This is an Assassin Creed story, If you've never played the game then idk but this is my first FF for this so idk how it's going to end up. Oh and please (if you do read this) read the foot note at the end please!

This fic is about if Desmond had to start recruiting after Brotherhood (Which I have finished but this is ending happily xD lol I hate the ending to Brotherhood.) This is the story of one a new recruit watching what's going on in the "hideout" and yes its in Italy :D cause I flippin love Italy lol

Orfeo walked into the hideout just like Desmond told him to do. This would be the first time he was part of the group, Desmond recruited him two days before. Walking in, he heard people talking, well more like arguing.

"Oh shove off Augusto, You're not the greatest" The tiny woman said, Augusto huffed.

"I'm the highest ranking here." The girl rolled her eyes at his answer

"Yeah, for now. Don't forget I'm right below you, just a few more kills and I'll snatch that title right out of your hand." She said putting her hands on her hip. Wow they are comparing kills? Orfeo thought. An older, but not to older, woman put her hand on the other girls should.

"Down Ornella" the woman said gently. "Don't need him pulling a blade on you." The man smiled while the girl glared.

"But Adele!" She said. Adele shook her head and Ornella sighed. "Fine" She glared at the man "This isn't over Augusto." He smiled and waved as she left. Adele looked at him sternly.

"What?" he said shrugging his shoulders "It's her fault, she's the one who came over and started comparing" Adele sighed.

"And you know what gets to her and that you love bothering here." She looked at him sadly. "I know you miss Bianca." He growled at her "And I know that you think that Ornella looks just like her and that's why you also mess with her." Augusto stepped away from the wall he was leaning on.

"You have no right to talk about her" Adele glared at him.

"I have every right! I knew her too! She was my friend also!" Augusto glared at her.

"But you weren't in love with her! You have Nino, Gio, Alessandro & Rinaldo has some girl they keep running off to see, Marco doesn't like anyone, boy or girl, and very happy about that. The only other lonely person here is Ornella." He sighed.

"I know but that doesn't mean you get to mess with her about it! She's one of those girls who don't like it when men are above her" He laughed.

"Yeah she really shows that"

"AUGUSTO!" Adele shouted.

"ADELE!" he shouted back "See I can do it to."

"Ugh! You're such a child. I don't know how we've dealt with you! I don't now how B did!" She ran her fingers through her hair. "Your complete ass you know that?" He chuckled.

"Yeah I know." The girl rolled her eyes. That's when Orfeo coughed to catch their attention. They looked at him. "Oh hello" Adele said and smiled "You must be Orfeo" She held her hand out "I'm Adele" They shook hands and then she pointed to the man "And this idiot is Augusto. And before he says anything yes he is the highest ranked one here." Orfeo shook his hand.

"FOR NOW!" a voice said from nowhere. Adele sighed.

"And that was Ornella." Orfeo nodded

"Nice to meet you all." He said. Adele smiled.

"So where are you from?" She asked leading him more into the hideout.

"Florida" Adele was shocked "What?" He asked.

"Well one, your name is Italian and from what I remember there's not a lot in FL and most of us are from here, not from the states." Orfeo nodded and understanding. "So that's why it took awhile for you to get here. We had a pigeon tell us you were coming but we didn't know why it was taking so long." Orfeo looked up at her in surprise.

"Pigeon?" Adele nodded.

"People don't think much of pigeons flying around, why would the Templar know? They didn't know back in Ezio's day" Orfeo nodded, not really knowing who Ezio was. Augusto sighed figuring that out.

"He's one of Desmond ancestors, who was doing the same thing Desmond is doing. He's from Italy" Augusto looked up. "We are in his house right now" Orfeo was taken by surprised. Wow.

"How do you now that?" He asked.

"Desmond history is filled with assassins, famous ones too." Orfeo nodded and Adele looked at him curiously. "Do you know if you have an assassin background?" She asked. Orfeo shook his head.

"No I don't." He shrugged his shoulders. "My dad was a banker before he was killed and my mother wrote. If they were assassins then they were really good at not saying anything." Adele nodded and then smiled.

"Well welcome to the brotherhood" She smiled and Orfeo, despite his usual weariness, he smiled back.

"Thanks" Maybe it might be so hard around here. The door opened and a blonde woman and a Desmond walked in.

"Hello" They said and went past the group until Desmond noticed Orfeo. He turned to the blonde woman. "I'll be in there in a second." She nodded and walked away upstairs. Desmond walked over. "I see that you've met two of the other recruits" Orfeo nodded and Desmond looked up at Augusto "And I hope some people haven't chased you off." Adele giggle and Orfeo smiled and shook his head. Augusto huffed.

"As if. I'm not that scary" Augusto said putting his arms across his chest. Another voice scoffed and Orfeo turned to see a man with fabric over his face, showing his eyes.

"Yeah, and Adele doesn't throw plates when she's pissed" Adele rolled her eyes.

"Shove off Rinaldo" She said and walked away to sit with the other girl. Rinaldo turned to Orfeo

"Hey, I'm Rinaldo, but you can call me Ri" Orfeo nodded.

"Nice to meet you." They shook each others hands and then Orfeo turned to Desmond. "Where am I staying?" Desmond pointed to a room next to them.

"You'll share one with Ri and Augusto." Ri smiled.

"Awesome" Ri said "Come on, lets get you settled." Orfeo nodded and walked into the room. The room had four single beds and was pretty big. "The two near the far right window are mine and Aggies"

"IT'S AUGUSTO!" They heard from the entrance and a couple of laughs.

"Haha anyways. Take your pick, and in the closet are four different shelving units, you'll see which ones are taken." Orfeo nodded.

