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Chapter 1

Dark, quiet, the street lights crisp than dark, alternating this pattern for the whole street; the alleyways festering with the unknown. This is a normal patrol for Lars Van Dyk. He was a Hunter, or in his own language a Jager. Looking from side to side, he saw no Vamp activity. He was about to call in, saying that his grid was clear when he heard a scream and a hissing laughter. More than one.

He knew that type of other worldly laughter. Vampires. Night time; it could be any type, so he ran at a dead bolt to the alleyway where the scream had come. He was about to take his double-barrel shotgun from his back when he noticed the victim was surrounded.

Sighing, Lars took out his knife and a standard issue GP 35, with blessed bullets of course. A smirk pulled on his face as he shot three times: one in the air to distract them and two at their heads, letting the hallow points do their destruction. The victim – a boy - of course, screamed and moved to hide himself behind a dumpster while the vampires turned on their new target. With a flick of his wrist, the knife of blessed silver landed with a sickening thunk in the last vampire's chest before it melted and bubbled. With an agonizing wail, the demon dissolved then became a pile of gross goo.

Lars gave this a look of immense disgust as he picked up the knife in his gloved hands and wiped it on his double breasted coat. He then turned to the other dead vampires and stabbed the chest cavity with amazing accuracy, wiping the weapon on his coat each time.

"You alright?" he asked the boy hiding behind the dumpster as he stood in front of his quivering form.

"Y-yeah…" the boy stammered and looked up at Lars. With the limited light, he thought that the boy could have been a girl, with his soft face, wavy blond hair and pretty blue purple eyes hidden behind blood stained glasses.

"Can you get up?" the Jager asked again, holding out his hand to take, which the boy did. Turns out he wasn't much of a boy but a full grown man.

"What's your name?" he asked the victim.

"Matthew Williams, who are you?" he asked back, curious, blushing softly. He seemed very composed for someone who was just attacked. He was even cleaning his glasses, gently and gingerly wiping away the blood. When he placed them back on his face, he blinked and adjusted them once again, looking back up at Lars.

"Lars Van Dyk, I'm with the V Hunter Corps" he said. "I have to bring you in, standard procedure" the Hunter said curtly, placing a large hand on Matthew's elbow. The young man yelped, making the Hunter look at him curiously. He took notice of the ripped fabric and the blood gushing. Tilting the boy's elbow to the light gently, he saw a bite mark.

"We have to move now" he said, grabbing his arm and pulling him along into the brighter light of the main street.

Matthew bandaged up his wounded elbow with a torn piece of his shirt while being dragged to the corner quickly. He could distinctly hear the hissing of nearby vampires.

Lars, swearing harshly, took out a cell phone and pressed a button that set off a high-pitched noise, causing the vampires to scream and run off. He then punched more buttons and suddenly, a black official-looking car pulled around the corner.

"In," Lars ordered. He opened the door while looking up at the roofs of the buildings, handgun at his side, ready. Matt jumped in and sat still while Lars pushed in next to him and told the driver, a rather sullen Englishman, to get a move on it. The driver grumbled something and pulled off into the night.

Matt held onto his wound and looked out the window. He suddenly felt a hand on his arm, taking his own hand off and the make-shift bandage. The light in the car was suddenly turned on.

"Checking it properly," was all Lars said, his strong eyebrows frowned as he peered at the wound.. He then replaced the bandage and sleeve before pressing a button to turn off the light. When everything was done, he looked out the window like Matt was doing.

Soon, the car pulled into an underground parking lot and right up to a door. With a nod to Arthur, the driver, Lars got out and opened the door for Matt, hands in pockets, looking rather relaxed.

"Um, thanks" Matt said, arms crossed around his midsection as it was cold in the basement. Suddenly, a large hand on the small of his back warmed his body up with little tingles.

When they walked through the large clinical doors, warm sun-like lights filled his vision. The walls were a light sky blue, not white as he came to expect. In this room, he allowed himself to look at his saviour properly, seeing as the vampire hunter was busy negotiating with some machine on the wall with a pass card -he became frustrated with each swipe since whatever he was trying to do didn't seem to work. Matt thought he was rather handsome; strong, sharp features, generous brows that accentuated pretty and very perceptive hazel eyes and a full head of a light auburn hair, spiked up upwards without, from what Matt could tell, hair products. Soon, he found the hazel eyes looking at him again and he jumped. The man moved rather quickly for someone his size.

