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Chapter 5

Matthew chuckled softly and shook his head and sped up his walking to keep up with the pace. Lars nodded but gave a small smile. He didn't give a whole history, or even little facts. He said what was where, even took a map out from his coat that to help Matt when no one was there to escort him from point A to B.

"The red halls are the restricted zone, the blue are the florescent and the yellow are the sun lamps" he leaned over when Matthew opened and pointed with his finger at the amazingly organized map.

" This is what I want to show you" Lars then said pointing to a place on the map, it was labelled court yard, making sure Matthew folded the paper up and placed in it his pocket, he started off again.

"Uh sure" Matt smiled again and followed Lars, looking around at the various doors, or in the windows that showed people working, or training. Everyone seemed so driven and passionate about their work. Who wouldn't be, they were saving humanity from a threat that they thought was fake.

Then again, it probably hard, no recognition what so ever; Matthew knew how that felt. Yet oddly enough, he was so recognized here that it made him very uncomfortable. He wasn't invisible for once.

"Does your elbow still hurt?" Lars asked, looking behind him for a second.

"Yeah, but it doesn't help to complain about it" Matt smiled touching his bandaged wound gently. Lars nodded but smiled slightly.

Something was tugging on his curiosity, something he didn't want to ask Marie, probably because she didn't present the authority that Lars does.

"What's a Dampyre?" he asked. Lars stiffened slightly.

"So you've met Gilbert?" he replied, with an agitated sigh.

"Yes?" Matt said regretting what he asked.

"Well that's inevitable, he's always very curious. Wouldn't hurt to tell you" Lars shrugged and seemed to have calmed down. "A Dampyre is what we call a vampire human hybrid" he said and explained no further.

"Oh I figured as much, he looked kind of like one" Matt laughed it off, albeit nervously. He was still curious, but he could probably ask someone else.

"We're here" Lars said and opened a door to the wide blue sky. Matt stepped outside; it was wide but walled with what looked like some sort of crystal. There was a nice and archaic looking fountain in the middle of it all and turning to face Lars and the door he saw that the headquarters looked like a large castle with vines growing on the wall.

"Wooooow" Matt gasped looking at the intricacy of the vegetation and the coordination of colour against them.

"I come here when I need to relax, it's very quiet" Lars smiled taking a seat at the bench. Matt followed suit, looking around.

"It is very pretty" he smiled, sitting next to him, very aware of the space next to them.

"Arthur told me" he sighed fumbling through his coat and pulled out a thin looking pipe and then took out a square tin container, which Matt assumed was tobacco.

"Told you what?" Matt said suspiciously.

"That you would fit in" he raised a strong eyebrow and looked over to the younger man and then lit a match after he packed the tobacco in the pipe and then waved his hand, extinguishing the flame.

"I'm sorry?" Matt said, not understanding the statement.

"Everyone here lost family to vampires, Arthur lost his lover to vampirism." Lars said, but the way he said it, it made it seem like the lover actually became a vampire. Matt felt sad, but annoyed that Arthur told him, did he blab about it to everyone, and even more so how much did he pick out of his brain with his psychic abilities? Lars' voice brought him back to reality.

"Parents die early, so there are a lot of single child families." He furthered.

"Did you lose family?" Matthew asked but flushed when he saw Lars' jaw contract around the pipe.

"Sorry" Matt swallowed and looked at his lap. He heard a long sigh and a fog of smoke flew out from his lips.

"No need, but yes, my father, my mother die of grief soon afterwards" Lars' eyes look sharp but this was a different type of sharpness, like he was angry and sad and frustrated all at the same time.

"I'm sorry" Matt said softly, the want to touch Lars was much more acute now, gathering his courage he placed his hand on the Dutchman's toned arm.

"Me too" came a sigh, but Lars sat straight and proud again. "He was a skilled fighter, he had an honourable funeral" he smiled but it never reached his eyes.

"Did you look a lot like him?" Matt asked, looking up at Lars' strong, sharp profile.

"Yes" Lars looked fierce again.

"He must've been very handsome then" Matt blushed and looked away, fixing his eyes on a very vivid red tulip in a pretty white flower box surrounded by many other different coloured ones.

"He was" Lars smiled and with a finger he pushed Matthew's chin towards him so he could see his face. "You think I'm handsome?" he asked but it was a rhetorical question.

Matt swallowed thickly but nodded.

"Does that mean that you want to kiss me?" he added, positioning his face closer to the younger man, looking directly into his eyes. Matt blushed red but nodded again, trying to force his face away but that finger soon moved and all of the large gloved hand rested on Matthew's smooth cheek. But Matthew couldn't maintain eye contact so he settled on his lips that moved closer and closer until they rested flush on his own. He could smell the intoxicating mix of smoke and something that was entirely Lars. A heady masculine smell.

Heat flooded from those lips into him and through his whole body, he could taste the tobacco he used, Matthew was surprised that coupled with Lars it tasted pretty good. Matt grabbed Lars' lapels on his coat and tugged him closer, urging the larger man to move the hand from his cheek to tangle in his hair to move Matt's face so he could get in deeper. Pulling away Lars swallowed and licked his lips and enjoyed the dewy blue eyes that Matthew was showing him.

Matthew shuddered and let out a small noise but knew deep down that the kiss was over and let go of Lars' coat and turned to face the front again looking down at the ground past his knees. Taking a small look to the Dutchman, who has turned to face the front as well, he saw a small pink blush on his sharp cheeks. He then saw Lars look at a window and the blush was replaced by paleness.

Matt felt hurt in his chest, did someone see? Was the hunter regretting the kiss altogether? Matt feared that he was, standing up he looked at Lars who was startled by the sudden movement but saw something flash past his eyes, that fierceness again. He stood up as well and faced Matt, standing very close to him.

"Um, I'm going back to my room now, as you said, I have to be up all night so that Alistair can run some tests" Matt said shuffling on his feet.

"I'll bring you" Lars said, but there was some strange unexplainable emotion, something like desperation and longing, like he knew what Matt was feeling and was going to do.

"No I'm sure I can find my way…" Matthew said quickly and rushed off leaving Lars standing, lost and somewhat hurt.

He had seen the effect he had on Matthew, why would he shy away like that? Lars could not know but wished it wasn't so complicated. But he knew that emotions never were.

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