It had been a month since graduation. I reached over and squeezed his hand as we drove into Seattle. Edward and I pulled into the parking lot. "You don't have to do this," He said looking at me.

"Edward, its time to put the past in the past and this is the only way that I can do it," I told him.

"If you are sure, then lets do it," He said turning off the car. I sighed nervously and opened my car door. Unfortunately he was faster than me and already at my door.

"Please stay close," I whispered getting more and more nervous as we walked.

"Bella, I'm not leaving your side, I promise."

We walked into the building and went through the metal detectors. I stopped and looked at the signs, not really reading it. I seriously thought I was going to vomit.

"Bella, visitors area is this way," Edward said taking my hand.

We walked quietly down the hall and over to a desk to sign in. "Go straight down that hall and to your right. They will scan you one more time and will give you instructions from there," The man said. Edward thanked him and lead me down the hall.

After being scanned, a different man opened up a huge metal door. "Take your time. You have no time limit," He said kindly.

I started feeling faint and had to lean against to wall, taking several deep breaths. "Ma'am are you ok?"

"She's never done this before and is nervous," Edward explained.

"Stay here. I'll be right back," The man told Edward.

He was back seconds later with a bottle of water. "Here you go. Good luck, I hope you find what you are looking for."


I put my hands on Bella's shoulders. "We can leave right now if you want to, but if you don't, I will be here through it all with you. This wont be easy, but I love you and as soon as we're done, we can go back to our son and family back at the hotel room," I told Bella.

She took a deep breath and we walked into the room. There sitting in at a table was a hard looking woman. Short gray hair and leathery skin. "Renee," Bella said as we sat down across from her.

"Well Isabella, look at you. I see the years haven't been kind to you," She said.

Renee looked right through me with her cold black eyes. I wasn't sure where Bella got her looks from, it must have been Charlie. "Renee, this is my fiance Edward. He's the father of my son."

She stuck her nose up at me and turned to Bella. "You don't write and haven't come to visit. Why now?"

"I need some answers," Bella said.

She smirked. "What?"

"Why did you allow that man to rape me at the age of 8? Why did you sit there and watch it happen and not doing anything about it?"

"Isabella, I didn't know it was going on until the end," She said innocently.

"Then why didn't you stop it when you realized what was going on?" She asked.

"You seemed to enjoy it," She told Bella.

"Oh my God! I was 8 years old when it started. It went on for 5 years! I hated every minute of it, but he made me think it was normal and that's what men did to little girls."

"You know Isabella, you were supposed to be in that car when your dad died," She said cruelly.

Bella sat there for a second breathing deeply as she was obviously trying to figure out what to say. "You deserve to be in here!"

"Is that the best you can do?" She said as Bella stood up.

I turned to look at her. "You know Bella always blamed herself for what happened to her. I understand now why she did, but I can tell you. You are one sick cold hearted bitch!" I yelled.

I took Bella's hand and walked her to the door. "And you better watch out. She will probably try to fuck up your kid too."

Bella was tense and trembling as we walked out of the prison. I was scared for her she wasn't even crying. There was a blank expression on her face. "Would you please say something?" I asked pulling out of the parking pulled her knees up to her chest lowering her head.

"There's nothing to say, she said it all right there. I'd enjoyed it," She whispered.

Rage flew through me, I had to grip the steering wheel. "What the hell Bella," I gasped. "You were a child and he hurt you! Do not allow her to put that back on you!"

Bella didn't respond she just started crying. I was wishing we'd never taken that trip. Everything she had worked so hard for, seemed to crumble in seconds. Even after all those years Renee still had her claws in Bella. I sent mom and dad a quick text telling them that we were on our way back to the hotel, but Bella and I needed some alone time. They responded back quickly, telling us to take all the time we needed and Andrew was being good.

I practically carried Bella back to our room. she had her arms wrapped tightly around her body and I held her up. "Sweetheart sit on the bed, I'll be right back."

"Where is Andrew?" She asked.

"With mom and dad," I said. I watched her sit down on the edge of the bed shaking. She was right in front of me, yet felt so distant. I shook my head and walked into the kitchenette. Renee would never know the damage she had caused Bella. A piece of me wanted her to feel everything Bella had ever been through.

