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Annabeths POV

All i saw was a bright light. It was tempting to just...touch it. Weirdly, my eyes werent seemed much brighter than the sun...

Why cant I look away? It felt like the light was wrapped around felt...good.

Come with me...come with me... its repeating in my head. Looking was blank.

Suddenly, flicks of my life showed in front of me. Baby, Toodler, Kid, Teenager...then it stopped me. Frozen, it simply just showed Percys face, smiling at me. Tears ran down my cheek as i tried to touch him.

"Percy?" i screamed

Frantic, i ran around...this, place if it is. The light was everywhere. Every turn, and every corner. There was no escape. Then, there was a long, and painful pull against me. The light became even brighter, but once again, it didnt even bother me. My eyes traced back to Percy as the picture slowly faded away.

Then it hit me. Light? Memories? Pulling? My life, its being pulled away from me.

Im dead.

Trying to get my attention, the light flashed at my face. Dazed, I stared straight into it.

Come with me...come with me...

Percys POV

Shes gone. My life is over. How am I supposed to move on? She shouldnt have left the house...

Angry, I paced back and forth. "Why me? Did I do anything wrong?"

Roughly, I went inside of my pocket and brought out my wallet. Opening it, there was the picture of Annabeth and I, at a picnik. I put whip cream on her nose, and took at picture of her laughing. She was angry, yet thought that was very hiliarious. But now, she is dead, and im alone.

All alone.

Annabeths POV

Stepping towards it, i just felt different. A better different. A smile crept across my face. As I let out a relaxed sigh out, my feet came to a halt.

What is happening?

Percys POV

Spilling tears, I closed my wallet. As I looked at the clock, it was 10:54 PM. Time to go home...

"Home sweet home.." i choked

Walking towards the door, the nurse came out and tugged my arm.


"Jackson. What do you want?"


"Yes she is dead., and I need to sign some papers. Can this wait in the morning? Im really not in the mood."

"But sir-"


Tired, and frustrated, I continued to walk out the door. Tears came out of my face as I walked towards my car. Once again the nurse came pouring out the hospital doors.

" Your wife is alive!" she yelled

Shocked, I stopped. "What do you mean?"

"When then lady died..for a long period of time actually, her heart started beating on its own. When us nurses came by to check on her, she kept crying 'The light, the light'. Were trying to calm her down but-"

Running, I went around the nurse and turned into Annabeths room. What I was expecting, was her to scream my name, I hug her tight, tell her everything will be okay, and kiss her. dont always get what you expect right?

Right. Annabeth was crying, and when she saw me she acted like she didnt care. The doctor and another nurse is telling her to calm down. but she kept repeating,"The light...the light..."


She turned her head and looked at me. "Percy?"

With that word, i broke down. My throat was thick with tears. My mouth wouldnt move.

"Your alive..."

"I know."

'I know'? How could she say 'I Know'?

"Are You okay?" i said as i ran to her

"No..." she cried

"What? Why?"

Oh maybe she got into a car accident, got GLASS plunged into her CHEST, then DIED, then came back alive.

Ignoring that thought, i focused back on Annabeth.

"The light..."

"What 'light'?" I asked

Taking a moment, i finally knew what she meant.

"Annabeth, your home. Your home..." I cried

Hugging her, multiple tears dripped onto my shirt.

"Percy, this wasnt your fault. When I died, the light was everywhere. My life really flickered before my eyes. It felt so good, but then I felt apart of me missing. You were that missing piece. Before I went into the light, I thought of you. And then I woke up again. You brought me back Percy. It was all you.." she sobbed

"I love you so damn much..." I kissed her

Smiling, she started to cough. Soon enough, a small trace of blood ran down her mouth.

"Ow.." she muttered

"What is it?" I said, concerned

"Nurses! Time to bring her into the ER! Im so stupid..." he yelled

"What-whats happeneing?"

"I shouldve done this sooner, but this lady-"

"Annabeth." i cut in

"Annabeth, still has the glass plunged into her heart. And I need to cut her open and remove that glass. Within a matter of hours or so, she WILL die. I need to get herr in NOW or you will lose your beloved one...again." he added

Okay, first I get her back, then she is forced to go into surgery, and to top it off she might die! What the hell is happening? No, why the hell does this has to happen to her?

"SIR! You need to decide...NOW." the doctor said in a strict tone

"How long?"

"Three to four hours to the most. But , I need to go now before its to-"

"FINE! Go on ahead...just go..."

"Thank you sir." the doctor nodded "NURSE! Help me pull her into the ER now please. And make it fast. Were already running out of time..."

Once again, Annabeth coughed.

"Annabeth, they will pull you into to surgery, fix you up, then you will be all better again." I said as I help back my tears

"Better? Percy, I dont want to."

"But Annabeth-"

"You dont understand!" she screamed

"Yes I do! Annabeth, you DIED. You heard me? DIED! I think I understand every little piece." i spat

"No, you dont. I'll feel like a piece of string! Knowing at any moment, some one will cut me in half and BOOM! Im dead...again."

"Thats not going to-"

"How would you know? Huh One? just so scared..." she sobbed

"Lets go!" The doctor announced

"Annabeth, listen to me. I love you so much. And dont think I'm saying this because I think your going to die. I KNOW you wont. Im telling you this so you can think about me. Think about us. And before you knew it, you will be back again going into recovery."

"Really?" she whispered

"Really." I kissed her

Suddenly, they started to pull her out of the room. My hand was holding hers, and while she was laying the bed shaking, she kept her eyes on me.

"Sir you need to let go now." the doctor said

Slowly, I let go.

Looking straight at her, a silent tear went down her cheek.

"You will be okay Annabeth!" I yelled as the doors closed "You will be okay..."

I hope.

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