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Chapter 6: It's Over

In the few weeks following Logan's meeting with Daniel, he had started speaking twice a week with a rape crisis counselor that was affiliated with Daniel's group. This seemed to him the definitive beginning of the healing process because he could finally get everything off his chest to someone who truly knew what he was going through and could help in a way that Kendall couldn't.

Since seeing the counselor, everyone around Logan could tell that the brunette boy seemed to be getting better. There was a certain spring back in his step and a sparkle had returned to his beautiful brown orbs. He had started going to dance rehearsals again and he even started writing a few songs about being strong and overcoming seemingly impossible obstacles. After reading them, Gustavo told him that he might consider producing them for the band's next album. All of Logan's closest friends were so proud of him, but no one was prouder than Kendall. He had gone from seeing his beloved Logan unwilling to even get out of bed and falling apart at the slightest little thing to taking back control of his life and finally starting to get back to his old self. He knew Logan still had a ways to go on the road to healing, but they all just took it one day at a time. There were good days and there were bad days, but for the first time in a long while, the good outnumbered the bad.

One evening about two months after Logan had coffee with Daniel, Carlos bounded into the living room where Kendall and Logan were relaxing on the couch after having got home from an extra long rehearsal day.

"Hey, guys, all of us just decided to go see a movie. You two wanna come with?" The raven haired boy asked.

"I'm out. Gustavo had us on our feet all day and all I wanna do is sit back and relax." Logan answered.

"Kendall?" Carlos shifted his gaze.

"Same here. Plus, I don't wanna go and just leave Logan here all by himself." The blonde boy replied.

"Fine. You two sit here and one of you watch soap operas while the other reads the newspaper like an old married couple, and we'll go out and actually have fun." Carlos said before a rather immature sticking out of his tongue.

"Am I the only one who notices that he seems to revert back to childhood, like, fifteen times a day?" Logan asked as Carlos walked off in a slight huff.

Kendall giggled softly and draped an arm across the smaller boy's shoulders. Shortly after, James, Carlos, Katie, and Mama Knight appeared from the hallway. Everyone was dressed for a night out; nice but not too nice for a movie theater.

"Were heading out now, boys. You sure you don't wanna come?" Mama Knight asked.

"Na." Kendall answered.

Mama Knight nodded, "Well, there's chicken nuggets and fish sticks and tater tots in the freezer, and I'll have my phone on vibrate if you need anything."

"Got it." Kendall said.

With that, everyone headed out the front door, leaving Kendall and Logan alone in the apartment. The pair sat in silence for a while, watching an episode of Cold Case that they'd seen a dozen times already.

"Hey, I've got an idea." Kendall said, turning to Logan, "Why don't I go get us a pizza and we can have our own movie night right here?"

"Can we get Canadian bacon on the pizza?" Logan asked with a small but excited smile that showed his adorable dimples.

"Yep, and with extra mushrooms just the way you like it." Kendall answered.

"Sounds fun. It's been a long time since we had a date." Logan replied.

"My point exactly." Kendall said as he gave Logan a brief kiss on the lips before getting up to put his shoes back on, which he'd kicked off next to the couch, "I'll be back as soon as I can. You can't rush good pizza."

" 'Kay, bye." Logan said as his boyfriend turned and walked out the door.

Almost as soon as the front door shut, Logan got up and made his way down the hall to his and Kendall's room to pick out a few movies from their extensive collection. He sighed heavily as he combed through the DVDs on the rack next to the TV. He only had time to finally pick out one before he heard a bumping noise coming from the other room. His first thought was that Kendall had gotten all the way down to the parking lot and realized that he'd forgotten his car keys. Tossing the DVD onto the bed, he walked into the main area of the apartment. Hm, no Kendall.

"Kendall?" He called as he looked around.

He received no answer. Just as he was about to brush the whole thing off, he was suddenly grabbed roughly from behind. A hand clamped down over his mouth, preventing him from crying out and he felt the coldness of a gun pressed against his head.

"Scream and you die." A deep, throaty voice muttered in his ear.

The brunette boy was immediately paralyzed with fear. He would recognize that voice anywhere. Jason! Almost before the thought could even register, Logan felt himself being roughly dragged down the hall. He struggled a bit; he would have fought harder, but the gun pressed to his head kept him from doing so. 'Oh, God, what is he gonna do to me?' Logan thought over and over as Jason yanked him into his and Kendall's bedroom.

Jason kicked the door shut behind them before turning Logan around to face him, "Take your clothes off." He ordered.

Logan gulped down the lump of fear forming in his throat. He saw nothing but pure evil in Jason's eyes. He had no remorse for what he was doing. He had no consideration for the families he had ruined in the past. He was pure evil.

"P-please don't do this." Logan begged.

Jason's eyes narrowed and Logan heard the unmistakable sound of the gun cocking, "Do it."

Logan shut his eyes against the tears forming in them and with shaking hands, he began disrobing. He went as slowly as he could without angering Jason further. Once the last remaining article of clothing was off, Logan felt very vulnerable and exposed. He clenched and unclenched his hands as he fought with the urge to cover himself. Jason moaned and a sick smile tugged at one corner of his mouth as he raked his eyes up and down Logan's naked body.