I grabbed a bottle of water and turned. I jumped when I saw Bella standing there naked. "Honey, what are you doing?" I asked.

"I need you Edward, I need to feel you inside of me, on top of me, I just need you." Tears were streaming down her face and she was shaking..

I set the water bottle down and walked over to her, wrapping my arms around her so tightly I thought I was hurting her.

We made it over to the bed and she pulled me down with her. Her breathing staggered and her eyes dark and lust filled. I looked her dead in the eyes and she looked away from me. I brought her chin up and forced her to look in my eyes. "Do not hide from me."

"Edward," She whimpered.

"Lie down on the bed love, if you need me, you can have me."

Bella climbed into the middle of the bed shaking as I stripped my clothes off. "Love, do you want me to be on top or do you want to be?" I asked climbing in next to her.

"You," She choked out. She grabbed me around the neck and pulled me down on top of her.

I reached down dipping two fingers inside of her making sure she was ready. She gripped my hair kissing me fiercely. I circled her clit with my thumb several times. Bella broke the kiss gasping for air. "oh Edward," She gasped. Her walls clenching tightly around my fingers. Her body shook and her head fell back against the pillows, cuming forcefully on my hand. She pulled my hand up and licked it clean.

"Bella," I murmured leaning down to kiss her. She spread her legs wrapping them around me so she could hold me to her.

"Edward," She moaned as I thrust into her. I kissed her with urgency and she responded digging her nails in my back meeting my hips thrust for thrust. Her eyes were locked on mine. "Fuck me!" She demanded. I picked up pace. "Harder!" She cried. "Edward yes, right there, don't stop!"

"I've got you love," I said holding her closer causing me to go in deeper.

The only sounds in the room were our moans and our skin slapping together. The look in her eyes and feeling of her body was telling me I was giving her what she needed.

Bella reached down rubbing her clit frantically. I moved my mouth down to her neck nipping and sucking. "So fucking close," She cried out. I pulled out and slammed back into her several times. "Fuck!" She screamed as her release washed over her.

I slowed my thrusts down still feeling her tremors as she tried to regain composure. I felt my balls tighten up and I came forcefully falling down on top of her. I stayed buried deep inside of her, holding her as tears started streaming down her face. "I was a kid Edward," She sobbed. "She made me feel dirty."

"Oh Bella, it wasn't your fault. She was sick and obviously hasn't changed."

"Just hold me please," She cried. "Don't ever let me go." I rolled us over, keeping Bella tucked safely into me, our arms and legs tangled together. I kissed her forehead as she cried herself to sleep.

Once I was sure she was fast asleep, I carefully got up and sent dad a text telling him that I needed to see him. Then I got a quick shower and got dressed. Luckily Bella was still sleeping.

My parents and I got joint rooms separated by a door. I walked next door and found dad already there alone. "How did it go?" He asked.

"Awful, she told Bella she allowed it to go on, because she thought Bella enjoyed it."

Dad's face went from shock to anger. "Bella's not dealing well is she?"

"Not at all," I said. "She's barely speaking and when she does she's asking me to hold her and never let go."

"Sounds like she is needing to feel a connection with you, that she doesn't believe is there already." Dad said.

I hesitated and took a deep breath. "When we got home she basically stripped her clothes off and came to me begging me to have sex with her. She clawed my arms and back begging me for more. It was like she couldn't get enough and it scared me."

Talking about sex with my dad wasn't as awkward as I thought it should be. I guess it was because I was really worried about Bella and needed advice.

"Did she say anything during or after?" Dad asked.

"Just that Renee made her feel dirty."

"More than likely she feels like she is still under Renee's power and her only defense was to get as close to you as she could. If I had to guess, when she was younger, she used sex as a way to hold onto herself. As long as she was initiating it she felt safe and secure, but if it was being forced on her she had to go find someone to help her," Dad said.

"By having sex with them," I said.

"Exactly. Before you came alone she was dependent on Jake to fill her needs."

"They had sex once," I told dad.

"That doesn't surprise me," Dad said.

"She told me that before we started dating," I said. "I don't know the details but I know it was only once." I was starting to feel helpless.

