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In space everything, yet nothing, is a paradox. Everything is either violent or docile, a black and white so blurred it can only come up as gray.

Time is gray, neither moving nor stopping. It carries us away from the past, to the future. Gradually, the future becomes the present, the present becomes the past, therefore, time does not exist, or it shouldn't. But it does. We can see it, flowing, carrying us whether we want it to or not.

All but a few.

How is this possible?

Everything must be guarded. If others knew how to use time or death, there would be chaos. That is why there are Gods, to protect and create, and Gurus to seal these powers.

Offspring and a special few guard them.

Three beings watch over time. Cronos, the God of Time, the Guru of Time that whispers dreams.

Then, there is me. The one who guards.

All my life, I dare say, has been here, standing watch at the gates of Time. My life, my birth, came within the first moments when Chaos gave birth to Darkness.

My spirit was born the same moment as Light.

Now, I stand ever watchful. Time runs through me constantly, refreshing me, taking my hunger, my exhaustion. But it cannot relieve the one thing I cannot bear.

My loneliness.

The pain throbs through me, as constant as the planets spin. Not even us who protect, seal, or guard can escape this. But in the pyramid of Time, I am alone in this.

But aren't I always?

In the past four thousand years, I have talked to only two people.

Through I could just as easily go back to those times, I won't. Things are better left alone.

Evolution is a long process. I have seen stars born and I have seen stars die. I have seen black holes rip apart stars, planets and moons. Galaxies have revolved around the center of the universe millions of times and collided with others.

All the time, I've watched, muddied in the mists of time at my post. Never the same, yet never new.




Maybe you think me cynical. I am. Years upon years, millennia upon millennia tends to do that to a person. Time has not touched my mind, but left it. Though my body is youthful, my mind is not. Far from it. I am so old, I wish I could fade away, but time won't let me...

Unless a taboo is broken.

In time, there are three taboos:

One, is you must never travel through time

Second, you must not see the gate.

Third...I must not stop time...or die.

Do I truly have the ability to stop time? Pause everything everywhere? At the cost of my immortal life?

I guess it is the concept of stopping time that frightens me, not death. At my post, I gaze at Saturn. My Father, yet not my Father's, planet.

When she awakens, I too, will die, but we all will be reborn.

So I watch and wait.

What else can I do?