either?"

"Not really. You?" Logan said.

"Nah. I'm just here with a friend." the guy said, "I'm Jason."

The guy held out this hand politely.

"I'm Logan." Logan introduced himself, shaking Jason's hand.

"You here alone?" Jason asked.

"No, I'm here with three of my friends." Logan said, "They're off dancing somewhere."

There was a short silence.

"Hey, um...do you mind if I get you a drink?" Jason asked, being polite.

"Sure. Thanks." Logan said.

Jason smiled and walked a few feet away down the table to where the large punch bowl was situated. Logan found it unusual that when Jason poured the glass full, he had his back turned completely to him, but he brushed it off as being just how he stood. A minute later, Jason returned and handed Logan his glass of punch, sipping from one he'd fixed for himself. Logan thanked him and sipped leisurely at his strawberry-flavored punch. But he tasted something else behind the strawberry flavor that he couldn't quite place. He and Jason talked for a few minutes before Logan felt a strange sensation in his limbs. He felt a numbness creeping in and he was finding it increasingly harder to keep his fingers wrapped around his cup.

"You okay?" Jason asked, noticing Logan's demeanor had changed.

"I umm...I don't know." Logan said, feeling a foggy sensation in his head, "I'm...feeling a little strange."

Logan blinked several times as his vision shifted in and out of focus.

"You need to sit down?" Jason asked.

"I think so." Logan said.

"Come here, there's some chairs over here." Jason said, wrapping a hand around Logan's arm and coaxing him forward.

Logan's steps were clumsy and he felt very dizzy. He didn't know what was going on.

"Jason, was there something..." he started, but was unable to finish his sentence before everything went black.

When Logan woke up, he found himself in different surroundings. Things were significantly quieter, but he could still hear the booming music in the next room, muffled by the thick, concrete walls. Shifting his concentration from the music, Logan observed his other surroundings. He looked around and found that he was in a huge, dark room. There were several stacks of crates and boxes dotting the floor, as well as a few rusty barrels. But what got Logan's attention first was the fact that he was laying down on a mattress, his hands tied above his head. How had he gotten here? What was going on?

He struggled at his bindings, but they were too tight and they chafed his wrists painfully with every move.

"It's no use; you'll never get free." he heard a familiar voice say.

Ceasing his struggling, Logan looked up and saw Jason emerge from behind a stack of crates. He approached the end of the mattress with a menacing smile on his face.

"Jason?" Logan asked, "Wh-what's going on? Why am I tied up?"

"You'll soon find out." Jason said, removing his black leather jacket and laying it neatly over the back of a nearby metal chair.

Logan's heart raced as Jason slowly approached him, removing his graphic t-shirt. He knelt on the end of the mattress, quickly crawling forward to straddle Logan's waist, pinning him to the mattress.

"I've been watching you all night. You're such a pretty thing and now I'm gonna get what I want." he moaned, clearly getting excited.

"N-no." Logan whimpered, "P-please don't. I don't want this."

This only earned him a harsh slap to the face.

"Did I say you could talk?" he said angrily.

Logan felt his eyes well up with tears of fear and pain as his head was harshly slapped to the side. Another whimper escaped his lips when Jason roughly ripped his black-and-white striped t-shirt, exposing his torso. Moaning in sick pleasure, Jason shifted off Logan and moved down to roughly spread his legs apart.

"No!" Logan cried out, struggling again the stronger guy, "Please don't!"

"Shut up, you little whore!" Jason groaned, thrusting himself roughly against Logan.

When Jason thrust himself against him, Logan could feel his growing erection through his jeans. He could feel Jason running his hands all over his body, making him feel sick to his stomach.

"Mmm, you're gonna like this." Jason moaned, leaning up on his knees.

He undid his jeans and pulled them down, exposing his hardened member. Logan's eyes widened when he saw how big Jason was. He was at least seven-and-a-half inches long and so thick.

"Like what you see?" Jason moaned.

Logan was too scared to answer. He was almost shaking in fear. Jason wasted no time in pulling Logan's jeans and boxers together down his legs, his shoes getting lost somewhere in the jumble of fabric. Logan tried to close his legs to hide himself, but Jason roughly yanked them apart again.

"Oh, you're not gonna hide from me." he said, "The fun is just getting started."

Logan felt the burning tears slide down his cheeks as Jason lowered himself down between his legs. With a menacing smirk, Jason thrust himself into Logan without any preparation or lube. An agonised cry tore from Logan's throat as Jason roughly pushed in all the way. It felt as if he were being ripped open. He cried out again as Jason began to thrust.

"Mmm, that's it." Jason moaned in sick pleasure, "Cry out. Scream. No one's gonna hear you."

Tears streamed down Logan's cheeks and he cried out in agony.

"PLEASE STOP!" he cried, "PLEASE!"

But his cries were futile; Jason was not backing down. Jason's thrusts gradually sped up until he was practically slamming himself as deep as he could inside Logan. The sounds of his sick moans of pleasure filled the room, as did Logan's cries and whimpers of pain. Logan couldn't believe this was happening. It didn't seem real. Maybe it was all a horrible dream. But he was quickly brought back to reality by a sudden blinding pain. Jason had changed the angle of his thrusting and now he was pushing in much deeper and harder. A louder agonised cry tore from Logan's throat and his back arched in pain.

"Mmmm, it feels good, doesn't it?" Jason moaned, "You like having such a big cock inside you."

Logan whimpered as he felt blood start to trickle out of his opening. He could tell Jason was getting close. The thrusts were coming harder now, and he reached up to grip Logan's forearms, firmly pinning them to the mattress.

"Mmmm, you're so tight!" Jason groaned, "Tell me you like it."

When Logan didn't answer, he was rewarded by a hard slap across his cheek.

"Tell me!" Jason yelled in his face.

Whimpering in fear, Logan said, "I-I like it. I l-like it."

"You know you do." Jason moaned, shuddering in his sick pleasure.

With a few more rough, extremely painful thrusts, Jason groaned loudly and released his hot cum deep inside Logan's body. It especially hurt now. Not so much physically, but emotionally for Logan. It all sank in. It was real now. He had just been raped. He cried out in pain and anguish when Jason came inside him. When Jason released inside him, it made him feel so dirty, so used. With a groan, Jason pulled out of him. This caused a weak, pained gasp to escape Logan's lips. He looked down and saw Jason standing, re-dressing himself. Once Jason was dressed, he walked over and untied Logan's hands and yanked him roughly to his feet.

"Wh-what are you d-doing?" Logan whimpered, practically being dragged across the room.

Jason didn't answer. He pushed Logan over behind a stack of boxes and crates. A pained cry tore from Logan's lips when he was thrown roughly against the concrete wall. Jason grabbed him around the throat and squeezed hard, holding him still. Logan trembled in fear and gasped for breath, too weak to fight back.

"You wanted it." Jason whispered menacingly, "The way you were standing alone and so sexy at the table. You were practically begging for it."

"P-please..." Logan gasped, "L-let me go."

He felt the air rush into his lungs as Jason released the pressure on his neck.

"See ya later." Jason said.

And with that, he was gone. That was all he had to say? After raping and beating Logan, that was all he had to say. When Logan heard Jason's echoing footsteps disappear, he slowly sunk to the cold floor and let the tears fall. He curled up in a little bloody ball and cried his eyes out. He couldn't believe what had just happened. How could something so horrible be real? He just wanted to crawl into a hole and die. He felt so alone. So dirty. So used. He wished Kendall were here to hold him. At the thought of Kendall, Logan cried harder. How would he react to this? Would he still want him? Would he still love him?

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