"Edward, for what she has been through in her life, she has done amazingly well, but it will always be a struggle for her and she will have set backs."

"So what can I do?" I asked him.

"Be there when she needs you, encourage her to talk. You might even need to find her comfort zone before she will open up to and that might mean lying in bed together for hours at a time."

"What if she doesn't?" I asked.

"Then we call Patti immediately and get her help," Dad said.

"Thank you," I said softly.

Dad hugged me. "You are doing a great job."

"How do I help her and take care of Andrew though?"

"Your mom and I haven't let you struggle alone have we?" He asked smiling. "When she is at her low points, we will be there for him, while you are there for her. Mom and I will help Bella in whatever way we can, but you are going to be able to do the most."

I felt oddly at ease when I went back into our room. I took my clothes off and climbed back into bed with her waiting for her to wake up. I knew it could be hard when she did and was glad we had support from our parents.

Bella wrapped her arms and legs back around me and opened her eyes. "Hi," She whispered.

"Did you sleep good?" I asked pulling her into my arms and holding her tightly.

She nodded. "Edward, I'm sorry about earlier."

"Don't be," I said. "You needed me and I hope I was able to help you."

"More than you will ever know."

"Bella, you are safe," I said. "Renee, Phil, James, all those other assholes that would touch you or try to molest you are never going to come near you again."

Her eyes filled with tears. "I know that," She whispered. "I'm ok."

"Are you sure?" I asked her. "You really did scare me earlier. You shut yourself down again like you were 15 years old."

"Sitting across from her today, I felt like I was 13 all over again, trapped back inside Renee's prison," She looked at me and laughed sadly. "But, as I walked out with you today, leaving her sitting in the prison a part of me was scared that I was actually free from her evil ways."

I wiped away the loan tear that escaped. "You are free angel, you never have to see her again."

"It scared me when she said I would fuck up my son. That is my biggest fear."

"I know that, but Bella he loves you and I see the love for him in your eyes. You are the most amazing mom."

She rubbed her pussy slowly over my cock. I ran my hand over her breast kneading it as her nipple hardened. "This will be slow and gentle. Let me make love to you."

"I'm sorry about earlier," She whispered. "I just needed it."

"I know you did," I said kissing her.

Very slowly I worshiped her body caressing her, licking and nipping at every inch of skin I could find. At one point my kisses alone gave her an orgasm. We both stared at each other shocked. I had never had that happen before. Watching that happen caused me to become painfully hard. Our mouths moved together as we became one, swallowing our whimpers of pleasure. Our bodies moved slowly allowing me to touch her in ways I had never done before. In those moments nothing mattered, we loved each other and were expressing it in ways where words were not needed.

Bella grabbed my hands lacing our fingers together. Our eyes locked on each others as our bodies shook with release. We laid there holding each other trembling as I peppered her face with kisses.

"As much as I love you and want to stay in this bed forever, we really should go check on our son."

"Do we have to?" I pouted.

"Yes," She giggled softly kissing me.

Bella and I showered off and got dressed. She reached around me and hugged me. "Thank you," She whispered.

"For what love?"

"For loving me and making me feel worthy or being loved."

We found mom and dad sitting outside on a blanket with Alivia and Andrew eating lunch by the pool. "Mommy," Andrew said getting up and running towards us. Bella caught him in mid jump. "Fimming," He said pointing to the pool.

"Did you go swimming?" She asked him.

"Yep," He giggled.

"I love you Andrew," She said hugging him tightly.

"Love you," He said wiggling out of her arms and running back to the food.

"How are you doing Bella?" Mom asked.

"I'm getting there. It was really hard, but Edward was there to hold me. I know I'm not her and will never be her."

"We are so proud of you," Dad said pulling her into his arms and hugging her.

"I owe it all to you guys," She said pulling mom into the hug. "I wouldn't be here now if you guys had given up on me."


We sat there on the edge of the pool watching them swim with the kids. "I want to go to the cemetery."

"This afternoon?" He asked.

I looked at the clock, it was only 3pm. "Yah, I think I do. Everyone can go with us," I told him.

"Ok lets go," He said.

Thirty minutes later we were headed towards the cemetery. I was nervous. Mom and dad had the kids following us. I reached over and squeezed Edward's hand.

