I was horrified to see that there was only one other fanfiction for this series, which is one of my all-time favourites. So I have decided to correct this atrocity. Mishima Hina x Koshiba Tetsuta is the pairing for this one. I do not own Penguin Brothers.

It had been a long time since she'd last punched him. The first time was when she first transferred to Tokiwa Secondary Academy. The first time he'd met her, he'd stolen her first kiss. The girl had retaliated with a hard punch to the face, effectively knocking him back a few feet and leaving him dazed while she made a quick escape. And that was after the initial kick to the stomach.

After that, they'd somehow become friends, as well as comrades-at-arms while he assisted Hina as she fought to reform the segregation of the school. When she moved to France, he'd felt like his heart had been ripped brutally and painfully from his chest while beating. Through their battle he'd fallen for her, confessed to her, and been rejected by her. Still, their friendship had stood strong. Even when he became love rivals with her childhood friend Ishiki, and the complications he brought, they'd still remained friends. Even now, their friendship had withstood the test of time and separation. And that meant more to him than he could ever convey to her.

Now, her wander lusting artist uncle had decided to move back to Japan. The whole group was gathered at the airport, staring at the ramp, waiting to welcome her back. They'd all missed her terribly. Ishiki, as expected, had been one of the first to arrive. Then slowly, the rest of their group had assembled. Ruu, Yutaka, and a few other friends stood in a cluster at the bottom. Even Nishizaki had decided to show, though he claimed that it was because Yutaka dragged him along. Koshiba was willing to bet that he too had missed the energetic girl, though she hadn't meant as much to him as she had to the rest of them.

And when he saw her coming down that ramp, Koshiba's heart swelled in joy when he saw her face light up at the sight of them. She ran the rest of the way down to them, but somehow Koshiba managed to get to her before anyone else. And just like the first time he met her, he kissed her full on the mouth. Only this time, there were witnesses, all of them gaping at him in shock. Hina reacted as expected.

And God, a punch to the face never felt so good!