"Sit on the end on the end of the bed." He said, gesturing with the gun.

With a soft sniffle, Logan did as he was told. Jason quickly stepped up in front of him, "Suck me." He gave a simple yet shattering order. Logan glanced between the gun and the slight bulge in Jason's jeans with tears in his eyes. He had no choice but to be put through this torture and humiliation again. He tried to mentally remove himself from the room as he reached to pull down Jason's jeans and underwear. He felt sick to his stomach when he had to put it in his mouth and listen to Jason's sadistic moans of pleasure. When he didn't seem to be going fast enough, Jason grabbed his hair and thrust roughly into his mouth, making him gag as hot tears slid down his cheeks. All Logan could think was, 'God, someone please help me!'

The whole ordeal seemed to go on forever, but in reality it was only about fifteen minutes. Jason came with a loud groan and a tightening of his fist around Logan's hair. As he pulled back, he pressed the gun hard against Logan's head, "Swallow." Logan shut his eyes as he forced himself to do so with a look of disgust. He immediately coughed and choked on a wave of nausea. Jason only laughed at him as he pulled his jeans back up.

"A-are you gonna kill me?" Logan asked when he was sure he wasn't going to throw up.

"Of course I am, but not with this." He held up the gun momentarily, "I'm gonna throw you off the roof so it looks like you committed suicide. Everyone knows how fragile you've been lately; nobody will give it a second thought and I'll just walk away."

Logan's tears started falling harder that before. He saw no way out of this. If he tried to run or fight Jason, he would just get shot.

"C-can I at least put my clothes back on f-first?" He asked; at least he could die with some dignity.

"Yeah, go ahead. It'll look more convincing that way." Jason answered.

A thousand things ran through Logan's mind as he re-dressed as slowly as possible. He thought about all the things he had always wanted to do, all the places he'd wanted to go, how his friends and family and his mom were going to feel when they thought that he'd ended his own life. He thought about how Kendall was going to feel and what he would think of him. He just wished he could hug and kiss Kendall one last time and tell him how much he loved him.

Just as Logan pulled his t-shirt back over his head, the unmistakable sound of the front door opening and lightly slamming shut resounded throughout the apartment. Both his and Jason's eyes shot to the bedroom door and they listened.

"Logan? You here? I got the pizza!" Kendall's voice called.

A flood of relief and urgency washed over Logan; his guardian angel must be working overtime. His thoughts shifted from mentally telling everyone he loved goodbye to how to fight for his life as well as the safety of his boyfriend.

"Don't say a word." Jason growled as he pointed the gun directly at Logan's face.

A moment later, the sound of footsteps approached out in the hall. Jason quickly hid behind the door as it opened and Kendall stepped inside. The blonde boy's happy demeanor immediately changed when he saw the look of panic on Logan's face.
"Logie, what's-" before he could finish his sentence, he was grabbed from behind and held at gunpoint.

"No, Jason, please don't hurt him! I'll do anything you want, just please don't hurt him!" Logan pleaded with his arms outstretched.

"'Jason'? Is this the guy that raped you?" Kendall asked, gasping from shock and disbelief.

Logan nodded as his eyes darted from Jason, to Kendall, to the gun, and back.

"You bastard, I'll kill you!" Kendall growled as he struggled in Jason's bear-like grip.
"I don't think so. As long as I've got this," he pressed the gun harder against Kendall's head, "I hold all the cards here."

"Not for long." Kendall muttered as he reached around and grabbed Jason's arm to twist the gun away from his head, "Logan, grab it!" He yelled whilst the two of them struggled for power over the weapon.

Logan rushed forward into the fray, his adrenalin coursing like a river through his veins. The three of them fought for a short time before the ear-splitting bang of the gun going off sliced through the air. The next few seconds seemed to go in slow motion when Logan watched with wide eyes as Kendall fell to the floor. Almost instantly, a red stain began to pool on the carpet next to his head. Logan's heart wrenched and he tried to run to his boyfriend, crying out, "NOOO! KENDALL!" But Jason grabbed him before he could reach him and began hauling him through the bedroom door, "GET THE HELL OFF ME! I'VE GOTTA HELP KENDALL!"

Needless to say, Jason had no sympathy nor did he relent. He proceeded to drag a struggling and crying Logan through the apartment and out the front door. As soon as they got into the hall, they both froze when they found themselves face to face with James, Carlos, Mrs. Knight, and Katie. The group had come back home because the movie they had wanted to see wasn't showing that night. The latter four's faces turned from content smiles to looks of absolute shock in a split second.

"Nobody move." Jason ordered, pointing the gun toward everyone, "Logan and me are just gonna walk out of here and none of you have to get hurt." He slowly backed away down the hall.

"DON'T WORRY ABOUT ME; JUST HELP KENDALL!" Logan cried as he and Jason disappeared around the corner.

As soon as the initial shock wore off, James seemed to kick into a rarely seen survival mode.