We pulled into the cemetery. I reached into my purse and pulled the directions out that Jake gave me a few years ago and handed them to Edward. Before I hadn't been strong enough to go, but now I was. I needed this. I needed some sort of closure on my past.

Edward drove a ways going around some turns and around a pond. He pulled the car to a stop. There were quite a few graves. "We're going to have to go look," He said getting out. He walked around and opened my car door.

"Can you tell mom and dad to give me just a minute to look. I know the kids are wild and ready to get out, but I just need a moment."

"Sure sweetheart. Do you want to do this alone or have me help you look?"

"Help me," I whispered.

Edward kissed my cheek and walked over to mom and dad saying something then returning back to me. "I'm going to walk up this way a bit and see. Why don't you walk over that way. From the look of the map, it's around this area," He said pointing to some trees.

I walked around for a minute until I came to a flat headstone and looked down. "Charlie Swan."

"Edward, come here," I said, tears were filling my eyes.

He walked over and hugged me tightly. "Oh Bella."

"I never realized how much I missed him until today," I cried.

"Charlie would be so proud of you," He said kissing my head.

"He would have made a great grandfather and I'm pretty sure he would have really loved Andrew, maybe even you too," I laughed sadly.

I felt two arms wrap around me, it was my other dad. "Are you ok Bella?" He asked.

I wiped away my tears. "Yah. I'm just sad that he never got to know you guys."

"I would have liked to have met him myself," Carlisle told me.

"I'm ready to go," I said softly. They put their arms around me and led me to the cars.

"Edward, I need to do one more thing this afternoon," I said as we were getting ready to leave the cemetery. I turned to my parents. "Can you take Andrew back to the hotel?" I asked. I felt horrible that I kept pushing my son off on to them.

"Bella, are you sure? This has been a pretty hard day?" Mom asked me.

"I'm ok," I assured her looking towards dad.

Dad hugged me. "Bell, I know this has been hard on you today, but your mom and I are really proud of you."

"Thanks dad," I said hugging him tightly.

Edward and I climbed into the car. "Where are we going?" He asked.

"I want to go back to my old house," I whispered. I watched his eyes bug out of his head. "I know, I know, but I need to." I whispered.

"Tell me how to get there," He said taking my hand.

It took us about 20 minutes to get there. My breathing hitched as he pulled down the dead end road. Billy's house was still there and then the house I grew up was the last house next to his. "Where should I park?" He asked.

"On the road," I told him.

I looked at Edward, he looked like he was going to be sick. "So this is the house?" He asked.

I nodded and took his hand. "It sure is," I was fighting a mixture of emotions as we walked toward the house. It was empty, and needing a good paint job.

We walked to the back yard. "There is the tree house that Jake and I used to sit in talking while my dad and his dad would grill out. It was also my escape from the..." I trailed off. Edward wrapped his arms around me as the tears fell. "He hurt me Edward." I cried.

"I know he did and I am so sorry. I wish I could have saved you," He whispered.

We stood there looking at the house. To be standing there in front of it was like a dream.

"Bella," I heard a voice call me. I spun around and my heart began pounding, I was shaking.

He was standing so close, yet felt so distant, I had avoided him at the wedding, but suddenly I needed to see him. "Billy," I cried.

"Oh God Bella, I never expected to see you standing here," He said walking towards us.

"Um, yah I didn't either," I said with a shaky voice.

Edward tightened his arms around me. "Billy, this is my fiance Edward. Edward, this is Jake's dad Billy."

"It's nice to finally meet you Billy," Edward said shaking his hand.

"Why don't you come over to my place and have a drink, I think we have some catching up to do," Billy offered. We kindly accepted and walked over to his house.

We all sat around Billy's kitchen table. I sipped my water, while they drank their cokes. "You look great Bella," Billy said looking at me.

"Thanks," I said.

It was awkwardly quiet. I looked at Billy and bit my lip, I needed some answers. "Billy, did you know what was going on?" I asked.

Billy looked down and sighed. "Bella, honey. I knew something wasn't right in that house starting the day that man moved in the night after your dad left. I just wasn't sure."

"If you knew something was wrong, why didn't you help me?" I asked.

