Mia closed the door behind her and looked around her suite. Fat Louie wormed his way around her legs, a comforting familiarity in a simple gesture from her long time pet. She sighed as she sunk into the plush couch and began running her fingers through the cat's soft hair. The day had been a long one, though exciting. It was just a taste of what her future was now to become. Queen of Genovia...the thought of it was overwhelming by itself let alone the actual act of being a Queen. She was it, there was no going back, and she was now officially running a country.

Crap. Mia thought to herself. She stood up and headed towards her bathroom as thoughts of a hot shower ran through her mind. Stripping off her attire, she stepped into the shower and turned the water as hot as she could stand it. After just moments, the tension began leaving her body and she started to feel like herself again. No, she stopped herself. Not just Mia anymore…now Mia, Queen of Genovia. It was now a part of her and she must live up to the country's standards.

Mia found herself battling in her mind to figure out a way to stay true to herself and yet still be mature enough to be a Queen all at the same time. Knowing her Grandmother Clarisse would be staying with her longer made her feel immensely better. Also knowing that her Grandmother was finally happy with her true love, Joseph, made acquiring this position all the more bearable. Her Grandmother deserved happiness and so did Joseph. They had both been through so much; it brought tears to her eyes just knowing that they were with each other now and finally got the wedding they deserved.

She hoped that she would not have to intrude on their time too much, but also knew that it wouldn't be an easy change for her Grandmother either. Switching from Princess to Queen would not be incredibly difficult as it was what she was trained for. Switching from Queen to wife, however, would take some serious adjusting. Joseph had dealt with her Grandmother's stubborn tendencies this long, a few more months…or years, if Mia was thinking realistically, wouldn't be too hard for Joe.

As thoughts of her Grandmother and Joseph turned to the people of Genovia, she knew she couldn't let anyone down. It was too important. Mia ran her hair under the water letting the curls flatten and washing out all of the hairspray. I can't let them down…not my people…not Grandma…not Joseph…not Nicholas.


There it was - the big elephant in the room. Even though they had admitted their feelings to each other…more or less, she had been so busy with the ceremony and other necessities that she didn't have the opportunity to spend any alone time with him to further discuss such feelings. By the time her duties had been finished, he was nowhere to be found. She had even sought the help of her ladies maid, Brigitte, to ask if she had seen him. The young girl informed her that she did and that he had left a message for her saying that they could speak another time…he would see her when things calmed down.

She felt awful.

Only two hours before the ceremony, her had confessed his love for her and yet she couldn't even make time to address that today. He must be really mad. Mia thought to herself as she worked the shampoo into her hair.

Maybe I could write him a letter?

It was extremely old fashioned - but wasn't he the one to throw rocks at her window and call her Rapunzel? Everything about them seemed old fashioned with a touch of romantic. As she finished her hair and completed her shower, she decided she would write him a letter.

Mia turned the water off and stepped out of the shower. Grabbing a towel and wrapping it around her body she headed to her closet to change into her pajamas. As she was drying her hair, there was a light knock at the door. She threw the towel over the back of the couch and she opened the door. Her breath hitched in her throat when she saw who it was.