Chapter 1: Prologue The Back Story

Disclaimer: I do not own the X-Men franchise or anything Tolkien related. No money is made from anything that I do here. This is for entertainment purposes only and it keeps me off the streets. Morgan McGowan is mine.

In my story Empathic Evolution, Morgan McGowan, an extraordinarily gifted empath comes to live at Xavier's as his personal assistant. This story takes place after Jean Grey's death at Alkali Lake. So, I've been batting this idea around for a while: Morgan accepts a job from Charles before the storyline of XMen2 begins.

Could outcomes be decidedly different if Morgan was at the school the night that Stryker attacked? Can one person change everything? Can one person really make a difference?

So here's the back-story from my story Empathic Evolution to belay any confusion.

Morgan McGowan is the only child of Neal and Rose McGowan. She was born to a family that can trace their lineage to the tenth century Ireland, and almost every one of her ancestors and living relatives are gifted, she herself is empathic (can read and control others emotions) and clairvoyant (can communicate and see the dead). Others in her family are precognitive (see the future), telepathic (reads the minds of others), telekinetic (move objects with a thought), etc. Morgan's mother passed away suddenly when she was sixteen from breast cancer, the grief of her mother's passing along with her wildly fluctuating hormones that typifies puberty, caused her empathy to careen out of control.

Charles Xavier, an old friend of the McGowan's, accepted Morgan as a student to the Xavier's Institute, to teach her how to control her gift, even though she was not a mutant herself. Morgan spent six months living with the five original mutant students-Scott, Hank, Jean, Ororo and Warren.

Scott and Morgan had issues with each other, from the day they met-mostly due to Scott's burgeoning leadership and Morgan's issues with authority. Hank and Jean got along famously with Morgan; they tended to treat her like the little sister. Ororo didn't really have any type of relationship with Morgan; she was more focused on her controlling her own powers. Warren and Morgan were at each other's throats from day one, but that didn't stop Morgan from losing her virginity to Warren-once the situation presented itself. She didn't stop hating him even doing the actual act- she just really appreciated him for his looks.

Morgan quickly learned to control her empathy, and use the shields that Charles taught her to build. It wasn't long before the other part of her gifts, reared its ugly head. She was attacked by a poltergeist in the Danger Room, and it was decided that she needed to go someplace where she could learn to control that aspect of her abilities. Charles and Neal located an organization in London called the Talamasca; they were reputed to be an expert in this arena. Morgan left Xavier's and moved to London where she learned to control her clairvoyance.

She stayed with the Talamasca for fourteen years, where she worked as a paranormal investigators after earning her degree from Goldsmiths, University of London in Anomalistic psychology. She met, fell in love with, and married a fellow member, Jonathon Saif Patel. They chose to put off having any children, thinking that they had all the time in world. Regrettably, two years into their marriage, Morgan was seriously injured in a car accident that claimed Jonathon's life.

After Jonathon's death, Morgan lacked the focus to be effective in the field, therefore her mentor, David Talbot, reassigned her as his personal assistant, hoping the change would ground her. David disappeared mysteriously six month later, leaving Morgan feeling lost and without purpose. She decided to leave the Talamasca and move back into her father's home in New York City.

She drifted for a while, spending most of her days intoxicated, exhausted, frustrated and depressed. She spent most of her nights clubbing at the many NYC hotspots.

Neal watched his daughter slip deeper and deeper into a destructive lifestyle that was serving one function- Morgan was searching desperately for purpose. After a heart to heart conversation with his old friend Charles Xavier over a long lunch, Charles contacted his former student and offered her a position at his school as his personal assistant.

Morgan's mother believed that everyone should be bilingual, and she insisted that Morgan learn French, she began these language studies when she was four years old. She is fluent. She learned Latin while living at the Talamasca motherhouse (a requirement of all members). She is Irish sword aficionado, she began practicing and training when she was eight years old-after seeing pictures in an old family book. She has never quite understood this obsession of hers.

Shortly after to moving into the Institute, Morgan began dating Remy LeBeau.