"I did Bella, honestly I tried. When Jake first saw the bruises on your arms when you were 8, he came to me. Jake and I met with Charlie and told him what Jake saw. He went to his lawyer immediately and told him. He was going to fight for custody of you, unfortunately Phil was there when the sheriff served Renee papers and I could hear them screaming and fighting. I was scared and called Charlie. He felt his hands were tied, he didn't want to do anything with out the consent of the judge. Court was on scheduled on Monday, but Friday Charlie was killed."

"Did you know he was molesting me?" I asked. Edward tensed and Billy flinched.

"Bella, after Charlie's funeral, I knew things had changed, but I wasn't sure what to do. I just prayed it wasn't what it looked like, but I think at some level I knew he was. I just didn't know what to do. I'm so sorry Bella," He looked down at the table for a bit, then looked at me. "The afternoon everything went down, Jake came home in a mood. He seemed nervous, anxious and sick. I wasn't sure what was wrong with him. Then he found your bag. He said he would be right back. It took him10minutes and something didn't seem right. I stood there watching for him. I watched the door to the house fly open and he was running back with you in his arms. You were naked and bleeding. I knew then and there that I had failed you."

I couldn't stop the tears from falling. Edward put his arm around me. "What happened after that? I know you felt you had failed me, but why did you leave me in the hospital? How could you just walk away?" It was hard to keep the bitterness out of my voice.

"Oh honey, I didn't just walk away, not right away at least. That night, I sent Jake home. The doctors had sedated you. I sat there in the chair and held you. I didn't care you were a teenager, I held you in my arms. Victoria came in the next day to see you. I asked if I could take you home with me, but because I was a single man and lived next door to where it all happened she didn't feel it would be appropriate."

"I didn't know that Billy, I'm sorry," I whispered.

"Victoria called me a lot encouraging me to come visit, but I felt so guilty for not protecting you that I couldn't do it. Jake was the one who stepped in," Billy took a ragged breath. "He would update me on how you were, but at that time you weren't doing that great. I was so worried, but let my guilt stand in the way. I eventually had to tell him to stop telling me about you."

It was hard to be angry with such a broken man. "I'm sorry about not talking to you and Jake and Nessie's wedding, I just didn't know what to do, it had been so long since I saw you last."

He nodded. "I wanted to talk to you, but wasn't sure how to or even what to say. You seemed busy with a baby and Edward. You were also surrounded by family and a very pregnant woman. And then when I got up the courage, you two ran out."

I smiled. "Esme, my mom. She had the baby a week later." I said laughing softly at the memory. "Billy, life was awful, there were times that I dreamed about dying. Victoria came to move me to Forks saying it was my last option. I didn't believe her at first, but now, she was right. I was close to death."

"I'm so sorry Bella," He said reaching out to take my hand.

"Things turned out great Billy. Edward and I have a beautiful little boy. It wasn't easy, but I turned out fine."

"You are beautiful. Charlie would be happy for you," He said softly.

"I hope so," I sighed.

"So are you two here by yourselves?" Billy asked.

"No, my parents came with us. They have Andrew and Alivia back at the hotel room. We are staying until Sunday," Edward said.

"I would love to meet your little boy," He said.

"I think we could arrange that," Edward said glancing over at me. I nodded in agreement.

We made arrangements to bring everyone over to Billy's the next day.

Edward and I got back to the hotel about an hour later. It was a quiet ride home, I was still trying to process everything that Billy had said to me.

"Mommy Daddy!" Andrew said jumping off the bed and running over to us. Edward scooped him up so I could hug him easier.

"Did you have fun today?" I asked him.

"We went swimming all day!" Dad said

"He jumped off the diving board," Mom giggled.

I looked to dad in shock. "I'm not that old Bella," He laughed. It was true, he was a little grayer than he was a few years ago, but him and mom were still beautiful.

I sat down at the small table with mom. "Did you do what you needed to do?" She asked.

"I did," Not wanting to say anything in front of the kids, I suggested we go outside and talk.

I followed mom down by the pool and sat in some lounge chairs. "Edward and I went back to the house where it all happened. We wouldn't have been so long, but Jake's dad Billy saw us and invited us in to talk. I hadn't seen him since I was 13 when he took me to the hospital after Jake found Phil..." I trailed off.