"I'm gonna go after them. You guys go in and check on Kendall and call nine-one-one. And the cops! Call the cops a-and that Daniel-guy that's been helping Logan."

He finished his frantic instructions and then rushed in the direction that Jason had taken. When he rounded the corner, the only indication of where they had gone was a half-open door to the stairwell. His feet started moving almost before the thought registered. His breath was heaving and his heart raced as he entered the stairwell. It was completely empty and silent, but something told him that he should go up. He ran as fast as he could, taking the steps two and three at a time.

When he finally reached the door to the roof, he flung it open and was hit by a burst of cool late-evening wind. The first thing he heard was Logan's desperate cries. He looked to the right just in time to see Jason hoisting Logan up onto the ledge of the roof. There was no way he could run the distance in enough time to stop him from pushing Logan over, so he thought fast and grabbed one of the many palm-sized stones covering the surface of the roof and hurled it with surprising accuracy at Jason's head. The stone his it's target, causing Jason to double over and grab his head.

"Get the hell away from Logan!" He yelled angrily as he sprinted over.

Jason straightened and raised his gun to fire, but James ducked and tackled him to the ground before he could. When they hit the ground, the gun flew out of Jason's hand. James delivered a couple of hard punches to the psychopath's face, then grabbed the gun as he stumbled to his feet. Jason immediately sat up, but stopped when he saw the gun pointed directly at him.

"You're not gonna shoot me." He laughed and taunted, "You don't have the guts."

"No, I won't shoot you...but I will do this." James answered before whacking Jason as hard as he could on the head with he butt of the gun.

He succeeded in knocking him unconscious.

"James! Help! I'm slipping!" Logan, who was dangling from the ledge, desperately called.

James didn't know exactly how Logan ended up hanging from the ledge; he assumed that Jason had bumped into him when he'd been hit by his projectile stone. It didn't really matter. He quickly sprinted over and grabbed Logan by the upper arms and hauled him back over to safely. Almost before Logan's feet touched the ground, the brunette boy collapsed in tears, which startled James, who was dragged down with him because he still had a grip on his arms. At that same moment, Carlos sprinted through the stairwell door.

"What's happening? What going on?" The raven-haired boy asked in concern as he rushed over to them.

"I don't-" James started, but Logan interrupted.

"JASON KILLED KENDALL! HE SHOT HIM IN THE HEAD!" He cried with tears of utter sorrow streaming down his cheeks.

"Logan, Kendall's not dead. The bullet just grazed him. He's okay." Carlos reassured as he knelt next to his wailing friend.

"W-what?" Logan asked, trying to calm his sobbing so he could hear.

"Kendall's okay! The bullet just grazed him. He's in an ambulance downstairs." Carlos explained.

For a moment, Logan just stared at him in disbelief. Could it really be true? Could his Kendall really be alive?

"Please take me to him! Please!" He begged.

James and Carlos both helped Logan to his shaky legs and they proceeded to make their way downstairs, James carrying Jason's limp body over his shoulders. Logan wiped at his tears and tried to get his hitching breath under control as they crossed the lobby. The end of the parking lot nearest to the park was swarming with cop cars and police officers. The blue-and-red flashing lights illuminated half the parking lot and caused them to squint just a little when they wove their way through the maze of cars. There were a few more of them parked in the park itself along with two ambulances.

As they neared the two box-like vehicles, Logan looked frantically around the small sea of faces, looking for the one he desperately needed to see. That's when he saw him: Kendall! He was sitting just inside the back of one of the ambulances with a handful of gauze pressed to the side of his head.

"Oh, God..." Logan uttered under his breath as he ran forward to the one he loved more than anything.

He flung his arms around Kendall as more tears fell.

"Ow, ow, ow! Bleeding here!" Kendall exclaimed.

"Oh, baby I'm sorry, I just-" Logan apologized as he pulled away, "I-I thought you were...I thought I'd lost you."

Kendall's heart went out to his nearly emotionally drained boyfriend with his face reddened, his cheeks tear stained, and his hair disheveled. Extending his free arm, he pulled Logan into a comforting hug and let him cry softly on his shoulder.

"Its okay, Logie. I'm here, you're here, nobody else got hurt; everything's okay." He whispered soothingly.

"He's right." A familiar voice appeared behind Logan.

The brunette boy turned and saw Daniel standing there with his usual look of calm and understanding.

"I promise Jason is never gonna hurt you or anyone else ever again. There is a mountain of evidence against him and he's going away for the rest of his miserable life." Daniel explained, placing a brief hand on Logan's shoulder.

"So it's all over?" Logan asked.

"Well, you will have to testify at his trial, but yeah, it's over." Daniel answered.

"That won't be a problem. If I got through all this, I can get through anything...with Kendall's help." Logan said.

Daniel smiled, "You two really are lucky to have each other. I'm proud of both of you." He said as he walked away.

Kendall gently squeezed Logan's hand both to comfort and to get his attention.

"See, I told you, everything's gonna be okay." He said softly, making Logan smile through the subsiding tears.

"Its over."

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