Oookay, so here goes. I'm still trying to decide exactly how I want this to go, but I figure I might as well get it started. I'm going to try to alternate between one shots and this story.

Summary: Steve McGarrett doesn't have to think twice about offering himself up in place of his partner. There was no way he would allow Victor Hesse to take anyone else from him if he could help it.

Disclaimer: Not mine :'( haha

Danny Williams pushed the door open to his partner's office, and paused for a moment when he noticed the way Steve was holding his head in his hands. "Everything okay, partner?"

Steve looked up, surprised that he hadn't heard Danny come in to the room. He gestured the shorter man in, and gave him a halfhearted smile. "I was just thinking about my dad, going over the last day in my head again. My sister just called crying, talking about how much she missed him and reminding me that it's been three months since he died. I don't think I could forget that particular date…that entire day is pretty much burned into my memory."

Danny nodded, knowing there was nothing he could say to ease his friend's pain. If they hadn't bonded so strongly in their short time together, he knew for a fact that Steve wouldn't have revealed as much of his pain as he just had. When the two had first met, Danny never would've guessed that Steve hurt as much as he did over his father's murder. It was easy to see now, after knowing Steve and learning to read him, that the former SEAL was fighting off grief and guilt and fury.

"What've you got?" Steve questioned abruptly, pulling Danny from his thoughts.

"Governor Jameson just called and asked us to meet her at her office. She wouldn't say over the phone, but apparently she's gotten some intel about something big. She sounded pretty pissed."

Steve ran a hand through his hair with a sigh. "Well, I guess we better get going then. Give Chin a call and give him the heads up and let him know we'll keep him posted, and I'll meet you out in the car." With that, all emotion left Steve and he turned into the fearless, hardass leader once more. Danny sighed and turned to follow the orders given him.

Steve watched Danny turn on his heel and stride out into the main room towards his own office. Something about the Governor's call bothered him…even with cases that hit too close to home, she was usually very well composed. He hoped this one wouldn't lead to another trip to the hospital for anyone on his team; the last case had landed Kono in the ER, which hit the 5-0 team hard. Steve or Danny winding up in the hospital was commonplace these days, and Chin had even had to get checked out a few times. The rookie took a bullet meant for her cousin and spent three days in a bed while her leg healed. Steve had ordered her to stay home another week until she could fully function, and from her phone calls she was already chomping at the bit to come back two days in.

Reluctantly, Steve pushed himself out of his chair. He grabbed his badge and wallet before heading out the door. A quick glance told him that Danny was already on his way to the car, so he didn't waste any more time leaving the office.

Danny was sitting in the driver's side of the car, which Steve would never admit he was relieved to see. His mind was in a million different places after his sister's phone call, and the Governor's call did nothing to ease his anxiety. He could feel Danny's gaze on him from time to time, but he simply stared ahead.

"I know you're in a funk right now, man, but this sounds pretty serious. Are you going to be able to focus on whatever Jameson gives us?" Danny asked. He watched Steve closely as his partner struggled to rein in his thoughts. Had anyone else been so blunt with Steve about his behavior and the Navy man would've turned military on them, but not Danny.

"Yeah," he sighed, feeling guilt blossom for a moment before he shook them off. "Thanks."

Danny looked over at him and grinned. "I've just gotta make sure you're gonna have my back whenever the bad guy shows up. God only knows what trouble you're going to attract today," he teased.

Steve snorted as the two climbed out of the car. He looked up at the building and took a deep breath. He did not at all look forward to finding out what was wrong with the Governor.

"Hello Commander, thank you for coming in. Detective," she greeted, shaking their hands. Steve didn't speak, instead waiting for her to start speaking. "I have some…disturbing news. HPD informed me that there have been sightings reported throughout Honolulu of Victor Hesse. He's still alive."

Steve felt like he'd been sucker punched in the gut. The man who had killed his father…who had nearly killed him, had survived his shots. "Where was he last seen?" he questioned, trying to keep his voice steady.

Danny looked over at his partner and watched him carefully. Steve was doing a great job of keeping his emotions hidden from the Governor, but the Detective could read the fury and fear in his eyes. Steve was already starting to beat himself up for Hesse surviving; knowing his partner, it was going to be difficult with Steve plotting ways in his head to play the hero against Hesse.

"Not too far from here, actually. HPD tried to catch him this morning after a tip came in, but he vanished before they got there."

Steve sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Of course he did. By the time anyone would've been able to call in a tip he would've been long gone. If there's one thing Victor Hesse is very good at, it's staying hidden."

"Well, you were the one who spent five years hunting him down, so I'm going to need to ask you to hunt him down now."

Steve dropped his hand from his nose and stared at her incredulously. "All due respect, Governor, I have no qualms about taking the son of a bitch down for real this time, but in reference to the five years I spent hunting him down before…do you forget how those five years ended? I listened to him kill my father. Taking him out will be to protect the people on this island. I will not have a repeat. We will find him, and we will take care of him."

The Governor nodded, and watched as the head of the Five-0 task force and his second-in-command turned and strode out of her office.

Steve was ahead of Danny by the time they made it out of the door. His long legs took him quickly across the parking lot to the car, and Danny had to jog to keep up. Steve slammed his fist on the roof of the car, allowing himself a moment of anger. He rested his elbow down on the roof and then ran his hand through his hair. Fresh resolve solidified in his mind, and he turned to plan their first step with Danny. When he came around, Steve froze in his tracks, and he swore his heart stopped with him.

"Hello, McGarrett."

Victor Hesse had an arm around Danny's throat, and with his free hand aimed a gun to his partner's temple. The detective was staring at Steve with fury burning in his eyes. Fury that he'd let this guy sneak up on him, fury that he was going to be used against the man who'd already lost his father at the hands of this psycho.

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