"I'll take you to the Medical Ward," he said, leading him away down some halls and pass a secretary who raised a brow at Lars.

"How old is this one?" she said with a playful little smirk.

"19," Matt answered automatically, blinking at her. The woman raised a brow at Lars, who ducked slightly under her gaze.

"Marie, I have to bring him to the medical ward. Give him the damn pass already" Lars said, sighing in a rather annoyed fashion.

"Yeah, yeah, cool your jets Lars" she waved him off and gave a pass to Matthew after he told the woman his name. "Here you are, sweetie" she winked while he blushed at the attention before Lars dragged him off again.

"So…" Matt started awkwardly.

"You seem rather relaxed for someone who was just bitten. Shouldn't you be worried about Turning as well?" he asked, looking at him from the corner of his intriguing hazel eye.

"Well…I've always been targeted by vampires. That's why I try not to go outside at night unless I have to… I'm kind of worried…I don't really want to become a vampire," Matt swallowed thickly, holding back tears.

"Tell me what happened this night" Lars said, keeping a brisk pace that Matt struggled to follow. He gave no words of reassurance that the boy would be fine, but Matt felt that Lars knew for a fact that he would become a vampire. Guess he didn't want to lie but didn't want to worry him too much either.

"Well, I was getting ready to go to bed when a knock came to my door…Could you slow down I'm having a hard time keeping up with you!" Matt panted, but smiled gratefully at Lars when he actually did slow down.

"Continue," Lars gave an amused smile although it was short.

"Well, there was a knock on my door, and I saw this kid. He was very distressed, saying that he had lost something and needed my help and no one was answering their doors before me. So I walked out to help him, and he said it was in that area that he lost it, but when I turned to look at him, he was gone and this tall guy was i-in his place and I could tell what he was. I stepped back into another vampire, then another showed up and they were cl-closing in on me and I thought: 'Oh shit Mattie, this is where you're going to die'. But I struggled anyway, Afterwards, he bit me near my elbow. I screamed out loud; I knew it was useless, that no one would hear me, but still I screamed and kicked..." Matt took a second to gather his thoughts, trying to push back the fear and tears as he shivered violently, clutching his midsection for comfort. "And then you came and everything became better," he gave a watery and wavering smile to the tall man.

Lars nodded and held a door open. Matt hadn't noticed that the surrounding had become quite different. Instead of the sun-like lights, there were fluorescents. It was also colder in this area. In the room, he could barely see a young figure near the window, peeking through the drapes. After a second, the person turned to the two newcomers and smiled, showing pointy teeth. The smile wavered. A look of hunger spread across his face as he stared at Matthew.

"If this is your idea of a joke, Lars…" the tone was a warning. The man with the pointy teeth drifted across the floor gracefully, almost gliding. Soon, he stood close to Matt. He leaned up, placing a small, delicate hand on his chest and giving that small hissing noise that Matt came to associate with pleasure. "Oh yess…" he said through his fangs, dark brown eyes fixed on the neck.

Matt stood stock still, unsure what to do. All instincts screamed at him to push the vampire off, but luckily, Lars did that for him.

"Watch it Alistair! You want to be put down?" he said gruffly. Alistair, the vampire, pouted and looked cutely to Lars.

"But he smells so good! You don't know how his blood calls to me! He's what you Hunters call 'Vampire Bait', but we, Vampires, call him a Siren," Alistair's voice became dreamy as he softly stroked Matt's cheek.

"Such a pretty Siren as well," he continued to smile, showing his fangs. Matt stepped back, hinding behind Lars' comforting presence.

"He's been bitten Alistair, do your job" Lars growled.

"Yes, yes," Alistair said impatiently. "Well..." he took a second to look at Matt's name tag that had been given to him by the pretty secretary."Mattie, I'm Alistair, last name's not important, Head of the Department of Health and Science"

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I should explain, this story stemmed from the fact that Van Helsing was Dutch. And my hatred of Twilight vampires but that's not the important thing here. The Van Helsing thing also coupled with the fact that Netherlands totally kicks major ass is why this story exists. There is more to come because Supernatural is one of my favourite genres to write.