Kay so I was in English and I was bored and we were learning about... poetry. And my brother (who sits right behind we the prick) was cracking up when the teacher chose us to read out loud for Romeo and Juliet. Anyway, emmbarassment and awkwardness ensues and he gets asked what makes up a Shakespearean Sonnett. He has no clue. I do. I kick his ass and get brownie points for hell.

He then says that he can right a better sonnett than me.

I beg to differ.

So we wrote them. Our teacher liked his better, partly becasue she understood what he was writing about. Cuz, being me, i wrot eabout how Dean sees Cas.

Ah me!

It kinda sucks, and might not have the right abab cdcd efef gg scheme of a Shakespearean Sonnett, but i like it.

So there.

Eyes of sapphire glimmer

And hair of coal ruffles.

Those pools of ice shimmer

As you drag the wing that shuffles.

Your voice is deep

And grating.

Your mine to keep,

I'm stating.

I see your grace,

As blinding as the sun,

Light up your face

And I know it's begun.

I'm filled with happiness, gone is my strife

Because I get to have you for the rest of my life.

So, what? Sucky?


I like.

Dean: Me too.

Cas: Yes. As do i.

Well then, they're all that matter...

Although i'd still like your input. Review?