"Oh Bella, what was it like?" She asked.

"I thought Billy had abandoned me, he did in away, but we talked it out. I heard things that shocked me," I said. "Billy has invited us all over to his house tomorrow."

"That sounds good. What time?"

"11am," I told her.

"We will be there," Mom said.

I loved being close to Esme. She seemed to understand me from the beginning and as angry as I was with everyone, I had a hard time being angry with her. When I got pregnant, Esme and I had really bonded and I had started calling her mom.

When I went into my room, I found Edward asleep with Andrew in his arms. They had fallen asleep watching more cartoons. I went to the bathroom quickly, then climbed into bed with my guys.

"You ok?" Edward asked softly.

"I am. I had a nice talk with mom and feel better," I replied.


The next morning, Bella and I got up and started to get Andrew ready. He was a lot like his mom and not a morning person at all. We spent 30 minutes trying to get his diaper on him and other 20, just trying to get him dressed.

I looked over at Bella, she was smiling, glowing to be exact. It made me wonder if there was something she wasn't telling me. She was a very good mom, patient and loving, yet didn't let him get away with too much. She made the choice from early on that she would give him everything she never had.

Once we got him dressed, Bella came over to me and kissed me. "I love watching you with our son."

"I feel the same way about watching you with him."

"Edward, I've been thinking," She said smiling up at me.

"About what love?" I asked.

"I want a baby."

I pulled back and looked at her. "Are you pregnant now?" A part of me was feeling very hopeful even though I knew we still weren't exactly ready.

"No, but I want to be," She looked so sweet and innocent.

I pulled her back into my arms and held her tightly. "I'm getting ready to start school," I felt her sigh and she started to pull away never looking at me. "Bella, don't pull away. Lets talk about this. I didn't tell you no. I just don't want you to be stressed with a toddler and a new baby." I caught a tear that started to slide down her face. I knew she hated to be told no.

"However, if you really want a baby, we can go a head and get to work."

She looked up at me and a huge smile spread across her face. Suddenly her lips crashed against mine and she pressed her body firmly to mine.

"Mama," Andrew said.

I looked down and he was patting her leg. "What's wrong buddy?" She asked picking him up. He leaned over and kissed her on the cheek and giggled. He was such a stinker, he didn't like to share mommy with me.

A while later we all met in the lobby of the motel. "Papa, nana, Vivia!" Andrew yelled breaking away from them and running towards them.

"Hey little man!" Mom said kissing him. "Did you sleep good?" He nodded then reached for dad. Dad shifted Alivia over to his other side, then picked Andrew up. Andrew hugged him around his neck tightly.

We piled into the SUV and headed to Billy's. "Bella, how are you feeling about this?" Dad asked.

"Better than yesterday. I know Patti thinks this is all part of the healing process, I just don't know how I feel about spending hours and hours near that house," She said softly.

Bella had been seeing Patti for almost 2 years. It was hard at first. Sometimes she would come home crying and screaming. She hated going back into the past, but knew it was something she had to do, she just knew the dreams would come back. Mom and dad helped a lot with Andrew on those nights. Patti also stayed in close contact and would walk her through it at all hours of the night. Eventually the nightmares stopped and Bella began to be comfortable again. It was hard to watch, but the end result was worth it.

The hardest part was the night she sat us all down and told us in full detail what had happened to her from beginning to end. It made me sick and angry. Emmett and dad cried a lot. I'd never seen them cry like that.

We pulled down Billy's road. Bella grabbed my hand. "Breathe sweetheart," I whispered.

"I'm alright. Just stay close." She said.

Patti had warned us that this trip could bring on panic attacks. She had me come to several sessions to help me know how to help Bella if one happened. I was thankful my parents were there to help too.


Edward pulled into Billy's driveway and I immediately recognized Jake's car. We got out and I caught sight of the house next door. I felt like I was being punched in the stomach. This was making it all the more real.

"Bella, that's the..." I couldn't finish the sentence. She nodded, but didn't look away from Billy's house.

An older man opened the door. "Oh Bella, I'm so glad you came back. I was afraid you wouldn't."

