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"Can you tell me what happened, Detective?" one of the EMT's questioned Danny as they loaded Steve into the ambulance. Danny's eyes were fixed on the man laying far too still on the stretcher. This was definitely one of those moments where he'd give anything for his partner to be his typical ADD, trigger-happy self. "Detective Williams?"

Danny finally looked up at her. What happened…a maniac drugged him and then did God knows what…and I wanted it to happen. "Uh…he was kidnapped by a man we'd thought was dead, and was drugged. I don't know what happened before we found him to lead to this." Once they were all fully loaded into the back of the rig, the ambulance took off towards the hospital. Danny's eyes were once again locked on Steve's pale face as his mind ran over thousands of possible scenarios that they could have barged in on.

"Detective, how are you feeling?" the soft voice of the same EMT pulled him from his thoughts. Danny idly wondered how long he'd been lost in his dark musings.

"I'm fine…I'm not the one who was drugged with who-the-hell-knows-what and tortured. Please, call me Danny." He tried to rein in his temper before he really took it out on the poor woman who was simply trying to help him.

Her touch startled him. The Jersey detective looked up into her focused, intent gaze. "Danny, I need you to stay alert…you look like this is hitting you pretty hard and we don't want you to go into shock."

Anger flared within Danny, and his eyes hardened. "You should be worrying about Steve. I'll be just fine," he snapped. He knew she was making sure they didn't end up with a second patient, but when all that he felt was an overwhelming sense of guilt it was hard to even consider accepting help for himself.

The EMT didn't even appear fazed by his outburst, which only served to make him feel worse about himself. Instead, she smiled gently at him. "My partner is taking good care of Steve, I promise. He's done what he can to stem the blood flow for now and we're only another minute or so out from the hospital. My only job right now is to talk to you. My name is Kara."

He sighed heavily. "I'm sorry for the attitude, Kara. It's been a long couple of days." The hand that ran across his face was trembling slightly.

"So I've heard. I'm sure you're glad it's over."

"I'll be glad when he can tell me himself that it's over."


Once the ambulance reached the hospital, everything seemed like a blur. The male EMT rushed Steve away while Kara ushered Danny into what seemed to be a private waiting room. He was grateful that he would have some time alone before the rest of the team arrived. She squeezed his shoulder sympathetically before leaving him alone to his thoughts. He needed to collect himself before the others arrived; he needed to step up and lead them while Steve was out of commission, and letting himself get distracted with guilt would do nothing to help keep Steve safe, keep Chin and Kono safe, should Hesse try to finish the job.

With a sigh, the Jersey detective dropped into a chair and ran his hands through his hair. His mind raced through the events of the past twenty four hours, and the guilt started to set in all over again. A little voice in the back of his mind reminded him that the only reason that he wanted Hesse to take his time in making Steve suffer was because the longer he suffered, the longer he was actually kept alive, but it didn't matter. He still hated himself for wishing the pain on his partner. He would never be able to look Grace in the eyes again if Steve didn't make it through…her total confidence in him would tear him to pieces.

Guilt tacked on when he thought about Mary. Poor Mary had just been reliving the grief over their father to Steve that very morning…now she had to deal with potentially losing her brother as well. Once he got himself together, he had to call her so that she could come to be with him. He needed to call Catherine as soon as possible. Regardless of their lack of official status, Danny knew she would want to be with Steve, especially if his condition worsened. The Governor would have to know as well…not only was the leader of her task force fighting for his life, but the man who'd put him in said position was still on the loose.

His guilt was slowly replaced by fear as he thought about the possibility of losing his partner. It had been hard to learn that Mekka had been killed, but he knew the death of McGarrett would be exponentially worse. As much as they bickered and fought, Steve had become the best partner he'd ever had in his time as an officer as well as his best friend.

"Danny?" A soft voice mercifully interrupted his morose thoughts. He looked up to see Kono and Chin standing in the doorway to the waiting room. "Any word yet?"

He stood, running a hand over his face. "No. You guys made it here pretty quick…HPD take over the scene?"

Chin nodded. "They're combing the area for Hesse and his accomplice, but there hasn't been any sign of either of them yet."

Danny nodded. "Well, like Steve told the Governor, if there's one thing Hesse is good at it's hiding. Does she know?"

"I called both the Governor and Mary on the way over here. The Governor is sending over three officers to act as special security for him. Mary should be here soon," Kono explained. Danny gave her the ghost of a thankful smile, the most he could muster, but she understood how much it took off of his shoulders to not have to make those calls. "I don't have Catherine's number, but I also figured you would want her to hear it from you than one of us."

Danny appreciated how well the team knew each other. She knew exactly what he needed her to take care of and what he knew he needed to do himself, and being able to rely on her for it was a massive relief. "Thank you. I'll call her now."

He took a deep breath and tugged his phone from his pocket. Part of him prayed that she wouldn't answer, but he knew it was futile considering the situation. "Danny?"

"Hey, Catherine. We found him, thanks to your intel, but he's in bad shape. Can you get here?" He knew she would appreciate the fact that he was to the point with her. He couldn't bring himself to beat around the bush with her anyway.

Her soft gasp sent a stab of guilt through him again. "I'll be there as soon as I can get a lift off of here. What do you know?"

"He's got what I'm assuming is a stab wound in his side, and bruising, but we won't know the extent of the damage until someone comes to talk to us. I will let you know as soon as anything changes. Call me when you get to land if I don't call you first."

"Thank you, Danny. I'll talk to you soon."

The acting leader of Five-0 ended the call and pressed his fist against his forehead for a moment to get a grip on his emotions. "She's going to be on her way as soon as she has a way off the carrier. So now, all we have to do is wait. I hate waiting, damnit," he grumbled.

Kono placed a hand on his arm, and tugged him back to sit with her and Chin. The three sat in silence, waiting for something, anything, to tell them that their 'super SEAL' leader would be okay.


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