"Thanks" Ri nodded and walked out. Orfeo looked around the room. In the far right corner was pretty neat but the bed next to it, they were about 5 feet away, was very messy as if a tornado just sat right there. He was guessing it was Ri's side. After getting settled and putting his stuff in the closet, which the ones that were taken matched the beds, he went out into the opening and looked around the house.

There were two stories. On the bottom story was a huge entrance area on the left side was a living room and a kitchen, then there were the rooms on the other side. He hadn't been upstairs yet to see what was up there.

He walked into the living room to see 8 people sitting or standing around the room. A girl turned her head and smiled. It was Adele.

"Hey Orfeo" She got out of the man arms she was sitting in and grabbed Orfeo's arm. "Come meet everyone." He nodded his head and walked over there with him. She pointed to the man she was sitting with before "This is Nino, Next to him is Marco. The other girl is Ornella, next to her is Alessandro and standing over there is Gio and you've already met Ri and Augusto, who are standing next to him. Everyone this is Orfeo" Everyone said there greeting and Orfeo waved.

"Hi" They all went back to what they were and Adele turned to him.

"So I've talked to Lucy, who's going to talk to Rebecca to see if you can go and see if you have any assassin's in your bloodline" Orfeo just blinked and a voice laughed.

"Darling, I think you should tell him how he's going to see and who Lucy and Rebecca is." Nino, the man that had his arms wrapped around Adele before said and the ones near him chuckled. Adele rolled her eyes. For being the older one she can be preppy like a younger girl.

"I was getting to that" She huffed and the other girl laughed. "Anyways Lucy was the blonde woman with Desmond, they are engaged and Rebecca runs the Animus or "Baby" as she calls it. It lets you see your past and who your ancestors were." Orfeo nodded.

"That's very interesting" he said truthfully. "When exactly did you ask?" He'd only got there not even an hour ago. A man chuckled.

"Our dear Adele here likes working fast; while you were unpacking she raced up there to ask." Adele glared at the man.

"Thank you Marco" He just smiled. Orfeo laughed.

"Augusto, Ornella come with me." They glared at each other but got up and walked over to Desmond who had just walked in. They followed them into another room. Orfeo looked at Adele and noticed the worry in her features.

"What's wrong?" He asked. Adele just sighed and sat on Nino's lap.

"They aren't the best with each other, they both get on each others nerves" Orfeo remember when he walked in they were fighting. "When Desmond calls them like that it means they are going on a mission which means they aren't going to like it." Orfeo nodded.

"I see." He said. He looked around the room and noticed that most of the group went back to what they were doing. He examined each of them.

Gio was standing in the corner he was before his face was hidden by his hood and his hands where holding up his head. It looked as if he was staring at the ground.

Looking next to Gio he saw Ri who seemed to trying to catch a bug. Despite his childish behavior he was very calm when he needed to be. Like before the bug catching, he was very calm. Orfeo was just trying to figure out why was trying to catch the bug.

Next he looked at Alessandro who was watching the TV that was in the room and drinking his drink. From what Orfeo saw he had blue eyes but his hood was up now so he couldn't really get a good look at him.

Next to him is Marco who was reading intently at his book. His hair was short, and brown. And even thought he was on a slightly crowed couch he didn't care. He was into his book.

Next to him was Nino and Adele, talking quietly to each other, trying not to bother anyone. Nino was twirling Adele's already curly brown hair and she would occasionally lightly run her fingers over his short hair, which he would loving smile at her.

Watching them two made Orfeo miss his parents. They would do things like that, even when they thought know one was watching. Looking around it was a very peaceful.

"UGH!" until now. The room turned their head to the entrance. "WHY CAN'T ADELE GO ON IT! WHY DO I HAVE TO GO ON IT WITH HIM!" Ornella was screaming while she was walking out of the room. The blonde woman, Lucy, tried to stop her.

"Ornella it was an assignment for you and Augusto. You know Desmond didn't set this up" Ornella glared at him.

"I Don't care who set it up! I'M NOT GOING WITH HIM!" Adele sighed and stood up and walked out there.

"Ornella" Ornella sighed and looked at Adele. "Stop this. Go on the mission like you were told." Ornella glared at her.

"You don't have to do what I have to do Adele! I have to ACT LIKE HIS WIFE!" The whole living rooms eyes widen and a few smiles were trying to be held back.

"Oh like I'm happy about this too, dear" Augusto said coming out of the room, making the last word like it was venom. "But you heard them. We were chosen to do this." Ornella sighed.

"I hate you all" She walked away into another room next to the room they were just in and slammed the door. Lucy started rubbing her temples.

"Someone deal with her." She said walking back upstairs. Desmond came out of the room and walked ran next to Lucy. Adele sighed and turned to Augusto

"Go calm her down" he looked at her.

"Why do I have to! She's pissed at me. Why would she listen to me?" Adele rolled her eyes.

"Because she's more willing to listen to you!" She said and walked away into the living room and into the kitchen and the she turned to us. "Who wants chicken for dinner?" all the hands went up in the room. "Good" She said and walked fully into the kitchen. Marco laughed and nudged Nino.

"See what your going deal with?" Nino chuckled.

"She's a very deadly. Especially with a knife.

"And you know what I can do with other things" her voice traveled into the room. Nino smiled.

"Love you darling!" She just kept cooking.

After that most of them returned to what they were doing besides Nino who was now watching TV with Alessandro. When Orfeo looked into the entrance area he didn't see Augusto standing in the hall like he was before. Orfeo wondered if he went into Ornella's room or not. He shook his head and looked around once again.

It was very interesting being a new guy in a house filled with high ranked assassins and it was only his first day. He started wondering what tomorrow will be.

It's going to get very, very interesting.

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