"Billy, this is my family. You met Edward yesterday, but this is My dad Carlisle and my mom Esme. This is my sister Alivia, and our son Andrew."

"My name is Billy," He said shaking our hands.

When the introductions were done, we went inside. Nessie waddled over to us and hugged me. "How are you feeling sweetheart?"

"I'm great," She said smiling.

"How much longer do you have?" I asked.

"2 more months," She said rubbing her stomach proudly.

Alivia wiggled out of Carlisle's arms and ran to Jake. "Hey princess," He said picking her up.

Billy bent down in front of Andrew. "Hey buddy," He said.

Andrew backed up against Bella and she picked him up. "It's ok Andrew. This is Jake's dad Billy. Can you say hi?"

He waved at him shyly. "I'm sorry, he's kind of shy," Bella explained.

"That's ok Bella," Billy said smiling at Andrew. "You were to as a little girl."

"I wish I could remember," I said softly.

After a while of talking we headed outside. Billy and Carlisle started the grill, while Jake and Edward played with the kids. Nessie and I sat with Bella, she was sitting to where she couldn't see the house.

"How have you been feeling?" Bella asked Nessie.

"I've been doing great. It's gone so fast I can't believe I only have two months left," Nessie said.

Bella reached over and rubbed her stomach. "I can't wait! I want to see if these three will be close."

"I think they will. If not, they will learn to tolerate each other," I laughed.

Carlisle and Billy brought over a plate full of hot dogs and hamburgers. It was pretty strained off and on. Like no one knew quite what to say. However, Jake and Edward took care of that. The two of them could out talk anyone.

Midway through lunch, Andrew walked over to Billy and allowed him to pick him up.


I watched Billy pick Andrew up. "You sure do look a lot like your mommy."

"Mommy?" Andrew asked.

"Yep. Your mommy was your age when I first met her. Her daddy and I were friends and used to take her and Jake fishing."

I looked down, not sure if I should fight the memories coming back, or allow them. It was a hard position to be in. I wondered if I would ever stop crying.

After lunch Andrew had fallen asleep in Billy's arms and Alivia passed out on the couch. I suddenly missed my dad in ways I had never missed him before. I got up and walked outside.

Before I knew it I was on the back porch of my old house. "It's weird isn't it?" I jumped realizing Jake had followed me.

"I never thought I would come back here," I said softly.

"Do you want to go in?" He asked looking toward the hole in the window of the door. "I've been in here once." He admitted.

"I need my parents and Edward," I said nervously chewing on my lip.


Bella was trembling as we walked inside the house. Esme gripped my hand. No one said anything as we followed Bella up the stairs. Bella walked into a room and stopped. She was shaking pretty bad. I watched as she closed her eyes and took several deep breaths.

No matter how hard she tried to regain her control, she collapsed to the floor screaming and crying. Jake and Edward fell down next to her and held her closely. I listened as she relived everything that monster had done to her in that very room.

"Let it go Bella, he is gone, he's not going to hurt you anymore. You lived you are a survivor. Do not let him continue to have this much control over you." Jake said.

"He's right Bella. You lived! You survived!" Edward said as she cried.

The visions of what happened to her started filling my head, it made me nauseous. I ran from the room and outside. I no more than got off the back porch and started vomiting. "Oh Car," Esme said softly.

"How could that monster do that to MY daughter? That bastard took her innocence at 8 years old! What kind of person does that to a child, to my child?" My voice was shaking and I felt as if I was losing control.

"That's just it Carlisle, he was a monster."

I had never felt such anger and rage in my life. If I could have gotten my hands on him, I would have killed him. He deserved to burn in hell for what he did to her.

"She's my daughter God dammit and you had no right to do what you did to her! You broke her!" I screamed slamming my fist into that side of the house. I fell to my knees sobbing. I cried for that 8 year old little girl who had been so scared and no one was there to help her. I cried for the kids it was still happening to. I cried for my family who had been effected by rape more that once.

Esme pulled me into her arms and held me. Neither of us said anything as we cried together.

"Dad," I looked up to see Bella standing there. Everyone excused themselves, leaving us alone. I stood up and she threw her arms around me.

"I'm so sorry Bella, I wish I could have protected you. I'm sorry he hurt you. He had no right to do that to you," I cried.

"I'm ok dad. Really, I'm ok," She cried into my shoulder. "I'm ok because of you and mom. You saved me."

"You must have been so scared."

"I was. It was awful, but Jake was my light in all the pain. Even if he didn't know exactly what was going on, he was still there during the day. Every night, I stared toward his house, knowing that when the sun came up, he would be back."

"Wow," I said setting her down and looking at her. "Bella, you have changed so much in the last couple of years. You have grown into such a wonderful, beautiful young woman."

It was hard to believe that she came to live with us at 15 and she was just about to turn 18. It seemed like she had been with us for a life time.

"Thank you for not giving up on me dad," She said.

I hugged her tightly one last time. "Lets go. I'm done here," She looked back at the house and smiled. "That was my past. Now, it's just a house an old abandoned house."


It was getting into the early evening. Jake and Nessie had already left since they had to work the next day. Yet we were hanging out longer talking to Billy. Alivia was sound asleep in dad's arms and Andrew was asleep next to Edward.

"Bella, I have something for you. I can't believe I almost forgot," Billy said getting up.

"What could it be?" Edward asked.

"I don't know," I replied.

"Bella, how are you doing?" Mom asked.

"I'm ok mom. This has been a hard visit, but I'm glad to have Billy back in my life. It's as close to my dad as I can get."

Billy came back in with a box and set it down in front of me. "Open it," He said sitting on the edge of the coffee table.

I gasped as I opened it up. "My doll."

"Wait is that the doll you carried by the hair?" Edward asked.

"She did. That doll went on so many fishing trips. The one day we went fishing Jake told her he threw it in the water. She cried and cried thinking he had really done it. So when he pulled it out from behind his back she grabbed the doll and hit him with it."

"Leave me alone," I giggled softly.

"I can't picture Bella playing with dolls," Edward joked.

There were also hundreds of pictures in there. Some of me with Jake goofing off. Then I ran across pictures of me with my dad. "How did you get these?" I asked through tears.

"They day he was killed I went through his apartment. Then I got more the day they went to jail. I had no clue if I would ever see you again. So I kept them just in case," He explained.

"You will never know how much this means to me." I cried.

"I'm glad." He said hugging me.

"Andrew looks just like you and your dad," Mom said looking through the pictures.

I hadn't seen my dad since I was 8. I thought everything was gone.

"Charlie would have been so proud of you. He would have loved to have gotten to know Andrew." Billy said sadly.

"Billy, since you have all the memories of dad, would you mind telling Andrew about him?" I asked.

"I would be honored Bella," He said.

Suddenly I knew what I had to do. "I'll be back," I said running from the room. I ran out the SUV and grabbed my file. I had read through it and taken somethings out, but left a lot in it. However, it was time to leave it in the past along with the house.

Patti and I spent several hours discussing what I could do with it and now I knew.

"Can we all come back outside?" I asked.

They looked at me like I was crazy, but followed me over to where the yards connected. "Billy I need your lighter," I said.

"I'm tired of allowing the past to control me. I no longer want to be looked at as the broken angel. It's time to move forward. I'm ready to be totally free,"

I lit the corner of the file on fire and threw it to the ground. We stood there with our arms around each other watching my past burn. "Phil, James and all you others, will never effect me again. I was innocent and will no longer blame myself for what you did to me."

I turned to Edward, tears in his eyes. "I'm so proud of you baby," He said, his eyes were bloodshot from crying..

"Lets get married," I said.

"I thought you wanted to wait a bit longer."

"Edward, I'm ready."

He picked me up and kissed me, then set me back down. "Well mom, looks like you have some wedding planning to do."

"I will start as soon as we get back," She said smiling.

"Billy," I said hugging him. "I might not have Charlie, but I have an amazing dad now and I'm thankful to have you back in my life."

He hugged me tightly. "I love you Bella, I always have."

"I love you to."

We left that night and I felt the happiest I had in my life.







Follow Edward and Bella 7 years after they were married. They have a happy life and a
wonderful marriage. What happens when someone makes a horrible mistake. Will they be able to
work through it or will the whole family be torn apart. This is the conclusion to Broken Angel.